1. Bully

    Fixed Footstep sound doesn't play when walking on some surfaces

    What went wrong Walking on certain surfaces cause no footstep sounds. What should have happened Players should generate footstep sounds when walking so I can hear them coming. How to reproduce Load mb2_smuggler Walk around in the ship @ rebel spawn No footsteps can be heard I observed this in...
  2. D

    Taunt and Soundpack for GER

    I just gave Desann, Tavion and all Reborns from JK2 the German Voices and sounds. They say almost the same like in English cuz I replaced every taunt and sound with the original Voices from Jedi Outcast base assets. I think the German Voiceactors did a better Job. (except Desanns Actors, they...
  3. 6SNOT

    Sound replacement pack

    I need some sound pack for everything (Saber sounds, gun shoothing sounds, etc.)
  4. CodeRenard

    Star Wars - SC38 Reimagined - Sound Mod

    So, in the past 24 hours, FXitin Post released a preview of the remasterization of the duel between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader aboard the first Death Star. Among the spectacular choreography the sounds of the lightsabers were something awesome, so I wanted to ask if someone can do a mod on it...
  5. Goliath-A.I.

    Super Battle Droid Sounds

    I have extracted the Super Battle Droid sound pack, but it appears to not contain all of the sounds. Where can I find the following sounds? -The sound of the arm being pulled up / Let down -The SBD footstep sound (Walking & Sprinting) -The sound of the (hopefully) SBD specific blaster -The...
  6. D

    Ultimate Sabersounds

    Here is my sabersoundpack. This are the best sounds for sabers in my opinion. It works with Penekepack too. It changes every sabersound with some better. It got more realistic saberhitwallsounds and when you slash a enemy down it sounds like in the Movie´s. Maybe I will Update it in future. MEGA
  7. Lessen

    [MOD] Cassian/Jyn voice improvement

    Currently, Cassian's voice lines are (imo) somewhat poorly chosen, and have bad audio quality. Cassian's falling-down-a-pit noise is also completely ridiculous in a bad way. Jyn's lines are from some other source that isn't the actual Rogue One movie and sound jarringly out-of-character. So...
  8. A

    Voice/Sound Balance

    Without consideration of new features and game balance, the presentation of this game is superb visually. The only thing that takes away from the game immediately thereafter is how the player can hear Aayla Secura's timid voice drown out iconic lines by main characters like Han Solo when he...
  9. k4far

    How to make a sound pack and contribute to MB2 or an independent modification.

    What is a sound pack? Sound pack is a set of files usually in .mp3 or .wav (I go with first) format that trigger when your character interacts (you are using taunts, jumping). When a new model becomes available it requires assembling a brand new set of sounds for it. Sounds have to be clear...
  10. k4far

    Char Sounds Thread, PREPARE/FIND sounds for Your modification.

    Sounds require: ▪ mono channel (not stereo channels). ▪ sampling rate - 44100 Hz (the standard). ▪ bitrate 320 kbps (less artifacts & more detail). There are things to watch for while preparing the sounds to be put in the game, background noises can really make the sound unpleasant for...
  11. Goliath-A.I.

    How to replace sounds?

    Greetings. I wish to modify SBD sounds, how would I do this?
  12. Penekowski

    Penekepack 2.3 // COMPATIBLE WITH 1.9.2!

    DOWNLOAD PENEKEPACK 2.3 I can't stress this enough, make sure to remove older versions of the Penekepack or non-official Peneke Addons before updating, if you don't do that, you'll experience crashes and different kind of bugs...