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  1. Nukleus


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    Can someone collect and explain all the special moves from movie battles 2?

    Like super push, advenced melee combos.

    The galaxy will be ours.
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  3. StarWarsGeek

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    I'm sure someone else can explain stuff more relevant to dueling better than I can so here's just force combos and melee/saber special moves.

    Force Combos/Specials
    • Super Push
      • Requires Push 3 and Pull 3
      • After a successful pull knockdown, use push in melee.
      • Enemy will be pushed away at very high speed and take high damage if hitting a wall.
      • Enemy will stay knocked down longer than usual.
    • Force Repulse
      • Requires Jump 3, Push 3, Pull 3, and Defense 0 (this is important, you have to give up the ability to non-perfect/manual block sabers/shots)
      • Press class special 1 (saber throw key) in melee.
      • Cancels falling velocity.
      • After a short windup, all enemies in a 360 degree bubble are pushed.
      • Super Push effects on any enemies who are not walking/blocking.
    • Grip Super Push
      • Requires Grip 3 and Push 3
      • Lift an enemy up into the air with grip, then use push in melee.
      • Same effects as Super Push.
    • Lightning Push
      • Requires Lightning 3 and Push 3
      • Use lightning in melee with over 80FP (not completely sure on the number, but without nearly full force you'll do regular lightning).
      • A force push automatically happens with the lightning, and any enemies not walking will stay knocked down for longer than usual.
    • Speed Lunge
      • Requires Jump 3 and Speed 2 or Speed 3
      • Press jump and speed at the same time with saber out.
      • Character will lunge forward a great distance with force speed.
      • With Speed 2, you cannot attack during the lunge.
      • With Speed 3, you can press attack during the lunge to do a saber slash.
    • Speed Melee
      • Requires Speed 3
      • Allows you to punch very fast in melee while speed is active.
      • Allows you to jump while speed is active (not sure if this works with lower levels of speed).
    • Mind Trick Melee
      • Requires Mind Trick 3
      • Using any melee moves during mind trick will not render you visible to enemies.
    • Sense Dodge
      • Requires Sense 3
      • While sense is active, the player will automatically dodge any sniper shots like Hero's Dodge 3.
    Saber Special Moves (check a duel guide for the effects of these on enemy saberists)
    All of these have an FP cost, but I don't remember all of them without checking ingame.
    • Downstab
      • With any saber style, press use, forward, and attack at the same time.
      • Character stabs saber(s) into the ground, only works on knocked down players.
    • Yellow Death From Above (YDFA)
      • In yellow stance, press jump and attack at the same time.
      • Character does a flip and slashes below him.
    • Cyan Death From Above (CDFA)
      • In cyan stance, press jump and attack at the same time.
      • Similar to YDFA, but with more of a stabbing attack than a slash.
    • Red Death From Above (RDFA)
      • In red stance, press jump and attack at the same time.
      • Leaps forward and slams saber into the ground.
    • Purple Kata
      • In purple stance, press crouch, forward, and attack.
      • Twirls saber around while taking a few steps forward.
      • Costs 50FP
    • Blue Lunge
      • In blue stance, press crouch, forward, and attack.
      • Lunges forward with an upward slash.
    • Duals Kata
      • In duals/green stance, press crouch and attack.
      • Stands still and twirls sabers.
      • Costs 25FP
    • Duals Butterfly
      • In duals/green stance, press jump, attack, and any direction except backwards.
      • Character does some flips in the direction pressed while twirling sabers.
      • Costs 25FP
    • Duals Stab
      • In duals/green stance, press use, attack, and any direction except forward.
      • Character stabs each saber to one side (or in front and behind if backward is pressed).
      • Costs 35FP
    • Staff Kata
      • In staff/white stance, press crouch and attack.
      • Stands still and twirls saber.
      • Costs 25FP
    • Staff Butterfly
      • In staff/white stance, press jump, attack, and any direction.
      • Character does some flips in the direction pressed while twirling saber.
      • If backward is pressed, character does a single backflip with a non-damaging saber twirl instead.
      • Costs 25FP.
    Melee Special Moves
    If I recall correctly, all of the kick moves below work with Bounty Hunter gunkick (class special 2 with weapon) and Jedi/Sith saber slap (class special 2 with saber).
    • Flying Kick
      • Use + Forward + Kick
      • Works like a regular kick, but with more distance.
    • Spin Kick
      • Crouch + Kick
      • Does a 360 leg sweep.
      • Knocks down crouching players.
      • Does extra damage to knocked down players.
    • Uppercut
      • Use + Forward + Punch
      • Uppercut basically is a kick, but staggers blocking players.
    • Melee Kata
      • Punch + Attack at the same time.
      • After a short windup animation, grabs the player in front of you and deals damage.
      • Different animation depending on if forward, back, or no additional key is pressed during initiation (they all do the same damage though).
      • Must be on even ground.
      • If the player is behind you instead, they will be grabbed and thrown over your shoulder with small damage.
    • Counter Kata
      • Press block (reload key) just as enemy throws a punch at you.
      • Grabs enemy, and does a one punch version of the forward melee kata.
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  4. Shady


