How to make a sound pack and contribute to MB2 or an independent modification.

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    What is a sound pack? Sound pack is a set of files usually in .mp3 format that trigger when your character interacts (you are using taunt, jumping). When a new model becomes available it requires assembling a brand new set of sounds for it. Sounds have to be clear, loud and fit the character that is all there is to it. Do you have a character in mind that could use a better soundpack, do you even know of some possible sounds already, great! Go download Audacity it is the best totally free program for playing with audio. It is used by all big companies, freelancers. You are not wasting your time that might prove useful to you in your future for your job, project anything.

    Finding appropriate sounds.
    Uncle Goo... No, Youtube this time. The character you might be working on is usually known for some TV Series, Movie. You want to find the cutscene with him, compilations, short video you can go over.

    What should you pay be paying attention to?
    There shouldn't be any noises (as little as possible). Taunts can be short like "Hello" - first one. "The time has come" - the second. "Let's finish this" as last. For it to sound good it can not be too long taunt is usually a quote the character is the most known for. Due to a lot of various quality clips, it is understandable it might not always be possible to achieve. Go with what you believe to fit. I always try to put a comical twist into my sound packs, one line out of context but adding a lot of meaning to different situations.

    There are also sounds like anger, gloat... nobody got time for that so, I usually just go with this and it is fine.

    My sound has got noise wnat to do?
    a) test it in the game see if the noise is destroying the impression if it is minor it is fine (keep in mind the sound have to be loudened, they are usually pretty silent at first at the end they are 10+db we will talk about making them louder later). You can cut out the noise if its not mixed in the sound you want.

    b) *Advance technique. You can try to amplify part of the sound down giving it minus value via amplifying function in Audacity. Took me a while to do it properly. You go a few times by lowering using low values like - 2db and listening to it over and over.

    c) *Advance technique2. Credits to @TechShaman. He has told me it is possible to use a copy of song playing in the background (which is extremely rare, usually it is just some shooting and slaughter) set is as noise profile then use the function to remove noise and Audacity will do the magic.

    When should I give up on a sound?
    When you believe the noise is too big. When you can not hear clearly because of something happening in the background. If the noise in the background is continuous you are unlikely to get rid of it by modifying the file in Audacity. You do not want any static, deformations. If you like music you know what I am saying - all things unpleasant for ears.

    I have a YouTube video I know what I want out of it. What am I to do now?

    1. Convert it to mp3 (check bitrate to 320, when you can) - google "youtube to mp3" first better website will do it no need for a bloatware on your computer.
    2. Listen to the file in Audacity. You can zoom the view a little I like to have it pretty close to cut it up precisely. Rest is marking where it starts and ends (after you mark it listen to it again to make sure it is what you wanted you can still trim it). Then use export selected and save it somewhere.

    The requirements for a sound to work with our game:

    Make sure file is mono, bit rate 320, sampling 41000. These are essentials for our game. It will not play when things go wrong here. In game console will show you an error when you have a file which is not a "proper" one. It will specify what is wrong too so no worries. Game got you covered here.​

    I am done in Audacity I have a few files, what now?

    Rename them appropriately and make a sound pack. Soundpack directory is usually ready, when it is not you test it by replacing another character sounds by renaming your sound folder.

    Folder with sounds is usually built like character\misc

    1. Just create a folder rename it put another folder in it and rename it to misc
    2. Put your sounds into misc
    3. Move it where it belongs (for MB it is in GameData one of the folders will contain the sounds, for independent modifications it is within nameofmodifcation.pk3 file characters\sounds.)

    Sounds are in the place, what now?

    Test it out. Join the game if there are no red text console errors it is a great sign meaning you did first part well.

    Now comes the testing. You have to try to make the character make a sound. I usually go for an empty Dotf Server and usually as Rebel since they have the elevator which you can use for testing damage and dying sounds and a generator next to it so you can test the falling sound as well. It is quite time-consuming, consider if the sounds are loud enough that depends on your settings.

    My sound is too quiet what to do?

    Use amplify function in Audacity. By default, Audacity will increase the volume to the maximum as it sees it and it will not cause issues, but that might not always be enough so in rare cases you can turn a blind eye to capping and increase it a little more... just make sure to test it.

    I am quite new to sound editing but I find it extremely enjoyable as my part-time activity. It is very nice to see it in the game later and used by people. I also wanted to help out in some way with the Development of MB... modelling was not for me I tried I tried I am saying (damn it). Coding neither (damn you math too).

    I am aware there are some mistakes, not everything is explained as yet I am putting this down after a busy day I had a thought to do it since noone bothered before me. May you find some fun in what I could I wish you very much.

    If you have any questions ask below. I can help you out if you have a problem.
    I will update way more and format this all nicely.
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    Just to add on here, make sure the .wav is saved as 16 bit, 32 bit won't work.

    Also, instead of the amplify function, I would suggest the normalize function. It doesn't hurt the quality as bad in my experience.

    I can also add onto this: How I gave my mandalorians a helmet filter.

    Once you have a sound you're ready to work with, make it a stereo track. Then, vocal remover while retaining frequency bands (I'd recommend not tinkering with this). Then apply a high pass filter (You can play around with this a bit) and normalize. Make it mono again, and export.

    EDIT: Also, you can go into MBassets3/, find the folder for the character you're replacing, and in modeldata.cfg, you can add a specific soundpack for a specific character (like mandalorians).
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    You should never edit existing pk3s. instead create a pk3 using winrar or whatever archiving program you wish. Have the folder path to the sound then arhive it as a .zip (important not to archive as .rar) then rename the file to zzz_placeholder.pk3. Remember that quake loads pk3s in alphabetical order so when you have the replacement be the lowest possible name (with z's) you override the previous pk3
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    Should add some corrections to this...

    anger sounds are played 50% of the time instead of a taunt
    if the anger sound check fails (ie, 50% of the time), it will play a taunt1-5 instead
    if there is no taunt4 or taunt5 it will play a random one from taunt1-3 instead
    taunt.wav is only used for gloat/flourish emotes

    bit rate of the audio file does not matter
    it can be in wav OR mp3
    correct sample rate is 44.1 khz / 44100 hz
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