1. N

    Technical Issue Constant lag spikes[SOLVED]

    I have constant lag spikes almost every minute with this mod and only on this mod. This makes this mod completely unplayable for me. Any idea how to fix this?
  2. B

    Technical Issue My game freezes when try to join a server

    My game freezes and i dont know why one day it suddenly started freezing y turned off EAX, uninstalled and installed again and tried the launcher repair but still freezes and i cant play, i need help is there any way to fix this?
  3. G

    Launcher Microsoft .NET Framework Error - Help

    Hi, I recently downloaded MB2 and I keep getting this error ( see screenshot ), every time I launch the MBIILauncher. I can press continue to run the game and start it but it keeps popping up and eventually crashes me from the server and gives me an error saying: Game running Unrecognized...
  4. F

    Trying to Start a private server for my friend and I

    To be blunt I have no clue of to do it. I want to play a full authentic duel with my friend on Mustafar and ngl I have no clue how to do this. When in-game I click on servers then create but ngl doesn't seem to work so I just wanted to know how to do this.
  5. Shiny

    Ripping models or ones made from scratch and making them usable in mb2?

    Sooo, i've made a couple models, mostly for myself and a couple people i know at request, and those all involved taking skins that had all the files and were ready to go for JKA and such already, mostly i just changed the sound files of existing stuff to be more fun honestly. However ive been...
  6. !Rakso

    Technical Issue Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header!

    Hi! I'm very new to the game, as in, i just downloaded it today. When I try to launch the mod, it keeps telling me "Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header!" So far I have tried to open it 6 times with it crashing in a row. I am running the game via. Origin, but I don't know if that has anything to do...
  7. oChalko

    [SOLVED] Cant find a server

    I have most of the servers on the list but I cant find one of them, not sure if this is a game issue or a server issue also when I try to connect manually it says awaiting connect "forever".
  8. SchizoStyle

    Can someone help me with the final parts of my mod?

    I need help to finally finish my bloodpatch for MBII. There are some files in the .pk3 which are not ported right and I have no clue how to find the effects I want to replace with effects I got from bloodpatches already existing for BaseJA. You can find the .pk3´s I kinda ported and the main...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] How do I update Jedi Academy to 1.01 on Origin?

    I've been trying to install 1.01, and I've tried the manual fix, but it says it only works with the CD/ROM version. Is there any way at all to install 1.01 onto the Origin version of the game, or will I have to re-buy through Steam?
  10. D

    More mb points?

    I wanted to host a game with my pc and see how much character upgrades I can get at once. However though there was a problem. I dont know how to change the mb points. Some help please. UPDATE: I just found out that you cant increase the amount since it was hardcoded, and supposedly only...
  11. D

    Where are the character select icons?

    The icons which I'm talking about are the ones which allow you to choose your character model and class. I really like them, and would even like to use some of them as a profile pic. Do you guys know where they are located? Thanks.
  12. D

    Best keybinds?

    Hello there. I am a new player to movie battles 2. After I downloaded the mod and started playing it, I noticed that I had a serious problem. Movement. Now, of course, simple things such as wasd, jump, crouch and walk are easily done, but I had problems setting up the controls for use, force...
  13. M

    Technical Issue Cannot spawn in game

    Tried esc then join Ive tried the launcher version, i swapped from jamp to mb Just tried the manual version setting laumch option on academy on steam. No matter what i do i cant spawn in game. I equally try to open the launcher and nothing happens So erm. Gg
  14. T

    Technical Issue MB2 Install for Mac (please help)

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Movie Battles 2, I tried all the tutorials to run it on my Mac, but with no luck. I was wondering if someone could help with detailed step-by-step instructions. Again I tried the guides already without luck. Thank you in advance!
  15. isuck

    help pls

    so SOME of you may know me, not alot though, basically I left mb2 6 months ago and I'm just coming back and there's one thing I want to ask Where's the PB areas? im really confused I don't know if the PB system has gotten changes, but now I cant seem to PB anything either the angle is wrong or...
  16. Parker101200

    Classic Dotf!

    Hey everyone! AOD has made a server dedicated to classic DOTF. You can only join if you have the classic map downloaded. Download it here: Dropbox - mb2_dotf_classic.pk3 Once downloaded, navigate to your MB2 folder and put the file there. Enjoy!
  17. Def!led

    Technical Issue Server list issue

    Not sure what exactly is going on here but when I hit refresh server list it always gives me random servers and not the full list. I have to hit it multiple times to get the servers that I'm looking for to show up. I've never had this issue and not sure what the hell could be causing it. Does...
  18. MortalClaptrap

    Technical Issue Game breaking lag

    I've been having some major lag lately that's making the game unplayable. The game will just freeze for 1-3 seconds at random times for seemingly no reason. No FPS drops, no rubberbanding, just short freezes. My PC is kinda shit, but it shouldn't have any effect on how this runs. Specs: GTX...
  19. 2sk00pz

    Launcher Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header!

    Yes, I am using the launcher, not steam to start up the game. Just installed the new update, here is the logs JA: v1.0.1.0 win-x86 Oct 24 2003 Initialising zone memory ..... ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi...
  20. 2sk00pz

    Launcher update not working.

    So I installed the update, then it worked perfectly fine. I close out of the launcher, open it back up a day later, and I have to reinstall the update. I did and worked perfectly. Then, out of the blue, it stopped working. So I uninstalled it (I deleted all the folders, and such). I go to the...