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    Regarding the last move with Staff:

    • If backward is pressed, character does a single backflip with a non-damaging saber twirl instead.
    • Costs 25FP.
    - It does damage, 240 to be exact.

    Usage: If a saber user is about to jump behind you from greater heights this move will reduce his BP, and give you ACM instantly , that is, if your sabers clash.

    - It can be also used as a surprise anti-mando move. It's able to kill a mando with full HP. If you can predict his/her flight path right, then it's quite easy to score kills with this move.

    - It costs 0 FP.

    +1 for the effort writing this c:
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  5. agentoo8


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    I wish the staff move had a sort of knockdown effect when you land, would be so awesome. Even if it was given a 50 FP cost or something. Would give staff a niche in open.
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  6. Tempest

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    Something to note about Duals' stabs is that they will cause knockback throughout the entire animation, not just the actual stabbing part of it.
  7. Noob

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    You can use melee moves in saber as well, just replace Kick with Special 2 or "slap" button
  8. Alcatraz


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  9. Tempest

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    I could probably rip a bunch of my old dueling guide out to save efforts in translating to English. Gotta get off mobile for that though lol.

    On the note of FP costs, I think all of the same type of attacks (katas, stabs, etc) will have the same cost (or very close if not).
  10. Fergus


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    Remember the backslashs!

    When there is a enemy on your back you can simples press S + swing and execute a huge bp drain strike, and will stagger if you crouch during it
    *It is different with blue/staff*
  11. Lessen

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    Could someone... explain this move? It almost feels like something unfinished or forgotten about. Why does it cost 0 FP when everything else has a cost? Moreover, how do you input it? The forward and sideways butterflies are very easy to input, you just hold a directional key and then press jump following immediately by attack. It's very consistent. But I've tried different variations and have only managed to pull this off by hitting attack BEFORE jump, and even then it's extremely inconsistent.

    Is that all really intentional?
  12. takuta pls

    takuta pls

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    you can also roll with your saber out during force speed speed for a fairly quick rollstab

    not necessarily too useful or reliable but it's still worth noting
  13. Tempest

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    @Vive ut vivas.

    I think it has no cost because it only does damage on the way up while basically leaving you a sitting duck for the rest of it. I'm pretty sure you're correct about the input being different (it's backward + attack + jump instead of backward + jump + attack) but I'll do some quick experiments in a short while to make sure. I've been doing this special so much by muscle memory for so long that I've actually forgotten, heh.

    Seems like you have to be stationary when you try to do it backwards..It's jump + backward + attack. Have to be pretty quick about it or it derps your jumps out.
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  14. {Δ} Achilles

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    I use the staff back jump as a free advancing move, and evasive move in open. It is actually really quite good, and useful for hitting Mandos/Arcs. It also is pretty useful against enemies that are on higher elevation. You can use it like the Red lunge cancel.
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  15. Lessen

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    Oooh alright, those tips helped a bunch. Stationary plus that specific input order was really consistent. Thanks!
  16. quiznumber


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  17. Padawan[1]


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    • A wheel
      • with any saber style with saber activated do A/D + jump + left mouse button
      • your character will jump like idiot waving his saber into your opponent's head. can deal 1000000 dmg, can interrupt swings, can DISARM SABER
      • costs 10 fp
  18. Gargos

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    Nonononononono do not ruin my staff backward move. It is the most awesome getaway move. Costs 0 fp and you can move away with it and youre harder to hit. You can even hold block during the move. My favorite combo is use speed with it so you can move super fast forward but the move is very tricky to do.

    Also addition to shady’s post: you can backwhack jumping sith with the move too. Once you learn the timing it is pretty good no risk move to do.

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