1. Fletcher Time

    What are your main Jedi/Sith class builds for Open?

    I'm curious to see what everyone runs. Maybe I could even improve my build. Post a screenshot. Do you change it up for different situations or maps? What are it's weaknesses? Below is my general class that seems to work for me in almost all situations. I never find the need to really ever...
  2. D

    Can a veteran make an updated saber tutorial?

    hey guys, So I’m playing this mod for like 3 years on & off. It’s just a prime example on how older games are superior over a lot of new games. I’m not interested in playing blaster at the moment, and probably won’t. It’s just not what I would play a Star Wars game for. I can tell the saber...
  3. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    NA Dueling Championship Current Champion - Vacated - Due to the Holidays Current Challenger - Discord Next Challenger Tournament - 12-30-18 The Challenger Tournament will be EITHER SATURDAY or SUNDAY, anyone EU or NA can join. The winner of the Challenger Tournament will duel the current NA...
  4. Lord Worm

    Saber Hilts, Crystals and Colours

    I propose that a slider is introduced to create custom colors for sabers, or that other colours are available. I.e. Black (Like the Dark Saber) or gray (Gray Jedis). Along with the addition of these colours perhaps the option to have the Kaiburr crystal be unstable (Like Ben Swolo's Saber and...
  5. Ragequit

    What about Duels?

    Hi there. This is a thread about saber mechanics. It is non-perfect but I hope some kind of mechanics is good enough Change: Jumps no longer drain BP, only FP. Note: No BP regeneration. It'll eat your FP too fast if you'll spam it Change: Maximally reduce the difference in speed between swings...
  6. bouchybonerron

    Saber Style Balance

    Is there a plan to re-balance saber styles? Seems a little unbalanced at the moment...
  7. D

    saber combat complexity

    hi guys, i'm new to this forum but absolutely not to JK series, especially JKA, and i'll go straight to the point: i love the idea behind movie battles, and the fact that it still have a community of players keeping JKA alive after so many years. the only thing i really feel out of place is the...
  8. Unseen Blade

    Jedi/Sith Class Configuration Thread

    I standardly use a one point on medium, single red Sabre, it has failed me and must be replaced. What is the perfect sith point build.
  9. Shaggy

    Technical Issue How to play with double lightsaber or dual lightsaber? (Question)

    I've been playing for some days and I was trying the jedi/sith in some games, including open server or duel server. But i'm still new to this and i want to try the dual lightsaber or double lightsaber. Do i have to unlock it? Because when i go to my class configuration i can only change the hint...
  10. k4far

    A bunch of questions regarding dueling & mechanics of the game and such.

    For starters. Hello :) I've been playing MB for a while (roughly 2 days per week, then ended deleting it - like 5 times actually this happened years 2015 - 2017 Lol). I will "share" why and what are my concerns so far in a separate thread. I would like one I believe really crucial missing...
  11. ----Kas----

    Low jump lvl3

    The idea is simple. Please make it possible to do low jumps while having jump level 3 (''use'' key + ''jump'' key). Currently one is able to do that with jump level 2 only. The reason for this little change is that sometimes duelist needs jump 3 but still wants to be able to do these fancy low...
  12. GrayFox

    Saber Sound Replacements?

    So I pretty much get the jist with the whole saber sound replacements and such, there is just one thing I cannot seem to get around. I'm currently replacing Kylo Ren's saber sounds and the Tyrant lightsaber. In replacing my saber I tested it out in single player, worked fine, went to...
  13. Tora

    Saber-cancel Jump: Gimmick or tech?

    Hey guys. Here's a neat little trick that i picked up the other day. It may not be a new piece of tech (I personally just figured it out recently) but it certainly has more purpose now with stances such as red and its stagger perk. It's done by performing any swing with any stance (though red...
  14. Penekowski

    Penekepack 2.0 is out // HOTFIX FOR 1.7.1 IS OUT!

    DOWNLOAD PENEKEPACK 2.0 / THE 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY UPDATE DOWNLOAD HOTFIX FOR MBII v1.7.1 I Can't stress this enough, make sure to remove older versions of the Penekepack/3rd party replacement packs or Non official Peneke Addons before updating, if you don't do that, you'll experience...
  15. yung donut glaze

    Hello i'm new looking for guidance!

    So i have nearly 10 hours on the game now, and have been duelling for pretty much the entirety. I've learned the basics such as swing blocking and slapping etc, but am still left confused alot of the time when being defeated. I am looking for someone to teach me the ways of saber duelling to...