So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Unamused Kanye, Feb 27, 2018.

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    These are a great points. No offense to devs, and I appreciate your work, but you change things really fast. Sometimes things are totally broken, and you just say "We can just put out a hotfix." but what if a new player joins during that time? He might say "Game seems really unbalanced and buggy.", leave, and never play again. Something needs to be done about this. Also, making game easier to record could also help increase popularity.
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    In my opinion, all those guides and tutorials are fine, but it's surely not the top task in terms of player retention. Library is good enough, and youtube is full of those videos. Of course, never is enough...

    Some people kidding that movie battles is a chatbox with a game sticked to it. Some roleplayers loving it. Some people having fun together in a very weird manner. Like, not a long time ago I found myself losing my duel against an opponnent at Lunarbase and retreating, with hopes of finding some teammates. And I found 2 commanders, who's running big circles around us and spamming "There's noone here" by voice cmds. :D I am sure, you can make few examples of simillar behaviour by yourself.

    Eventually it's becoming boring to grind frags in a lone wolf manner. People either found their community, or they leave. In Movie Battles not so much ways to show the affiliation, so people huddling together into a clans, small communities. I think, some encouragement of those communities may benefit mb2's population greatly.
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    True, but you can still make it work:
    mb2-i - Streamable
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    We don't need to talk about it almost a year later.

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