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Technical Issue If you are having constant connection issues, lock your framerate.

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I'm just typing up a quick thread with an issue I had, and one I've seen another couple people experience as well.
This happened to me using the MBII Client, however switching clients did not fix the issue.

If you are joining servers, and are unable to do anything due to big white "Connection Interrupted" text flashing non-stop, try locking your framerate in video settings. It doesn't seem to me like you have to lock it to your monitors refresh rate, but having it uncapped with no VSYNC, seems to cause the issue.

I hope this helps anyone having this issue. I'm really not sure if it has anything to do with my hardware, or any programs on my machine, but it's worth a shot if you are having this issue.

I tried searching for this thread already and didn't see one, so if I missed it, sorry. I'll post a link to it here if I find it.

Until this is fixed (or the other thread with an explanation is found) I'll sticky this for newcomers.


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I remember hearing somewhere that it has to do with the servers not being able to handle all the packets being sent to uncapped rates, so they just reject a proportion of them. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.