1. Leo

    [STEAM LINK] Leons dueling guide

  2. RogueWookiee

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    lower ur ego sentinel
  3. TzeLust

    Hosting Server Add all classes to duel mode

    On my server, I would like to have duel rules, but with all classes. How can i do this? Please, help.
  4. Ragequit

    Sabering, Acrobatics and Force Powers

    Saber part: 1. Combo limiting. Get rid of that please. ACM gains only once per combo. Combo spam leads to zero ACM gaining. Also, slow-down the red style comboing speed if so. 2. Implement staggering while interruption. Interruption causes stagger (like old manual block saber-staff ability...
  5. Valkyrie

    Can't Reproduce PrivateDuel stuck/collision issue

    Hello, There is a collision issue (sometimes) during a private duel : You can find yourself stuck and unable to move. Reproducing the issue isn't always the easiest. But we tried what we could... It seem that if you engage in a private duel, and someone (not in a duel) position himself on you...
  6. SeaOtter_

    [Longsword] Anthologies

    Hello, I'm Otter. I like to play mb2. Here are some duels with Vortex. There are also quite a few more dueling videos on that channel. If you want to record one of these with me, just hit me up! I also started streaming at twitch.tv/seaotter_ ! I will be streaming from around 4-6 PM Eastern...
  7. Eazy E

    The Cult Dueling Guide 1.9

    "You wanna duel like Ragnos? Alright follow me..." - EazyE This guide will cover most (if not all) the mechanics, techniques, gimmicks and effective dueling playstyles for v1.7. To satisfy my need for RP everything is broken down into Saber Forms (1 through 7)...
  8. CodeRenard

    Star Wars - SC38 Reimagined - Sound Mod

    So, in the past 24 hours, FXitin Post released a preview of the remasterization of the duel between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader aboard the first Death Star. Among the spectacular choreography the sounds of the lightsabers were something awesome, so I wanted to ask if someone can do a mod on it...
  9. MimdeyaX

    Hosting Server TUTORIAL HAMACHI (or Tunngle or anything about local networks)

    Hi everyone ! I've been playing with a friend of mine using Hamachi, got it to work through a reproducible process, so I thought maybe it'd be nice to share it here, so that anyone who wanna play wiith friends can just follow the steps here. I had a hard time finding all the required info...
  10. MAAN

    Finn Has to be added to Jedi Side

    He just has to, I've always wanted to play as him as a jedi in Open or Duel without having to go on Full Authentic Starkiller Base.
  11. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    NA Dueling Championship Current Champion - Vacated - Due to the Holidays Current Challenger - Discord Next Challenger Tournament - 12-30-18 The Challenger Tournament will be EITHER SATURDAY or SUNDAY, anyone EU or NA can join. The winner of the Challenger Tournament will duel the current NA...
  12. Gerber.Boi

    Saber Colors for All

    This idea is strictly for duel mode only as I can see massive issues with implementing such a thing into a open server. As you may of noticed there is a current bug in the latest patch that can allow a DS/LS user to have whatever color they want on either side so for example: Darth Vader with a...
  13. Ragequit

    What about Duels?

    Hi there. This is a thread about saber mechanics. It is non-perfect but I hope some kind of mechanics is good enough Change: Jumps no longer drain BP, only FP. Note: No BP regeneration. It'll eat your FP too fast if you'll spam it Change: Maximally reduce the difference in speed between swings...
  14. k4far

    A bunch of questions regarding dueling & mechanics of the game and such.

    For starters. Hello :) I've been playing MB for a while (roughly 2 days per week, then ended deleting it - like 5 times actually this happened years 2015 - 2017 Lol). I will "share" why and what are my concerns so far in a separate thread. I would like one I believe really crucial missing...
  15. HeavySaberist

    CLAN [HS] Heavy Saberists - a new clan open for recruitment!

    HEAVY SABERIST CLAN ________________________________________________ We are a relatively new but friendly clan who are happy to welcome any people who would like...
  16. A Potato

    Ban Request PRsO

    Name: PRsO Reason: Lamer Server: Official EU duel Time: Everytime Demo: PRsO ban request vid.mp4 I am tired of this they need to lame and you need to get killed behind no chance for a normal duel.
  17. Sammy

    [VIDEO] Obi Wan vs. Darth Vader

    Little video I made with some friends. Enjoy! Feedback is requested to improve my quality! Credit: SammyBeaux (Camera & Editing) Aaron (Obi Wan) Garth (Vader) Theme: Agni Kai (The Last Airbender)
  18. Tora

    Saber-cancel Jump: Gimmick or tech?

    Hey guys. Here's a neat little trick that i picked up the other day. It may not be a new piece of tech (I personally just figured it out recently) but it certainly has more purpose now with stances such as red and its stagger perk. It's done by performing any swing with any stance (though red...
  19. isair

    SERVER [Open Source] [RTV] US Duel, FA, and Open Servers.

    Most official and community maps are available for voting using RTV. The message of the day of all servers include instructions on how to use RTV. Other features: - Anti-cheat and flood protection enabled. - Unpure clients (modified pk3 files) are welcome. - Automatic team balancing is turned...
  20. T r i s t a n

    Jedi vs Sith WAR

    Basically as the title suggests, I am looking for a Duel server that would support this? I have played it a few times using various Duel servers, but it isn't really allowed by most Admins. If anyone else has experienced the glorious reward that is helping your fellow Sith slay a group of Jedi...