movie battles

  1. B

    Technical Issue Movie Battles (Mac version)

    Hi movie battles, I'm trying to download Movie Battles for the Steam version of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on my Mac laptop and have no idea where to go or how to do it. I have zero expertise in the finer workings of computers, so will need the entire procedure lined out for me, with details of...
  2. pelmeņu lauks

    Movie Battles II: Year One Retrospective

    Well hello, guys! I've been playing this game for more than a year now. So I've made a personal retrospective video focused on dueling and players that have taken me along in this crazy ride that is Movie Battles II. I hope you like it. Please be warned, some of the references may be too...
  3. M

    Technical Issue Weird square graphical glitch?

    Hey all! Was very keen to start playing the game and upon boot I realized my cursor is a grey sqaure, along with lightsabers and also there are weird HUD elements. What can I do to fix?
  4. k4far

    Cross-Server Leaderboard

    Accesible from the console, We would have a sporadical pop-up in the left top corner (echo) showing first few people with most impressive: time spent, kills, umm... accuracy, anything of significance. It would work only on the official Servers, for obvious reasons. There should also be a fast...
  5. Fletcher Time

    Constructive Criticism On My Video

    Hi all! I just released my first video related to MBII. I would love it if you could give me some tips and criticism on it! (Please avoid the following topics as I am aware of them :) ) Please refrain from these topics: FPS counter. Audio (I lent my mic out to a friend.) Lag meter. Any internet...
  6. Fletcher Time

    What things do you think are OP? People who play those things, why are they not?

    What kinds of things in Movie Battles do you personally think are over powered and why? People who play those things, why do you feel that they are not? Please refrain from insulting each other, I just want to see. Here's a list of things from top to bottom of what I have heard in game as being...
  7. Coul

    Next patch hype thread!

    this is a thread to talk about the next patch, what you're excited for or what you're hoping for or what you're expecting for the next patch :D