Can someone help me with the final parts of my mod?

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I need help to finally finish my bloodpatch for MBII. There are some files in the .pk3 which are not ported right and I have no clue how to find the effects I want to replace with effects I got from bloodpatches already existing for BaseJA. You can find the .pk3´s I kinda ported and the main bloodpatch with many unuseable files but maybe some files useable, which I may have deleted to fast here:

[UPDATE v0.7] Gore Battles for Movie Battles 2 [Much better Bulletholes and Bloodsmoke by Blasterfire on Bodies] =[MATURE CONTENT 21+]=

Maybe someone is able to change the blood and how it drops to make it more realistic. Maybe a version that low Pc´s have not to much fps drops on full servers too. Some told me that the game works not fine for them, when many people at the same time get dismembered with the v0.7. For me I noticed that too in low fps drops, but it is perceptible. Maybe some better artwork I did by make the bloodholes by blastershots more red could help too.

For modders which are used to modding in MBII should finish this very quickly!

My Discord for any questions about this mod: ¿¬¶#7482 (Just Copy the symbols)

Thanks for any help. I will make any supporter part of the credits!
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