1. Amyrha

    Thinner Sabers

    Thinner Sabers I couldn't find any updated mods that made the sabers thinner, so I made one myself! The sabers aren't as thin as the Rebels sabers are by default; they're somewhere between the default thickness and the rebels thickness. The Rebels sabers are still at their usual thinness...
  2. Noob

    PK3 Compendium

    PK3 Compendium Here is a quick-start guide on creating your own PK3's for modding MB2 and everything you might need to know. If I'm missing something feel free to post below. Getting Started File Structure ModView / Building a Workflow Models Sounds Shaders Compressing and Finishing Getting...
  3. SchizoStyle

    Star Wars Vertex

    Download Star Wars Vertex now for free: VERTEX / Home / Freeform Multiplayer Combat Download mods here: VERTEX Mods The game is like Jedi Academy with Unreal 4 engine. Graphics are good, but lightsabersystem is unfortunately not like MBII. Maybe the Devs can work together with the Devs of this...
  4. SchizoStyle

    Can someone help me with the final parts of my mod?

    I need help to finally finish my bloodpatch for MBII. There are some files in the .pk3 which are not ported right and I have no clue how to find the effects I want to replace with effects I got from bloodpatches already existing for BaseJA. You can find the .pk3´s I kinda ported and the main...
  5. SchizoStyle

    Gore Battles for Movie Battles 2 [UPDATEv1.2][Quality Changes]

    Changes v1.2: [Change] caps, saberburnmarks and gunburnmarks are now much more realistic [Deleted] Main Menu Theme is the vanilla MBII Theme again (That´s why the mod is much smaller now) Changes v1.0: [Change] The blood will be much darker, if it drops on the same ground [Change] The caps...
  6. TechieW

    Custom HUD Editor

    This post is kind of a request/opinion poll/idea sharing about the possibility of making a custom HUD editor. The basic idea would be a windows application with a GUI that would allow you to move around interface elements in Jedi Academy, and change things such as the images used as you please...
  7. Fletcher Time

    Where to start modding.

    I have a lot of free time over the summer. Got a good amount of time off work, and I have some ideas for JKA mods. I was wondering if any of you have any resources, tips, tricks, anything that can get me rolling. I'm not expecting to make much, but I have proper tools (as far as I know). Any...
  8. Scott The Scout

    Big Boss Model?

    Does anyone know where I can find the resources for the Big Boss model used in the FA Mode of the Ultimate Showdown map? I want to add Big Boss to open mode for stupidity purposes.
  9. Scott The Scout

    Scott The Scout's Shitshop

    WARNING: I take absolutely 0 credit for ANYTHING I post here. Even the things I make from scratch, nothing here belongs to me. All credit to the original authors of anything I use, ect. If say I use a model from a mod I found somewhere and the original author would like me to remove the mod...
  10. Scott The Scout

    How to edit the kylo ren saber's sounds?

    So yeah, i'm wondering what would be the simplest way to make a .pk3 that replaces the sounds for Kylo Ren's lightsaber? Specifically his unique saber humming. I desire to make a version where his saber emits the song "Crawling in my skin" by linkin part whenever it's on. Inspired by THIS...
  11. Captain Jin

    Hosting Server Setting up a Server

    So I've just started my own server, got it running fine, got rcon going and players can join no problem, but I've no idea how to get rtv going, I'm being told smod is a must even though all my googling has been fruitless, and I'm pretty much in the dark about most add-ons for the server, haha...
  12. GenRhysDallows

    Generic Male Radio Voice Sound Upgrade/Replacement

    As much as I love MB, I've found the default mp_generic_male radio voice to be pretty low-quality and somewhat annoying. So, I've decided to record a new set, which can be downloaded here: z_zradiovoxupgrade.pk3 You can also go here to listen to the new audio individually before downloading: MB...
  13. Slypear (DS2)

    A (Beginner's) Serious Question on Modding MBII

    Hello there! I'm very new to Movie Battles 2. I haven't played Jedi Academy in years. I've only spent about a day with MBII, but I've already fallen in love with the mod. Sure, I'm absolutely awful at it and the jedi v jedi mechanics warp my mind, but now I'm keen on modding it client-side for...