1. Grub

    Ideas To Improve The Melee System

    Not many people in this game know how to melee fight, and it's because there's no reason to not choose something more useful over melee. For instance: blasters, sabers, grenades, and rockets. They all do more damage, some are ranged, and they are easier to use. But what if people actually had a...
  2. Melee Mando

    Disarms for Katas?

    Interesting idea I thought of: What if melee katas ("grabs" for the uninitiated) were changed to disarm the opponent? For non-force users, this would mean a way to snatch guns from enemies without needing someone with Pull on their team grabbing them for them. It could also add a very risky way...
  3. Melee Mando

    Some Mando Ideas

    I've been playing MBII for a few years now, but I've never been very active on the forums. Here's some ideas I have for making Mandalorians more fun, both to play and fight against. Feel free to let me know what you think! //Edit: For clarification, I don't think Mandos should get ALL of these...
  4. Lessen

    Calling all Melee gods

    Are you great at using Melee? Got some time on your hands to read a thing? Read the comprehensive Melee guide I just wrote on the Wiki and tell me of anything I left out! @Rosh+ pls Are you shit at using Melee? Got some time on your hands to read a thing? Read the comprehensive Melee guide I...
  5. The Red Guard

    Technical Issue Crashing Issue regarding melee combat

    Hello! It's been awhile since I've actually played MB2 and when I did play it back in the day it was on XP / Windows 7, which involved no issues needless to say. Now that I've rekindled an interest in it and currently have Windows 10 as my OS, I'm having a problem with it that no other thread...
  6. Zeebo

    Restore the glory of the kung fu soldier

    Look into my eyes. Restore the glory of the kung fu soldier. The kung fu soldier shuns modern weapons, using only his FISTS of STEEL (and sometimes conc nades if he's getting spammed.) Now that close combat training 2 has been removed, he is slow like the bantha and unable to gracefully flip...
  7. Nukleus

    Special Attacks / Combo List

    Can someone collect and explain all the special moves from movie battles 2? Like super push, advenced melee combos. -------------------------- The galaxy will be ours.
  8. SenseofRightLeague

    Melee Kata Help?

    Hello, can anyone give me a quick rundown of melee katas? I tried searching for one and came up empty-handed. I've tried doing the very useful looking backwards melee kata where you do an over the shoulder throw but it never works out and ends up getting me killed. Thank you!