1. JediAcademyFan2

    Technical Issue lightsabers and online not working!!!

    i recently installed the latest version of the movie battles 2 mod. I was struggling with this at first but then i eventually found a thread that explained how to run it properly (because im on mac). So i began playing the game and it was amazing, the first person i played as was qui gon jin in...
  2. Lunar_32

    Launcher Maxium Download Attempts Reached

    Can someone please help i've looked up fixes and they dont work and im getting frustrated
  3. rexyravager

    [SOLVED] Movie battles taking too long to verify files

    When I open mb2 launcher it validates everything and then it stops at validating MBII/forcefg/blueBH/Assault.fcf
  4. DarthValeria

    Blender problem for Jedi Academy

    Hello guys, I'm Darth Valeria and I hope you're doing alright <3 I need help for the problem i cant solve And english is not perfect so sorry for grammar errors I'm trying to convert SWTOR models into Jedi Academy by using blender I adjusted model to the skeleton , i did weight paints as 95% So...
  5. T

    Technical Issue MB2 Install for Mac (please help)

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Movie Battles 2, I tried all the tutorials to run it on my Mac, but with no luck. I was wondering if someone could help with detailed step-by-step instructions. Again I tried the guides already without luck. Thank you in advance!
  6. Akira2814

    Launcher Launch from launcher, send me back to windows.

    So I launch the game from the launcher, sets me up at the star wars jedi academy logo, then it send me back to windows with no error or anything. It does the same thing when I launch it from steam. I had few seconds before the game launching to copy the data : JAmp: v1.0.1.0 win-x86 Oct 24 2003...
  7. MortalClaptrap

    Technical Issue Game breaking lag

    I've been having some major lag lately that's making the game unplayable. The game will just freeze for 1-3 seconds at random times for seemingly no reason. No FPS drops, no rubberbanding, just short freezes. My PC is kinda shit, but it shouldn't have any effect on how this runs. Specs: GTX...
  8. Kracso

    Launcher Corrupted launcher?

    Hiya So recently, I wanted to get back into MB2, and when I launched it from my desktop it told me I had to update to the new 3.0.1. I did this, and in the middle of the 'update', the launcher closes and the launcher I was using was replaced with a new MBIILauncher.exe. Whenever I launch this...
  9. F

    Launcher Launcher Issues

    I've made a clean reinstall of JA and downloaded the launcher off of the official site, however whenever I run the launcher it prompts me to locate GameData so I do so (as I own the steam edition), at this point it asks me if i want to download the 3.0.1 version of the launcher, but when...
  10. Molaes

    Hosting Server My server isn't showing up in server list why?

    Hello Everybody, I am molaes and i hosting server from my home and i started it and i don't see it on server list, but i can join with that command in console: /connect (IP ADDRESS), But only in local i see it. Why is it doing that? --- If anyone helps me, he will get a big thanks!
  11. yoooo

    Launcher Problem with OpenAL.32dll and JAMP.exe

    Hello, I'm really looking for some help. I did the whole process of downloading it, making it work through Steam and all that jazz. Then it started crashing when I would join a game and I looked up what to do. The forums said to change it from JAMP to MBII but then it says it cant find...
  12. K

    Technical Issue The game turns off

    I have just installed the mod and wanna play but when im try to open menu of servers game turns off. Without any notification. I searched for this kind of problem on this forum but i couldnt find, so i writting it now. I installed game by this page's client so it should work but it doesnt :C (...
  13. Fletcher Time

    [Guide] Port Forwarding

    Before port forwarding, check out LoU's guide on hosting a server for Windows, and make sure you are set and ready. Now, if your server is setup properly we'll begin. First you need to know your internal IP address, and your default gateway. Open the tab below for instructions on finding those...
  14. SoloMcPolo

    [SOLVED] "Not enough space on disk" been playing for a while, until the previous update ( i think) when updating it starts downloading, but when installation begins i a get a message (see attachment) How do i fix this, i have about 565 GB free on my HDD, i tried uninstalling and deleting 40 GB of files but the issues still...
  15. Fletcher Time

    Hosting Server Help with using server host for dedicated server.

    I have my config file and the .bat file for running a MBII server done. I want to send it off to a server host. I have no idea how using a server host works. I was thinking about using GoDaddy because they host my domain name, but it seems that Blue Fang Solutions does it cheaper. Is there...
  16. Fletcher Time

    Where to start modding.

    I have a lot of free time over the summer. Got a good amount of time off work, and I have some ideas for JKA mods. I was wondering if any of you have any resources, tips, tricks, anything that can get me rolling. I'm not expecting to make much, but I have proper tools (as far as I know). Any...
  17. Impoa

    Technical Issue Launcher problem

    After reinstalling and troubleshooting for a while after about a year or so, the game finally works, however I can't find the launcher anywhere after exiting the game. I checked in my game data folder and the mbii.exe file is bugged, and jasp.exe now executes mbii, but that's not going to fly...
  18. Sir Crusher

    Force focus effect

    Where is it located on the files?
  19. TheMarkGames

    Launcher Launcher stops working

    As soon as I double click on the launcher a windows appears saying it stopped working. Those are the files inside my GameData: base jaenhanced mmeMBII readmes RTVRTM autoexec.cfg EaxMan.dll IFC22.dll jaenhanced.x86.exe jagamex86.dll jakey jamp.exe jasp.exe mbii.i386 mbii.x86.exe...
  20. G

    map change/disconnect bug

    Ever since I started playing mb2, sometimes when the map changes, the game closes and I get this in the JA console on my desktop: attempted to allocate XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (x being any number it says) bytes TAG_TEMPWORKSPACE which then shuts down OpenGL system, crashing my game. And whenever I try...