1. SchizoStyle

    [UPDATEv1.0][Quality Changes] Gore Battles for Movie Battles 2 [Scripter needed for future versions]

    Changes v1.0: [Change] The blood will be much darker, if it drops on the same ground [Change] The caps look much more halfcooked now, bloodparts are brighter [Change] The Saberburnmarks on Bodies are kinda bloodier, but it looks halfcooked too Changes v0.9.5: [New sounds]When saber (almost...
  2. Palpy

    Drunk Battles 2?

  3. Thingy

    Weird & Wonderful - WIP

    Random things. Enjoy!
  4. Fers

    CLAN KIS (Killers In Silence) Recruiting

    KIS is a new clan which intends on training or introducing players into different ways to duel or play in open/duel. We don't discriminate unless discriminated against. There are no real requirements apart from an age of 14+ (You can be squeaky as long as you aren't annoying) We will give a...
  5. YourMother

    Introducing to YourMother

    [YM]YourMother Yup, i dont main lightsabers and blasters, but i main one thing. YYYYYYYYY-Y-Y-Y-Y-YY-Y--Y-Y-Y-OUR MOTHER Also when i use leia (sexy one) WWWW--W-WEW-W-W-W-WE---E-EW-E-W--EWDID-IT! Thats all, i just want to have fun with everyone. Please, do not be so serius when its about provoke...
  6. Fletcher Time

    FTG Full Authentic Event

    Hello! I'd just like to welcome everyone from the MBII community to join us on our FA event this Saturday (7/29/17) You do not have to be a member of the group or be good at the game. This is for fun and we are hoping to possibly recruit new members (FTG Recruiting). All info including time...
  7. Sir Crusher

    Updated Power Battles

    What is Power Battles? Power Battles is a modification of some maps with the addition of very op classes for the full authentic mode. Power Battles is very intense and frenetic, and the fun is guaranteed! "Power Battles is a modification making significant changes to the classes. It is working...
  8. k4far

    How to create variety between servers

    It occured to me that we are at point where the most liked things are the problem. We like a lot, and different things. We want to have everything, but if we have it all we just can not appreciate them all. Server Owners, Developers just anyone willing to listen to use your magic You have kept...
  9. Vizino

    MBII Game Recording Fun

    ***If this is posted in the wrong section i greatly apologize, i did read rules for posting before making this and I'm not sure if this counts have advertising if it does, respectability it would be taken down, no argument from my-side *** Yea I don't use the forums a lot cause i don't have...
  10. Vanin

    An Average Game of MB2

    Maybe you got like 2 Jedi that just installed the game 10 minutes ago. They are on Default. They are walking around swinging at shit, and they are having a blast. They might even be at the wrong point of the map. They might be going backwards to the Objective already captured. On the same team...
  11. *LCG* High Overseer.rec.

    Petition for the Inclusion of the New Fixed Powerbattles in the MBII Launcher

    PETITION For the Inclusion of the New Fixed Powerbattles in the MBII Launcher ~SIGNATURES~ TotallyNotLagging(Me) Preston [email protected] KimmyMarin (Conditonally with Brownies) Flagger (AKA Medek Flagger/Nurse Flagger) pipegomes Shady BigBossBigTeef D3rwen Pepsi And all you other fools who voted Ya...