RE3P Lightsaber Soundpack V2.0 (Complete)

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Download here: RE3P's Lightsaber Sound Pack V2.0

Lightsaber sounds from various sources converted for MBII there are other sabers that have these extra sounds but the video would be too long otherwise so here, i just showcased the sounds themselves on 1 saber each. This video is of a older build, V.2.0 complete has over eight added soundsets in addition to these with all the missing sabers from V.1.2 so if you like these sounds it gets better :)

Thanks to Penekowski for unknowingly helping a noob learn sound replacement in 2 days... lol

To install open the rar file with either winrar or 7zip extract it wherever (Desktop or Downloads suggested) then drag the z_zz_z_Lightsabers.pk3 to your MBII folder where your Jedi academy is installed and you're all set.
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