1. Mechaelite

    Simple Shoretrooper sound hotfix

    So as we know, in the current update the Tanktrooper and the Shoretroopers merely say 'Take that' with Kyle's voice. It's already been said this will be fixed in the next update, but until then you have to patch it yourself. I made a small modeldata.cfg fix so you don't have to loose time on...
  2. Quinto

    Ed, Edd n Eddy Sound replacement pack

    Another amazing replacement: Replaces saber sounds (for now) with effects from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Here's what others think about this pack: "Makes my dueling experience 10 times better" - [SS7]Bob Billy "What is that" - fiste "turned me straight" - [SS7]gay Download Download for Peneke Pack...
  3. A

    Voice/Sound Balance

    Without consideration of new features and game balance, the presentation of this game is superb visually. The only thing that takes away from the game immediately thereafter is how the player can hear Aayla Secura's timid voice drown out iconic lines by main characters like Han Solo when he...
  4. O

    Lightsaber sounds

    It would be nice to have movie accurate lightsaber sounds in the game. For example: With this video (around 0:35 seconds), we can clearly hear that Luke's ROTJ lightsaber ignition sound is not the one that is in the game. In fact, we do have this sound effect in the game, but only in the "Sith...
  5. dturituri

    [SOLVED] 1 missing sound set

    So when I try to join some servers, like the BG servers it starts connecting then kicks me out with an error that says 1 missing sound set. What do I do? I can still play on some other servers but i'd like to be able to play on the BG servers aswell
  6. Darth Symbol

    Z-6 Spindown sound replacer

    >>This is my second sound modification for moviebattles 2. My first is replacing the sound of the clone trooper rifle, though I am not pleased with the sound/result so I am holding onto to that until I can "perfect it" Please leave any tips/knawledge of sound editing as well as video capturing...
  7. Darth Symbol

    DC-15S Sound replacement

    Hello, I wish to replace the sound of the clone trooper rifle with the sound from Battlefront 2. I have the sound file as an mp3, then I used Audacity to use the 'first blaster shot'(***I'm sure you have to input fire1, fire2, fire3 or something like that for the different blaster pitches to be...
  8. Scott The Scout

    How to edit the kylo ren saber's sounds?

    So yeah, i'm wondering what would be the simplest way to make a .pk3 that replaces the sounds for Kylo Ren's lightsaber? Specifically his unique saber humming. I desire to make a version where his saber emits the song "Crawling in my skin" by linkin part whenever it's on. Inspired by THIS...
  9. T

    Lightsaber Sound Overhaul

    As I've played this mod, I've grown to notice that the lightsaber sound design is really awful. This mod appears to be trying to be as close to the films as possible. However the lightsaber combat just doesn't sound authentic at all. It's either sounds taken from the Phantom Menace duel or the...
  10. GrayFox

    Saber Sound Replacements?

    So I pretty much get the jist with the whole saber sound replacements and such, there is just one thing I cannot seem to get around. I'm currently replacing Kylo Ren's saber sounds and the Tyrant lightsaber. In replacing my saber I tested it out in single player, worked fine, went to...