Commands, commands, commands... Where are they.

Is there an extensive list of commands anywhere? I came up empty handed when searching via Google or seaching this forum or the Wiki.
I reverse engineered all the voice chat commands already and I know how to retrieve the commands for basic key binds like moving around, weapon selection, etc (by typing "/bind (key)" in the console, which will show you what command is bound to that key).
What commands I can not retrieve by this method are for example: looking left or right. I know "lookup" and "lookdown" exist from research, but that simple logic doesn't seem to aply to looking left or right. There's also other stuff like mouse sensitivity ("/sensitivity X") or the suicide command ("/kill"), that I only found the command out for because someone told me.

Now why on earth would I want to know the command for looking left or right? The answer is simple: By having a bind like /bind F5 "sensitivity 80; +lookleft*" I can become a saber helicopter or something other whacky like that.
* not actual command

For those interested, here's my list of voice chat commands: Voice Chat command list for console use

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There are some custom commands in MB:II but I do not believe they are documented anywhere.

As for Jedi Academy, you can find a list here.