1. O

    Technical Issue Server disconnected: quit

    I just downloaded MBII and I have been trying to play for the past two hours and I keep running into this crash. Every time I join a server or host my own it will connect, I will be in spectator mode for a few seconds to about a minute, (the longest was about a minute thirty), then it will...

    Launcher Updated the launcher, launcher crashes upon opening. Help.

    So the mb2 launcher had to be updated to version 3, i did, and now the launcher doesn't even open. it just crashes with the usual "MB2 Launcher has stopped working". Why does stuff like this happen whenever the game or launcher is updated? please help.
  3. S

    Technical Issue crash when switchin to saber

    Hello lovelies, My game used to run fine for months. Then, as of last night, all of a sudden, whenever I select my class and I spawn - I then press my usual '1' keyboard key to switch to my saber and... game crashes. Every single time. I don't get it, I even tried to bind the key to another...
  4. C

    Technical Issue Crash on Startup since new update; "Menu file not found: ui/mb_menus.txt, unable to continue!"

    I just updated to the newest version of MB2 (downloaded on March 5th, 2018) using the launcher. Since updating, the game crashes before reaching the main menu. After clicking play from the launcher the game goes fullscreen, I see the title screen, sometimes the little MB2 intro video plays, and...
  5. The Red Guard

    Technical Issue Crashing Issue regarding melee combat

    Hello! It's been awhile since I've actually played MB2 and when I did play it back in the day it was on XP / Windows 7, which involved no issues needless to say. Now that I've rekindled an interest in it and currently have Windows 10 as my OS, I'm having a problem with it that no other thread...
  6. K

    Technical Issue The game turns off

    I have just installed the mod and wanna play but when im try to open menu of servers game turns off. Without any notification. I searched for this kind of problem on this forum but i couldnt find, so i writting it now. I installed game by this page's client so it should work but it doesnt :C (...
  7. Lt. Ladders

    Technical Issue Crash on server join

    Every time I attempt to join a server, my game crashes with no error log. I have WIN 10, the most recent update, and it is the CD version. Is there any fix?
  8. DJ Martinez

    Technical Issue Loading Screen Crash

    I've been playing the game perfectly fine up until about last night. I loaded up the mod to play and joined a server. As the load was about to complete, I got a crash. I tried this with multiple other servers up until today, and I'm not sure what's causing it, since I haven't been digging around...
  9. WOah

    [SOLVED] After Windows 10 Creator Update this usually happens.

    If you guys know anyway to fix this, I'd appreciate because it's been puzzling me for about five hours.
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Freeze after 5 seconds on main menu

    Just installed this now with the launcher, for the steam version it launches with no problem but after 5 seconds of being on the main menu it just freezes up with all sounds continuing to go on a infinite loop.
  11. Phoenix

    [SOLVED] Game Stops Responding on launch.

    On my brothers laptop we are unable to start the game at all. We have everything installed, the launcher, MBII, JK, etc. But whenever we start it, it immediately stops responding. On some occasions I can get to the screen where it shows "Movie Battles II" before it stops responding. I've...
  12. ViandeEternel

    [SOLVED] Mac Crash on Joining

    Hi everyone. I know that the question has already been asked but i'm having MB2 crashing when trying to join a server. I tried to reset the setting ,disabling EAX, I really followed the installation guide, etc... but still crashing here is the Error Report : I also tried JKJLAuncher and...
  13. Goliath-A.I.

    Technical Issue Game Crashing! Assistance needed!

    Exact sequence of events below: Computer restarted. (Windows 8.1) Installed JKA, Ran Jka multiplayer and Jka singleplayer once. Verified game integrity (steam checking JKA for missing files.) Installed launcher, complete install. Launcher setup, enabled checking for missing files on startup...
  14. Noob

    Technical Issue VM_Create on UI Failed

    I've been trying to figure out what is causing this on my machine when I run MB2 on JAMP. This does not occur on OpenJk (But I want to try out all my options before I switch over, it just isn't the same.) After verifying my files and testing again, I achieve the same results. Every time I join...
  15. Fletcher Time

    Technical Issue Friend crashes after joining round.

    Hi! So I convinced my friend to buy JKA and download MBII and it's all running fine. He will join my server and it will let him spectate no problem. He can also select his class and edit his load-out, but when the round actually starts, instead of spawning he crashes. Is this a known bug? Is...
  16. Stormie

    Mando Jetpack Ceiling Crash

    This has been going on for awhile and have never been fixed and its pissed me off so many times as mando that once it happened to me this morning i made an account to bitch about it. Alright so, whenever I go mando, specifically with 2 point in jetpack, 3 in westar, 1 in flamethrower and rocket...
  17. Identic

    Technical Issue Server crash

    Hi! I need just one fix for my server, it's crashing after some hours ran on mb2_dotf map as i see. How can i fix it? Asylum Warzone, linux, dotf only. uploaded whole MBII folder with the files (v1.3.2.1) I think i'll set up to RTV for less dotf, then maybe less server crash? The server is...
  18. Parker101200

    Technical Issue Macbook Works fine for months.... not today

    So after a long process of trying to get the mod to work on my mac, I finally get it and it works perfectly for several months. Now, just as of today, all of the sudden it crashes after it finishes loading a server. I'm not sure if there's something i might've accidentally changed in the...
  19. U.C.

    [SOLVED] Server List and Stop Working Issue

    Hello, I had downloaded mb2 two days ago from Movie Battles II Launcher after i setuped ja+. I can't see server list. Then i tried to open console but after that the game stopped working. How can i fix this problem. I use Windows 8.1. By the way i am sorry for my English if i couldn't tell my...
  20. Sylar

    [SOLVED] Crashing to launcher after update

    So, after today's update as soon as the mb2 intro finishes the game closes to launcher, no errors, just closes itself to launcher. Using openjk btw, can't use jamp fps drops to 20-30 when deflecting. Repairing installation did not work nor deleting openjk folders n files and verifying...