V1.4.5 Update Released!

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V1.4.5 Update


About a month ago the MBII Team leadership was informed by external parties that MBII's code includes pieces of GPL code without their author's permission. Since MBII itself is a closed source project and not under the GPL license, this constituted a license violation and needed to be rectified. This forced us to quickly get to a new release after removing the code in question, and also to stop distributing older release files.

The implications:

The removal of the GPL code from MBII has the consequence that demos taken in MBII will no longer be compatible with or editable by the jaMME engine. This is unfortunate but necessary in order for MBII to comply with the license.

The need to stop distributing older MBII binaries also means we will be updating the full installation for 1.4.5: This removes the need to apply several patches manually if you do a direct download.

The changelog:

Given the time constraints for this GPL code removal, which needed to happen as soon as possible, we could only include work that was in a near-releasable state. The MBII Team worked around the clock over the past few weeks to get things across the line and include as many useful changes as possible in this release. Unfortunately, some things could not be verified and corrected in time. Nevertheless, we believe we have managed to get a useful changelog to complement the GPL code removal and turn this into a useful release: V1.4.5.

The models:

This release includes a number of new and improved models, for both characters and hilts. Many thanks to our member @Penekowski and his team for a large part of this contribution. Also thanks to our modelers @Scerendo and @Lervish for several of our brand new awesome models!

Penekowski said:
Hi guys! This is the first batch of new models/hilts that we've added for vanilla MBII due to popular demand, I hope you all enjoy them and keep giving feedback about any new upcoming additions that you may like to see. Keep in mind that if you're using any replacement packs, such as Penekepack, HB pack or any other 3rd party mods, please uninstall them as this update will possibly break many of them, causing many bugs, even crashes. Please wait until the authors of every 3rd party mod update their packs accordingly.


A lot of you were expecting major saber changes that have been work in progress by @Tempest ever since the last Open Beta. Most of these changes could not be included in this release for two reasons:

  1. Due to the extent of the code changes, it was not be possible to get all that code in a releasable state within the timeframe required for this release.
  2. Tempest's saber changes need to be included in a second Open Beta for your feedback, before they become part of an official release.

We have however included some small saber changes that we believe will significantly improve the dueling experience, as a preview of the saber changes to come:

Tempest said:
It doesn't take being a duelist to see that a lot of aspects of MB2's sabering are stale/boring in the current state of things. The swing drains on every attack instead of the old tap/holding method were more intuitive but the numbers were too high (it was mostly a bandaid fix to the super high parry drains from 1.4.3 so apologies for that) and removed a lot of the differentiation between those who polished their mechanics and those who just started out. Polishing out the old method so that lots of extra BP isn't drained/better isolating when the drains occur is the best middleground, in my opinion. I may try a variation of the flat drains as they are in public during open beta but with lowered values. I want to see feedback and such before 100% finalizing how this will be (anything finalized post-open beta will basically be 100% how the sabering system will be for the future, essentially).

I believe the overbearing aspects of PB counter and nudge are pretty obvious to most by now. The changes for these as well as the removal of repeated consecutives and semi-PB should get sabering back to a better baseline for both attacking/defending. I still foresee some possible issues but there's only so much to take care of at once, all things considered.

Many thanks to @Tempest for all the hard work getting this across the line and all the fixes and minor improvements he has managed to include in this release. Also thanks to our coder @DCM for a few fixes, including the most annoying wookiee barge TK!

Finally thanks to our Internal Beta Team and some of our retired Developers for their support during this stressful period and their help in getting this release through in a very short amount of time and while under a lot of pressure.

CHANGELOG (09 July 2017)

  • Fix: Using Force Repulse from the ground no longer causes you to get stuck in weird leg animation loops.
  • Fix: Doing specific input combinations with weapon swapping no longer allows for instant attacks.
  • Fix: Spectator camera should no longer go partially into terrain.
  • Fix: Spectator camera should no longer be rotated/pitched after death.
  • Fix: Pistol 3 rapid firing multiple charged shots.
  • Fix: Torso animation getting stuck when starting during idling animations.
  • Fix: Saber hilts will now stop bouncing after a short time (or almost immediately) when they are pulled and deactivated inside of terrain.
  • Change: Saber on/off sounds no longer (re)play when doing taunts/gloats/etc. The "on" sound will only play if the saber's blade is completely withdrawn. The "off" sound will only play if the saber's blade is fully extended.
  • Fix: Can no longer spin during Duals' stab animations by crouching beforehand.
  • Fix: ARCs/Mandos will use proper scopes when spectating each other.
  • Fix: Most instances of attempting to change from Single to Staff/Duals and vice versa not giving the correct stance/hilt should now be gone.
  • Fix: Stance swapping after spawning now functions properly.
  • Fix: Wookiee barge throwing someone down a pit now counts as a team kill.
  • Fix: An SBD knocked down in low power mode is no longer stuck in that mode.
  • Change: Death counter for respawn classes now counts the same way as kills do (i.e. 3 deaths for a sold count as 1 death, even if on different rounds).
  • Change: Invulnerability bubbles (new spawns) now negate force powers and knockdowns.
  • New: Added admin command "newround". Allows for restarting a round without every player rejoining (ala' map_restart).
  • Removed: MBII demos are no longer compatible with jaMME.

