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Changelogneke 1.9.5 > 2.0

It's been four years since the release of Peneke Pack 1.0, our pack's come a very long way since then! For Peneke Pack's 2.0 release, we have added a new Peneke UI option to UI Layouts! Plus we have added the Mandalorian, Season 7 Ahsoka, brought back many old Peneke favorites, and more!

To start off, here’s the list of characters we’ve upgraded:
- Updated Purge Trooper with new model by Scerendo!
- Upgraded Shaak Ti with redder skin, facial and hand animations, and a better torso
- Upgraded Lando Calrissian with better decaps and team skins for FA
- Upgraded TFU2 Starkiller with a ported head
- Upgraded Young Arcann and Thexan with an improved port
- Upgraded Arcann with an improved port
- Upgraded Darth Revan’s TOR and Reborn models with improved ports
- Upgraded TFU2 Kota with better rigging and restored the old shorter skirt!
- Upgraded Serra Keto with her ROTS Game model
- Upgraded Lando by restoring JK2 version with FA head, and made him compatible with new Lando skins
- Updated Thrawn so he's compatible with Imperial Officer model merges
- Moved RGB skin replacements to addon models (Crix, Ackbar, Nien, Porkins, Commando Droid)
- Moved KOTOR Jaden "Kal" to addon models
- Moved Kyle Replacement to addon models
- Moved IG-88 replacement to addon models
- Restored FA skin support to Barriss (DC Raven), Vader (UDS Zombie, Football), and ESB Han (UDS)

New Characters:
- Added Cara Dune from The Mando to Elite Troopers!
- Added Greef Karga from The Mando to Bounty Hunters!
- Added the Bad Batch/Clone Squad 99 to ARC Troopers!
- Added Bo Katan to Mandalorians, regular and helmetless
- Added Rebel Demolitions Expert
- Added Ahsoka from TCW season 7 to Jedi
- Added Exiled Obi-Wan Kenobi
- Added Stealth Jedi Gear Kyle to Jedi
- Added the rest of Kota’s Militia from TFU, the Elite and Trooper
- Added Imperial Ground Crew from R1 to Imp Soldiers
- Added Sith Fleet Technician to Imp Soldiers
- Added Sith Trooper to Imp Soldiers
- Added Stormtrooper Commander from TFU
- Added Incinerator Trooper from TFU
- Added Shadow Trooper from TFU
- Added Arena Gear Starkiller
- Added Darth Marr to Sith
- Added Lana Beniko to Sith
- Added Unmasked skins for Darth Revan’s TOR and Reborn models
- Added an Inquisitor Starkillerneke for Sith
- Added Imperial Supercommandos and Gar Saxon to Mandos
- Added the whole Skirata Mandalorian pack, with a total of 19 unique looking Mandos added!
- Added Peneke Kel Dor Male Jedi

Restored Characters:
- Readded Juno Eclipse to Commanders to prevent confusion, with a ported model upgrade
- Readded Silver Warrior Starkiller
- Restored Peneke Shirtless Maul
- Restored Dark Side Jaden
- Restored Dark Kyle skin
- Restored Black KOTOR Jedi
- Restored two Old Republic soldier skins

Removed Characters:
- Removed all clone changes for the Clone Model upgrades, and moved the replacement clone skins to addon models, which are neomarz Phase 1 Clone and Gree.
- Removed Cybernetic Maul, Shaak Ti Update, CW Obi-Wan, TCW Anakin, Purgetrooper, TROS Palpatine, Sith Assassin and Sith Master as they’ve been added to MBII officially
- Removed Starkiller-Jaden override since one of the Jaden replacements is in vanilla MB2
- Removed Morgan for being added to base MB2
- Removed Din Djarin for being added to base MB2
- Removed unused soundsets
- Removed Jedipack since it's an HB Pack exclusive
- Removed Legends Bane for being added to base MB2
- Removed RGB Geonosis Battledroid
- Removed Old Republic Soldier variants
- Removed Darth Zannah for being added to base MB2
- Removed Atton and Mandalore for being added to base MB2
- Removed HK-51 soundset for being added to base MB2
- Removed Ongree RGB for being added to base MB2
- Removed RGB Darth Talon on Unguided's request
- Removed Clone Commander (Mygeeto) RGB replacement
- Removed RGB from TFU Royal Guard
- Removed FA specific models since they're outdated
- Removed Wookiee RGB skin replacements


Updated Hilts:
- Updated Galen Marek hilt with a higher accuracy model by Doughnuts!
- Updated Doughnut’s Rahm Kota hilt texture with Peneke wooden Edition!


