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  Manual Install
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See section below for manual install or upgrade files.

Basic Windows install instructions, see links above for more detail.

The Steam version of Jedi Academy should be installed to the default library folder (typically on the C:\ drive but may vary). Refer to solutions listed under "Application load error 5:0000065434" if you have already installed it elsewhere.

1. Using launcher
Download the Launcher and extract files to your GameData folder, then start MBIILauncher.exe and click Install.

2. Manually
After download, copy the content to your GameData folder (you should have base and MBII folder inside GameData). Start using MBIILauncher.exe and allow the launcher to verify files / update as necessary.

System Requirements
- Windows (7 and up), OS X / macOS (up to 10.14, Catalina or later NOT supported), or Linux* (any mainstream distro)
     *Only servers supported, but clients may work using 32-bit builds of OpenJK.
     *Linux servers must have the 32-bit version of libcurl installed (refer to the end of this post for details).
- GOG, Humble, Steam, or other digital store / original retail installation of Jedi Academy
- If installing from a first run retail disc, the Jedi Academy 1.01 Patch
- On Windows, 32-bit VC++ 2013 redistributables. If using OpenJK/MBII engine you may also need more recent ones too
- At least 6 GB free storage space on the drive where Jedi Academy is installed
Launcher Requirements
- .NET Framework 3.5 (Windows) or MONO Framework (macOS / Linux)

Manual / Server Install and Patching


The Movie Battles II master server ( is a public service provided by the Movie Battles Team intended to assist the community in locating available servers for the game. This service is provided as-is with no guarantee of availability or uptime. The Movie Battles Team reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice.

Servers may be delisted at the discretion of the Movie Battles Team for:
- Mimicking the name of official or other well known servers.
- Using a server name that contains threats, strong profanity, racism, or any other offensive content.
- Any relation to disrupting other servers, such as network attacks or other criminal acts conducted by the server owner or individuals in any group associated with sponsoring the server.
- Using exploits or any type of malicious server configuration that disrupts connected clients.
- Utilizing the server to aid with doxing efforts or other personal attacks on community members.

Click the button above to see public server listing terms.

Manual Installation Downloads
Linux note: If using OpenJK, replace with the .nopp version of the file.

Complete (version
Size: 6.4 GB
 Google Drive

Upgrade (patch to
Size: 2.6 GB
 Google Drive

Hotfix (patch 1.7.1 to

 Cross platform CLI installer / patcher
 RTV/RTM Python script (usage guide)

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