Character Models: (verbose change list)
  • New: Added Jedi: Bastila, Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Temple Guard, Adi Gallia, Depa Billaba, TCW Plo Koon, Tiplar, Tiplee, SWTOR Jedi Knight, Eeth Koth.
  • Change: Updated Jedi: Mace Windu, episode 1 Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto, Quinlan Vos, Aayla Secura, Qui-Gon Jinn, and episode 2 Obi-Wan. Changed Jabba's Palace Luke to hooded version. Improved textures on Jerec and Serra Keto.
  • New: Added Sith: Hoodless masked Kylo Ren, default Outcast Reborn, KotOR Sith Apprentice.
  • New: Added Heroes: Bail Organa, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso.
  • Change: Improved New Hope hero Luke.
  • New: Added Bounty Hunters: HK-47, Tusken Raider.
  • New: Added Elite Troopers: Keldor Hoth rebel, Quarren Hoth commando.
  • New: Added Soldiers (evil): Imperial Worker.
  • New: Added Wookiees: Bespin Chewbacca, Albino Wookiee, and Krrsantan.
  • New: Added Clonetroopers: Poncho Clonetrooper, Senate Commando.
  • New: Added ARC Troopers: VM's Phase I, Commander Fox, Helmetless Fives.
  • Removed: ARC Troopers: Clone Classic Phase I, generic helmetless.
  • Change: Updated several sound sets with additional lines or new sounds.
  • Change: Updated several icons.
  • Change: Rearranged character display order by chronology and canonicity.
  • Fix: Decap bugs on Kylo Ren and dismemberment whole model duplication on KotOR Mandalorian and Imperial Commando.

Hilt Models:

  • New: Added single hilts: The Veteran, Kanan Jarrus w/thin effect, Depa Billaba, Galen Marek, Rooxon's 'Skywalker', Darth Malgus, Darth Revan's Reborn, and Mara Jade.
  • New: Added staff hilts: Bastila, Jedi Temple Guard, Centurion, and Satele Shan.


  • Change: Menu icons for Jedi/Sith are now smaller (2/3 size) to make selection faster with the high character count for the classes.
  • Change: Expanded duel mode character select to occupy entire screen.

  • Change: Updated music on mb2_commtower, mb2_corellia, mb2_duel_detention, mb2_duel_kamino, mb2_enclave, mb2_kamino, and mb2_rc_hangarc.
  • Change: Several full authentic characters updated to synchronize with model changes.

  • Change: Grip 1 now only prevents victims from shooting/blocking/using abilities while actively gripping them. The movement speed debuff still persists after letting go.
  • Change: Grip 2 and 3 will only prevent victims from shooting/blocking/using abilities while actively gripping them or after the victim has started choking. The movement speed debuff still persists after letting go.
  • Change: Lightning's stun now ends faster.
  • Change: Push and Pull now stops FP regeneration for the duration of the animation.
  • Change: Sense now has a short buffer after being deactivated so that it doesn't get activated again by accident once it's turned off.
  • Change: Deflect Level 3 now drains FP while active if the debuff from being shot is also active.

Duel Mode:

  • Change: Force Repulse is now disabled.
  • Change: Kill messages will now include the BP of the person who was killed next to their name instead of just the HP/BP of the one who killed them.


  • Change: Repeated consecutives (same direction multiple times in a row on a non-halfswing) can no longer be done. However, trying to do the same consecutive swings twice in a row will still allow you to do a halfswing from the same direction or start a consecutive swing from another direction (no self combo breaking when trying to do repeated consecutives).
  • Change: Speed lunge/roll stab damage now deal the same damage regardless of what style you're using when activated (normalized to yellow stance's damage, base 65).
  • Fix: Can no longer slap to cancel stagger animations.
  • Change: BP upkeep modifications (swing drains and tap/hold relevancies)
    • Having the attack input pressed will drain BP during the attack phase of swings.
    • BP regen stops when holding attack (stops during Mblock)
  • Change: PB counter is no longer an instant/fast attack by default. This behavior is moved to being only triggered by successful mblocks. Damage boost is retained in either case.
  • Change: Nudge removed.
  • Change: Semi-PB removed (pending integration of future changes).
  • Change: Reduced cyan max chain from 6 to 4 swings.

Changed Files
( Manual downloads ) ( Linux OpenJK server lib )

Changelog Legend

New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name
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Was extremely sad to find this. I'm having trouble installing MBII, it says I need atleast 3 GB free but i have over 330 GB free. Any help?


US Official Server Admin
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The new models are SO cool that the moment I selected it from it's blank space in open it crashed my game as I spawned.
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Basically, the stun would last around 800ms (regardless of level) and should now be ending almost immediately after the lightning is no longer zapping you.
But the cooldown on using force powers for the sith after using lighting is still the same?
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Alright, after repairing the install 40000 times the game finally launched and everything seems to be working.


Movie Battles II Team
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Guys, does this mean the demos taken before this patch will also be incompatible?
Demos are backward compatible (you may face sometimes face some weird issues but should be mostly fine).
You just won't have enhanced movie making editing.


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This is the real april fools update, I actually found this funny and not obnoxious like that mine craft textures

I rate 10/10, im using /notarget invisible models

Ah, I also tried to compile a list of issues and its possible fixes based on other AOD's issues with this and some of these hilarious issues


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Hmm keep getting

"Error: Vehicle extensions (*.veh) are too large," on server join

I wanna reinstall from launcher but don't wanna lose my settings/preferences. Is there a folder for that?


Checking integrity on start fixed.
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my launcher keeps downloading stuff after doing a repair cause of the icons issues.
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