- Updated Cal Kestis’ soundpack
- Upgraded Purge Trooper’s soundpack with JFO dialogue
- Upgraded Juno Eclipse’s soundpack


- Fixed Lord Kallig missing his soundpack

- New Peneke 2.0 menu music - the Mandalorian's theme song
- Added a new decapitation texture by Langerd (same author of the old decaps)
- Added a new saber clash effect by kalamaray, that looks much higher quality and is less annoying for our duelist users in-game
- Reorganized various soundsets to be more compatible with sound changes for the latest MB2 patch
- Transferred Nien's BF soundset to Rebel Soldier Sullustan (Addon)
- Updated Mud Trooper soundset with one of the added Stormtrooper soundsets
- Upgraded Starkiller's soundset with higher quality lines
- Updated other Jedi Starkillers with improved lines from SCIV
- Replaced Jedi Hunter Starkiller's soundset with SCIV version


That's right folks, the Peneke dudes missed having awesome features like the Music menu, Authentic Hilts, and network optimization,
so we took the time to add those menus back as their own UI preset in UI Layouts! There's a lot to explain about this UI update,
so we'll talk about the main menu updates first!

The main menu now has a new Mandalorian show themed background, and we removed the character preview so that you can have more room
to view the nice backgrounds featured in the other menus! For nostalgic purposes, we've readded a few old but gold to the Peneke family
menu backgrounds featured in Peneke Pack versions of old. The Kylo Ren cursor has also returned!

Next up to be featured is the Music Menu overhaul! We too missed being able to select whatever music you want during rounds, so we decided
to completely re-do the menus from the ground up, now the music is organized into six tabs; Official for official MB2 map music,
CMP for community map pack music, MGMP for movie game mappack music, uMad for uMad mappack music, Peneke for music that suits
our and hopefully your tastes too, and the Custom music tab! The peneke music easter egg is also featured somewhere in these menus,
so all of our users can have fun finding it again!

How does the custom music feature work? Well this is the ability for you to add your own music to play in-game! To make use of it,
make a new folder in your MBII mod folder named "music" without the quotations. Then add an mp3 or wav file of your choice,
preferrably mp3 format, into the folder, with the name "usertheme#", with # being a number going from 1-50, meaning you can have
up to 50 custom music tracks in-game! The number you put in place of # with 1-50 will be the same number corresponding with the user track option in-game.
It needs to be noted that before doing so, make sure that the mp3 or wav is exported with the project rate at 44100 HZ, exported in Stereo,
that's the minimum requirement for making your music work in MBII.

Our next great UI comeback is the restoration of authentic hilts! This has been added into vanilla MB2 alongside the new class menus,
and the Peneke Jedi/Sith roster has been made compatible with this feature!

The last thing to mention is the optimize button, for all our users with network issues, we have restored the old Peneke network optimization menu,
which we've even done bonus fixes for to make the bounding boxes (the areas that you can click) properly scaled with the options so that you aren't
selecting options from seemingly invisible spaces anymore.

I can't stress this enough, make sure to remove older versions of the Penekepack or non-official Peneke Addons before updating, if you don't do that, you'll experience crashes and different kind of bugs!

Hi, Penekowski speaking!

Because of the assistance, teachings, and feedback that I have received from Vitez, JamyzGenius, my Peneke folks and the Jkhub community, I'm now able to publish my first replacement pack, the Penekepack. A pack that, in my humble opinion, has the best of every single mod available plus a bunch of new content that was heavily customized by me.

I brought back things that I liked from the Old school MBII, better versions of existing models, new Icons, new RGB models, new hilts, a bunch of new content, new menu, new cursor, and overall a whole new and improved look for an average replacement pack.

I have included credits for every single person that helped me on this project, and of course, there's a list of all of the authors for every single model, hilt, asset or soundpack that this pack has. In other words, here's some of the stuff that our pack entails:

- New Hilts
- New Peneke UI: Optimization Menu, Authentic Lightsaber button, Music Menu
- New effects
- New Force Icons
- New Loading Screens
- New Console
- As of 2.4 : 192 New models, all of them have their custom icons and sounds, and some of them have their own RGB system

Without further ado, here's the Icon table for the pack, as well as screens from some of the models in game/artwork, the new menu and a showcase table for the hilts as well.

