1. rexyravager

    Does anyone have a c3p0 battle droid skin?

  2. rexyravager

    Does anyone have a battledroid c3p0 skin

  3. Kwinto

    Meme Battles Sound Pack v1.4

    Another amazing replacement from the best discord server related to mb2 [citation needed] Features: -Force speed -Quake hit sound effect -Proj rifle -Clone rifle -Wookiee rage -Wookiee rage loop -Weapon pickup -force sense -force pull -DOTF music ♂RIGHT VERSION ♂ -Menu music -Improved Ahsoka...
  4. Green Penta

    OOF Deathsounds modified

    This soundpack replaces every deathsound from Movie Battles with the OOF death sound from Roblox! This is what I modified in the original soundpack: -Removed OOF sound on hit -Removed desorted, modified OOF sounds Download Modified OOF soundpack (Dropbox) View Original OOF soundpack (credit...
  5. Ginkobum13

    OOF death sounds + Sharper/Brighter HD crosshairs

    This is my oof death sound replacement, it replaces all of the death sounds, pain sounds, and falling death sounds (19 mp3 files) with 4 variations of OOF I got them from: Here's the 90mb link for oof death sounds: z_zz_oof.pk3 Add to your mb2 folder and depending on how much damage is done...
  6. Kwinto

    Ed, Edd n Eddy Sound replacement pack

    Another amazing replacement: Replaces saber sounds (for now) with effects from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Here's what others think about this pack: "Makes my dueling experience 10 times better" - [SS7]Bob Billy "What is that" - fiste "turned me straight" - [SS7]gay Download Download for Peneke Pack...
  7. Remalus

    Remalus's Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack

    Hey Everyone! Well, here I am with my first non-clan-exclusive mod release! Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack*, or DF2 pack, is a model pack that replaces many MB2 models with models from Dark Forces 2. Here's what v0.4.0 has to offer: -Replaced Kyle with a more DF2 accurate Kyle -Replaced...
  8. Ginkobum13

    HD Crosshairs + More Transparent Scopes

    Here are 9 improved crosshairs and 5 scopes I made simply by editing the .tga files with Thought i'd share this because I don't see many crosshair mods for Moviebattles 2. I find these much more pleasing to my eyes as you can see the base crosshairs look like crap. Base...
  9. Encritary

    Snoke Replacement Mod

    Snoke Replacement Model and sounds by PreFXDesigns ( Permission is granted, proof: It replaces reborn2 model, which is last in sith menu. It's compatible with Peneke Pack, but...
  10. Kwinto


  11. Perion

    Darth Malgus model

    I've had this model for quite some time in which is essentially a ported model from SWTOR and whilst yes, there is already a perfectly fine Malgus model created by Psykosith whom I admire greatly for his skill and talent, this is intended as more of a resource or simply something new to look at...
  12. Scott The Scout

    Modifying Hero Kyle?

    Sorry for clogging up the forums with more useless bullshit but, does anyone know where the model and textures for the hero version of kyle is stored? I could find the jedi version very easily but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what folder the hero version is contained in.
  13. Scott The Scout

    How to edit the kylo ren saber's sounds?

    So yeah, i'm wondering what would be the simplest way to make a .pk3 that replaces the sounds for Kylo Ren's lightsaber? Specifically his unique saber humming. I desire to make a version where his saber emits the song "Crawling in my skin" by linkin part whenever it's on. Inspired by THIS...
  14. Scott The Scout

    HD Rosh Addon

    Throughout MBII, and hell even base JKA there's always been HD models or retextures, such as an HD Kyle, an HD Luke [that actually makes the face look like fucking mark hamil] and even an HD stormtrooper, but nobody ever gave Rosh the greatest jedi any love. Until today. This my friends, is the...
  15. NightShadowR

    NightShadowX1's Replacement Pack [GalaxiesPathPack]

    THIS Mod Replacement Pack Has Been replaced by the new link Listed HERE: LINK I present to you my [WIP]: Galaxies Path (Replacement) Pack Established on 12/25/16 [Character Roster] X1 Galactic Civil War Era [Sith] (in lore isn't sith yet but i"ll bend the rules) X2 New Republic...
  16. Perion

    Perion's Goods&Crafts

    Hello fair people! Behold a wild venture that I am upholding since taking up the craft of modelling, even though my personal skills are abysmal to say the least. Here you can find mostly hilt creations and sometimes reskinned or frankensteined player models which do not follow any form of...
  17. GrayFox

    Saber Sound Replacements?

    So I pretty much get the jist with the whole saber sound replacements and such, there is just one thing I cannot seem to get around. I'm currently replacing Kylo Ren's saber sounds and the Tyrant lightsaber. In replacing my saber I tested it out in single player, worked fine, went to...
  18. Penekowski

    Penekepack 2.0 is out // HOTFIX FOR 1.7.1 IS OUT!

    DOWNLOAD PENEKEPACK 2.0 / THE 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY UPDATE DOWNLOAD HOTFIX FOR MBII v1.7.1 I Can't stress this enough, make sure to remove older versions of the Penekepack/3rd party replacement packs or Non official Peneke Addons before updating, if you don't do that, you'll experience...
  19. GoodOl'Ben

    Kylo Ren replacement

    Found this cool reskin of Kualan's Kylo Ren model by Kriskopreved. Looked really good, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Turns out it's a pretty darn good model. Added some taunts and made a replacement. Original link: Download for replacement...
  20. Kazi

    Kylo Ren sounds

    I did a thing and got some sounds This replacement is supposed to work with the replacement that changes the reborn2 model into Kylo Ren. If it doesn't work for you, open your own Kylo Ren replacement PK3 and throw the sounds in there instead. Now I'll just sit here and wait until someone rips...