Can a veteran make an updated saber tutorial?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by Deckard112, Apr 15, 2019.

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    hey guys,

    So I’m playing this mod for like 3 years on & off. It’s just a prime example on how older games are superior over a lot of new games.

    I’m not interested in playing blaster at the moment, and probably won’t. It’s just not what I would play a Star Wars game for.

    I can tell the saber combat is very in depth and at this point I get my ass handed to me 80% of the time. And i Love that!

    I just wished the combat system was more transparent: I mean - Dev/Veteran players showcasing the saber combat system.

    Videos I found on YouTube are outdated & present an older version of combat.

    Players in duel lobbies never answer questions. In fact I find them VERY toxic. All I say is “No u”.

    Also I don’t want to disturb fellow players while playing - they should just enjoy their time as I do.

    So.. is there a way for any of you guys making an official post on saber combat? Or link me one here?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. cannonfodder


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    Elite Warriors

    You can read through that, there are a lot of outdated parts of it but the core idea of how to duel remains the same
  3. Oceanman


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    this is current patch guide on how not to duel
  4. Tylenol

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    I believe this to be on of the better guides out there so I'm sure this would help you.
    Noel's Dueling Guide [Updated for 1.5!!!!!!!!!!!!]
    However from what I've heard, it's counter productive to try to learn duelling on your own, so I recommend finding a mentor for that. Best place to look IMO would be joining TIN clan. There's a good number of respected duellists there that I'm sure would be more than happy to help you. If you meet someone from TIN, ask about joining and they'll probably give you the Discord link.
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  5. Exorcist

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    @Deckard112 I would love to make a full guide on laying the foundation

    of fundamentals personally. Certain mechanics of the game can be bent in

    many aspects that even guides that go through everything might confuse

    your understanding, but for starters, I recommend yellow as the starting style

    by choice. Surely you do need another person to train with you that allows

    you to practice well. There are also settings you might fancy in regards to

    the game itself that you might change and your sensitivity might not be

    correct in order to properly adjust for perfect blocks etc.. So, personally my

    highest recommendation would be working on the three main important

    aspects of dueling:

    1. Positioning/footwork

    2. Reaction time

    3. Swing/combo timing

    There are trade-offs depending how you use all of these aspects,

    but this is solely the foundation I'd recommend. The most important

    of all 3 is positioning/footwork. Analyze how more experienced players

    fight and see why they're moving and positioning themselves the way they

    do. I would start from there and work towards better reaction time and

    understanding when and how to swing properly.

  6. AaronAaron

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    This isn't exactly true. You get better by playing the game, no mentor is gonna help you become a pro. The only thing a mentor can provide is knowledge about the current patch (and thats if they know what theyre talking about).

    @Deckard112 if youre really struggling, just keep playing and eventually you'll get good. No teacher/mentor/master is gonna make you a pro, its just about putting in the hours yourself.
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    are you not gonna mention the mentor that taught you everything bro....
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  8. Def!led

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    Currently, all you do is aim at invisible pblock zones, kind've like a minigame. The whole system revolves around this mechanic and trying to do anything other than that will not benefit you. You're better off just halting any aspirations of learning dueling until the next saber changes are made. That's just my standpoint as a veteran.

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