1. Noob

    NoobGuided Pack 3.2 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10.1

    DOWNLOAD NOOBGUIDED PACK VERSION 3.2 Credits in download link! @The Unguided and I are very proud to announce that we are now working together and merging Noob Pack and H.B. Pack into one glorious addon pack for MB2! Everything you see here will be the next step forward for both packs...
  2. Fleur_de_Lis


    Been following the mod for a year or so now, but only now finally about to build a PC and buy Jedi Academy. Hoping to get really into dueling, was disappointed with the lightsaber combat in Battlefront II and found this mod through a video all that time ago. I always wanted a Star Wars game...
  3. FlawedOpinion

    Noob-friendly Clans??

    Hello me, it's me again. So, I think I'm starting to reach a point (in duels, at least) where I'm hitting that seemingly unbridgeable gap between the players that can't swing block, and the guys that mblock and kill me in a few swings. I was wondering, since I've seen some mentoring going on...
  4. Fletcher Time

    What are some tips for new players to give them slight advantages?

    What are some tips that you can give a new player to help them not only be better at the game, but to keep playing and try to overcome the immense learning curve that MBII carries? A lot of players get aggravated due to the nature of the game. This leads them to stop playing or get angry. What...
  5. Shaggy

    Technical Issue How to play with double lightsaber or dual lightsaber? (Question)

    I've been playing for some days and I was trying the jedi/sith in some games, including open server or duel server. But i'm still new to this and i want to try the dual lightsaber or double lightsaber. Do i have to unlock it? Because when i go to my class configuration i can only change the hint...
  6. ASinisterGecko

    Technical Issue Requesting Aid

    Hello everyone, took me awhile to figure out how to post but I'm doing it now. I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of modding... I managed to install the installer and bring up the mods main menu (looks very awesome btw) and I followed the setup tutorial but then when I try to join a...
  7. ZhoughKui

    mb2 noob

    noob here, I like the mechanics of the game. I played Quake, JO and JKA on pc/ps2/original xbox. why have I not of heard of this community before? why dont you pay 5 dollar noobs like fiver and upwork to blast your site on twitter to 10,000+ subscribers? jkhub was trying to start an initiative...
  8. alphwalker

    New to the Community

    Hey, everyone! I'm new here, saw a few JA mod videos and thought I'd try this one out. I played a few games (I'm awful) and I hope to improve. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. If anyone's got any tips or anything, I'd be grateful to hear them. Thanks! I'll see you all...
  9. vasya

    Technical Issue Can't see some of the servers

    I have two PCs and have strange problem on both. In short - i can't see servers on 1st that i can see on 2nd. And vice versa. Like on 1st i see {BG} Server [DOTF], but don't see {DN} Praetorium|EU And on second i can see {DN} Praetorium|EU, but can't see {BG} Server [DOTF]. Also i can't join...
  10. Fletcher Time

    Noob Event Video

    Hi all! As most of you know, I attempted to host a Noob Training Event on my server last weekend. The turn out wasn't great, but a lot of the people that did show up actually had a lot of fun! While the event was happening I did manage to get some footage and I put together a little video of the...
  11. T


    So i while im not new to this mod. i was a noob and i have lost that login... so here i am
  12. Thaw

    Hello noob here!

    Hey guys i'm new to this mod, got it on monday! So far it's a very fun experience!! I wish there were more tutorial videos but so far gameplay is amazing and the people here are usually nice. :) Fun game.
  13. Tora

    [SOLVED] Problems with Launcher, b0ss

    Hey guys so I'm having problems with getting my Launcher to work. I'd have filed it under launcher problems but AFAIK it's not an actual error on the Launchers part, but rather something I'm failing to do with in-game files I had it working for a few weeks but with the new update yesterday I was...