1. J Jimbles

    Launcher Trying to run on Linux Mint 21 but I have no idea how to get the launcher working.

    Alright so I got the mod to run and everything by installing it manually to my Gamedata folder and running it through basegame's mod selection screen, however anytime I try to load into a server the game hounds me about not having the launcher running and it won't let me play. Any advice on...
  2. P

    Technical Issue Steam deck installation help needed please

    Hi everybody, I have been trying to install MBII on the steam deck but so far without success. The steps that I took are as follows: 1. installed steam JKA 2. Downloaded the manual MBII install. (followed the instructions on the installation & troubleshooting page) 3. Downloaded openJKA. 4...
  3. iPlayOnMicrowave

    [SOLVED] Launcher on linux.

    Getting back into MB2 under Linux, I found myself surprised by the fact it now requires the launcher. My Linux meets the launcher requirements; but where is the launcher binary? I only managed to find a windows executable.
  4. M

    PoP OS! (ubuntu 20.04 LTS) installation of MB2.

    Hey guys, today since installing this game is a pain in the arse to install i've come to make short work of this game for you. First hurdle was playing the game on proton. Don't *Actually you may be able to. i didn't want to be labled as the numbskull who did Step 1: Enable proton in the steam...
  5. Alodey

    Technical Issue not found

    Hello! Before I start with my problem, I am very sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand me well. Or maybe I talk like Yoda ^^` So, I tried to make my own server on an Ubuntu 20.04 server. I looked at many guides and upload these files: Base (with assets files) MBII linuxjampded...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Can't join any servers in MB2 1.7 on linux.

    So i just installed the upgrade version to and when i go to play i can't connect it just says: ERROR: Client/Server game mismatch: basejka-1/Movie Battles II V1.7 I readed the patch notes and it said that i need some file named libcurl.i386 to join but i can't find it for Arch linux...
  7. E

    Technical Issue Trying to run mb2 on linux

    So i just installed jedi academy and after installed the openjk exe i installed mono and other things , tried to set_game mb2 thing and i just launches but when i join a server it says start the game via launcher but i cant run the launcher even if i do open with mono runtime terminal what can i...
  8. G

    Technical Issue installing on linux

    So it seems the instructions on the wiki are for windows and mac, I did try the steam instructions, but the file is a dos executable, even though it is called MBIILauncherLIN.exe. I have openjk working fine, so thats not a problem. distro manjaro (arch based). There was also some .Net thing that...
  9. Spacestroller

    Technical Issue Chat causing game to micro-stutter

    I hate to double post, but not sure if I can necro my old January post. Decided to give MBII another go after few months, and I still face the same issue. Even tho the game runs very smoothly with great FPS and good connection, for some reason every chat / voice chat line or any kind of message...
  10. danwald10

    Technical Issue [solved] MBII with Arch Linux and openJK

    So I am trying to play MBII on my arch linux. I tried to fix missing libraries and files by checking out the logs, so I have duplicated base in my install location in Steam and my .local, and copied into japlus,lugormod,base and the MBII folder since the log said its missing. I...
  11. :.:5teamF0x.:.

    Linux build defaults to wrong renderer.

    Hello, all! Lomg time, no see! Just wanted to let you know that the Linux build is defailting cl_renderer to 'rd-vanilla' instead of 'rd-vanilla-mbii'. Procedure: Download the launcher for Linux, let the game download, then attempt to run the game. Error is in the crash log that the game generates.
  12. Toys R Us

    Technical Issue Running MBII with OpenJK linux; Mod loads, but not totally?

    So when I launch openjk with +set fs_game "MBII", I'm greeted with the MBII opening animation, but the menu is using default Jedi Academy, so I can't access any MBII controls. I also am unable to join any MBII servers, because I get the following error Below is...
  13. Cat Lady

    SERVER RPi| Competitive [RTV] EU

    Hello kittens, Following the success of - started on 25 October 2015 - RPi| FA [RTV] EU, I'm turning the less-popular sibling (RPi| Open [RTV] EU) into new project - RPi| Competitive [RTV] EU. As of 6 February 2016, this one - Just like FA variant - becomes 24/7 MBII server, sporting Open mode...
  14. Identic

    Technical Issue Server crash

    Hi! I need just one fix for my server, it's crashing after some hours ran on mb2_dotf map as i see. How can i fix it? Asylum Warzone, linux, dotf only. uploaded whole MBII folder with the files (v1.3.2.1) I think i'll set up to RTV for less dotf, then maybe less server crash? The server is...
  15. Cat Lady


    Hello kittens, As a result of having working MBII builds for (arm) Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card sized computer (builds soon to be released for everyone), on evening of 25 October 2015, I've started hosting two 24/7 MBII servers - with names as in title. One is for Full Authentic (described here)...
  16. pedro henrique

    [SOLVED] I can't run MBII on Linux (Ubuntu 15.05)

    Hello there! Greetings from Brazil! I play MBII since 2008, but now I'm using Linux (Ubuntu 15.05) and I can't figure out how to run it. I've downloaded the mod v1.3.1 from moddb and only get Play_MBII.bat as shortcut to play, which doesn't seem to be a linux application. I also tried to...