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  • Hey Cat, Insane Wants you to know we'll attempt a shuffle command next time we're full. He's sending the Crash logs to Subaru
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    Cat Lady
    Indeed, a shuffle attempt at full/close to full server would be helpful (albeit only players in-game matters, not those in spectator).

    Huge thank you - again - for that impromptu test on server, and for any further help - EU scene is more divided amongst servers, so your test are helpful and important thing :)
    "Please threat bug report section as strict-moderation zone, guys." -Cat Lady

    Please don't tell people to threaten anyone :p
    Hey Cat Lady, I registered here to write you. There is a Problem with your RPi FA RTV EU Server. Yesterday I RTV to mb2_duel_training. Since then it stucks there and no RTV is possible for a map change. Could you help? It is my favourite Server and i am nearly only on this one and some friends too. Greetings Senikuro :)
    sorry, wrong window ;) What i meant is that I just send the messages to you via PM ;) Ignore the mess afterwards
    No problem, just send the NDA agreement via PM (before, tried to do it in slack, but obviously was unable to log in already ;) )
    Hey - had to disable your account on slack for now - we have a policy of only allowing people with NDAs to join there because of stuff with leaking future release plans and beta data.
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