Enjoy it and please remember that all of the credits are inside the .rar file, along with the installation instructions and a few more notes!

And a really special thanks to Vitez, the creator of the H.B Pack, KoyMcCloud because I took some inspiration from his style to make my own icons during early versions, JamyzGenius, Rooxon & Kualan for their unlimited patience to help me out with the optimization and improvement of my pack, Peneke Tesla, SirCrusher, k4far, Shenghai for soundpack contributions, Swagmaster for helping out a great deal with the latest content of the pack, not only with constant feedback and content, but also for his willingness to learn new stuff just to improve the pack to a whole different level, kalamaray for the new saber clash effect, and last but not least Jkhub because I got so much content from that website and got to meet great people in there and many more!

Icon tables:


Optional Hilt Replacements:

To use these, install it the same way as vanilla Peneke Pack, drag and drop "z_zz_PNK_Hilts" from the Bonus folder inside the current version's RAR into your MBII folder.
Majority of these are made by Rooxon. Starkiller Hilts & Kota Hilt skin replacement by Doughnuts.

In-game pics/Artwork:






album of new stuff + banners and whatnot:
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Looks good dude. I'm gonna try it out :) Seems like a very nice pack. I like the models.

NOTE: Nice credits and install instructions in the zip. Everything you need. GJ bro:)
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This pack is just...glorious. KotOR2 Sith Assassin, Arcann, Battlefront's too glorious. 11/10


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Thanks everyone for your feedback, it means a lot to me and my team. to answer Zombie's question, my buddy Darth Peneke (Peneke Tesla) had to toy around with the model.glm of the clonetrooper folder, it was very difficult but we managed to add the poncho to the clone and then we started to frankestein the model with a .skin file.

We are also working on some cool side project that you may like, here's a small teaser

Dear Penekowski ,
I am simply in love with this mod but I have on itsy bitsy teeny weensy problem . I was using my clan's pack before I went to this pick because of a recommendation but then after I started using Anakin's saber I noticed that you haven't actually changed the saber blades from the ugly (sorry for the unkind words) just plain bad looking saber blades which are too thick , wide , round and a tad bit too wide (although I liked how you made the rebels sabers justtt right) to saber blades like the ones in EP3 which look well ... I guess you could say crisp , clean and the opposite of what I stated above . So , If I may I'd like to suggest blades sort of like these . If it is possible I'd love if you could add them to the mod of a mod because it is currently bugging me .. a lot .
Link :
Regards , Starkiller


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Thanks for the comments!

@ Starkiler let me know if this works.

Open up your Peneke's pack PK3 and get into gfx/effects/sabers and remove everything that's inside. Once you do that, open up your Episode 3 blades pk3 and put all of the content that's inside it's gfx/effects/sabers into your penekepack's gfx/effect/sabers. It should work, I think so, I recommend Winrar or Pakscape to do that, though I would prefer Winrar.
Man, it would be J U S T Awesome if you pointed out what replaces what, in case i don't want something to get replaced et cetera. Great work anyway.


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That's actually a pretty good idea, it's gonna take me some time though, but I'm planning to do that. Maybe for the next version.


Hey It's kinda un-related but I may as well ask, I just wanted the gfx (got that part working) and the Vaylin model to replace Darth Talon(not working) for some reason it doesn't replace darth talon, I replaced with tavion instead, the thing is when i was trying to replace darth talon only the sound worked the model itself was talons, is there anything that I'm doing wrong?

Back when we had jk3files I used to download their skins to add to mb2, so I know how to replace it, or I thought I knew haha


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I'll do a follow up with you through PM, as I don't want to go off topic here :)
I'm glad that you've liked the peneke pack, it has been a great pain in the ass to handle Penekowski's demands.

Love the Peneke,


Movie Battles II Team
I love the model choices, esp on the sith side. So nice to see current SWTOR models in mb2!
Is there a way to only get the menus and the optimizations and not the model? never really played any of the kotr/swtor games so i don't really prefer their models

EDIT: nevermind i figured it out, btw damn 400 mb worth models lol after i removed them my file was like 100 mb
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