1. Lt.Claim

    Claim's New WIP thread

    Hello ! Yes ! It's my annual return to MB2, and i brought some gifts , you know the drill ! And i also realized i forgot to post all the models i showed last year ! So yeah, here you go : New ports of models from Mobile star wars game ! yes, i haven't ported everything yet ! I hope it'll...
  2. DarthValeria

    Blender problem for Jedi Academy

    Hello guys, I'm Darth Valeria and I hope you're doing alright <3 I need help for the problem i cant solve And english is not perfect so sorry for grammar errors I'm trying to convert SWTOR models into Jedi Academy by using blender I adjusted model to the skeleton , i did weight paints as 95% So...
  3. SchizoStyle

    Dark Lord Desann skin!

    Looks more like a real Sith now! All skins are compatible with Penekepack Desann with Robe and other Skincolor (Face, Hands): MEGA Desann with Robe and normal Face: MEGA
  4. Maniaczek

    Idea: Arcann and Thexan (maybe Valkorion) from the Old Republic models

    Hey, i was thinking, if you could add Arcann and Thexan playermodels, since they have yellow sabers, i would add them to the jedi section, it would look really cool.
  5. k4far

    Let's Talk Sides

    I would like to talk about sides / side whacks. It isn't hard to do it with style like blue. Enemy can reach your side by hitting below protected 180 degrees from your front - this ain't much if we consider it's rarely 1 vs 1 and blue in it's current form is rewarding for running in circles...
  6. Remalus

    Remalus's Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack

    Hey Everyone! Well, here I am with my first non-clan-exclusive mod release! Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack*, or DF2 pack, is a model pack that replaces many MB2 models with models from Dark Forces 2. Here's what v0.4.0 has to offer: -Replaced Kyle with a more DF2 accurate Kyle -Replaced...
  7. A

    Why aren’t there more models in game?

    I’ve been wondering for a while and I have few question about player models: Is there a limit to the number of skins that can be implemented in game? I’d assume there is, based on existence of replacement mods. What is exact technical reason for this limitation? In my opinion variety of...
  8. Daanyill

    New Qui Gon Jin Model

    I would love if they added a qui gon jin model wearing his poncho like on tatooine, one of my favorite outfits, any of you agree?
  9. k4far

    How to make a sound pack and contribute to MB2 or an independent modification.

    What is a sound pack? Sound pack is a set of files usually in .mp3 or .wav (I go with first) format that trigger when your character interacts (you are using taunts, jumping). When a new model becomes available it requires assembling a brand new set of sounds for it. Sounds have to be clear...
  10. Phoenix

    Looking for Zakuul Knight soundpack

    So I currently have a Zakuul Knight model that is ready to be released for you all, however finding sounds (mainly taunts) seems to be really challenging. I've tried getting some of the voice lines from SWTOR, however when I taunt and whatnot in game, nothing plays. If anyone happens to for some...
  11. k4far

    Can we port any model openable in 3DS Max and such in to MB?

    So i just discovered a pretty interesting website: Sketchfab - Your 3D content online and in VR. Lots of models is on a CC License meaning we would only need to credit the authors as usually We do. Is it possible to port such highly detailed models to Movie Battles? I am aware they would not...
  12. k4far

    Making a JA/MB Model from nothing. (Request)

    I am looking for some detailed guide I would like to make a model of a character that is particularly interesting to me. I have a bunch of pictures and nothing more, sounds like a lot of working to do. Porting ready stuff is rather not an option I could not find that character anywhere. I would...
  13. Phoenix

    Skinny Sabers [UNOFF. PNK 1.8 UPDATE] - For MBII v1.5

    UPDATE: The lightsabers in this addon simply makes the blades skinnier to give off a more Star Wars: Rebels type of design. Requires Penekepack to work. You NEED Penekepack for this to work properly. All you have to do is add this patch edit and you're good to go. To Install: Simply drag...
  14. Jaws123DRevenge

    Modview Files Combining

    If you were to replace a model in MB2, when you take 2 models such as Barriss Offee and Luminara and have them replace Mara Jade, how do you combine the modview files? I know how to do everything else such as editing the .skin files, but I have no clue have to combine 2 modview files so that one...
  15. Tompa9

    Tompa´s Workshop and WIP

    Hello MB2 community! As member of Peneke family my work on Tompa´s Replacement pack is finished for now. But I´m still active and I´m learning about reskinning and kitbashing models. I have created this thread to show you some of my work and post there small MB2 replacements which could improve...
  16. PilotLeo1

    Help Me Identify the Jedi Models

    I am interested to know the characters on the Jedi side, can someone name them off for me?
  17. Perion

    Perion's Goods&Crafts

    Hello fair people! Behold a wild venture that I am upholding since taking up the craft of modelling, even though my personal skills are abysmal to say the least. Here you can find mostly hilt creations and sometimes reskinned or frankensteined player models which do not follow any form of...
  18. Perion

    Perion's Mini-sound replacement mod for V1.4

    DOWNLOAD Replaces some sounds: Kylo Ren masked Kylo Ren saber Saber sounds as a whole Anakin/Rey saber Replaces some skins: Sith Stalker Kylo Ren saber Luke...
  19. ZombieSaitama

    [Model Request] Jaden Korr from Crosscurrent

    Ok so I have been looking for this model (or one like it) for a while now and have had no luck in getting it Think someone could make it? -I know that the head can be found in Spanki's Jedi Customization file ( -Head Location...