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  • I posted a question here but it was removed?
    With some fiddling around I even managed to load MB2's main menu. Library was working fine etc. But when I try to join a server (even tho I started the game with the +set fs_game "MBII" , I still get the version mismatch issue.
    Do you happen to possess any advices regarding running MB2 on Android?

    Cheers, a person who's eager to play as a rocket arc on train trips

    I've seen a post of yours stating that it's possible to play MB2 on Android. In fact I have tried to make it work a couple of months ago, but for some reason I got the version mismatch error. (My phone says I have basejka and not movie battles 1.3.2.) Now, I have tested regular ja+ and basejka servers and the app works like a charm. (Beloko's port, called JK3 Touch).
    We did not release MBII for Android yet.
    Wookiee seeking audience with high council.
    Wookiee only play wookiee, wookiee only use melee
    but something exists that never should. An absolute counter for my playstyle, that is garunteed to kill me. Crouching, Red Sabre'd Siths.

    They should have the advantage, but they shouldn't be able to make playing against them absolutely impossible, where the only times i kill them are by sheer luck, not skill.
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