1. Fletcher Time

    Technical Issue If you are having constant connection issues, lock your framerate.

    Hello! I'm just typing up a quick thread with an issue I had, and one I've seen another couple people experience as well. This happened to me using the MBII Client, however switching clients did not fix the issue. If you are joining servers, and are unable to do anything due to big white...
  2. ☆~Panda~☆

    Technical Issue Lagspikes only on EU servers?

    Hello! I'd like to point out I've been experiencing some absurd lag while playing MBII. I've been playing since b17 and this is the first time I encounter a situation like this. 3 days ago I noticed an unbearable amount of lag going on. Of course I thought it was my connection's fault, but I...
  3. Kaedus4

    Technical Issue Lag, for no apparent reason

    So until recently i've had this game playing just fine, aside from the occasional lag spike. however starting from about a week ago(NOTE: around this time i installed penekepack and peneke animations,possible cause?) the game Lags a ridiculous amount, and here's the kicker my ping is usually...
  4. Spacestroller

    Technical Issue Chat causing lag issues

    Hi everyone! I need to get rid of a galactical problem. My connection is quite fair most of the times, the game is close to smooth, but everytime a new chat line appears or a new message appears (top of the screen) I get a lag. Sometimes just a stutter, sometimes much longer (on more populated...
  5. Phoenix

    Technical Issue Lagging in place while others move?

    Okay so this wouldn't be nearly as bad of a problem if I was able to move when the lag spike occurs. The spike occurs so many fuckin times per round that I have a hard time surviving (as they like to happen in the middle of a fight so I'm just standing there like a fuckin retard as I helplessly...