1. Ginkobum13

    OOF death sounds + Sharper/Brighter HD crosshairs

    This is my oof death sound replacement, it replaces all of the death sounds, pain sounds, and falling death sounds (19 mp3 files) with 4 variations of OOF I got them from: Here's the 90mb link for oof death sounds: z_zz_oof.pk3 Add to your mb2 folder and depending on how much damage is done...
  2. Ginkobum13

    HD Crosshairs + More Transparent Scopes

    Here are 9 improved crosshairs and 5 scopes I made simply by editing the .tga files with paint.net. Thought i'd share this because I don't see many crosshair mods for Moviebattles 2. I find these much more pleasing to my eyes as you can see the base crosshairs look like crap. Base...
  3. Penekowski

    Penekepack 2.4 // CLASSIC UI RESTORATION

    DOWNLOAD PENEKEPACK 2.4 I can't stress this enough, make sure to remove older versions of the Penekepack or non-official Peneke Addons before updating, if you don't do that, you'll experience crashes and different kind of bugs...
  4. Sheev

    MB2 Update 1.4 Information LEAK!! DATAMINE Duel Mode ОФИЦИАЛЬНО 1.4 УТЕЧКИ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ

    Skin to be added: Kylo Ren: Rey-Jakku: Finn-Jakku: Kylo Ren UnMask: Poe Dameron??: Поиск значений NPC SPAWN POE_D Darth Vader UnMask? Old Luke; Storm Trooper Luke??: New Balance (Only Estimated): Possibly: 00 80 5B 46 00 00 7C 94 01 00 00 00 00 D0 4A C2