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Technical Issue Chat causing game to micro-stutter

Discussion in 'Support' started by Spacestroller, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Spacestroller


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    I hate to double post, but not sure if I can necro my old January post.
    Decided to give MBII another go after few months, and I still face the same issue. Even tho the game runs very smoothly with great FPS and good connection, for some reason every chat / voice chat line or any kind of message give me a stutter, a spike, a freeze. They always last the same time, approx. 0.5 sec (but it adds up as many people are saying something or there are multiple kill messages).
    I don't think it's a matter of connection, as it is not a lag, but a very short complete game-freeze. I would love to stick with this game in the future but this makes it close to unplayable. Duel are ok if ppl don't chat much, but I would like to play Open, which is impossible.
    Thanks for any answers.

    Running on Xubuntu 16.04, OpenJK, Nvidia 310m (340 driver), 3GB RAM
  2. MuscBodypillow


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    Is this an old system? The bottleneck might be your rig somehow more than anything else. Have you closed any background program/app and tried that?
  3. SK5

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    If everything else fails you can do /cg_chatbox 0 in console to turn it off.

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  4. Puppytine

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    lol, unfortunately, I'm not a Linux user, and don't know much about troubleshooting on this OS.
    Also, lag spikes usually harder to solve than crashes.
    You already gave the only advice that I could think of...:
    ... but OP already said that it didn't work for him: Technical Issue - Chat causing lag issues

    Devs (Cat Lady? :D) or Linux experts (Cat Lady? :D) are needed here :(

    And btw, @Spacestroller, I hope you do use native MBII, right? No Wine is needed, since there are Linux binaries.
    Does those chat spikes occur in base Jedi Academy?
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  5. k4far

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    Make sound quality as low as possible @Spacestroller

    If there is no command for disabling voice chat entirely you can manually disable all voice chat lines by giving the last folder from a path quoted below simple .bak extension. Game won't see the files in regular location. You can always revert this.
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  6. Spacestroller


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    If by native you mean running openJK.i386 +set fs_game "MBII", then yes.

    But maybe MuscBodypillow is right, it just might be a performance thing. Trying to tinker more with graphical settings, and it seems turning detailed shader OFF helped a bit. Didn't notice that option before at all. I'll try more trial&error, but it looks better already. It's just weird that with higher graphics settings, with the game running overall smooth, it's the chat that's causing these freezes and not something like more players or more action going on.
    Anyway, thx.

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