What are your main Jedi/Sith class builds for Open?


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Not worth it, you have to hope for a sniper and have to invest heavily to direct it accurately. Deflect is definitely next to useless and very situational
disagree hard. lvl1 deflect is very cheap and efficient. It is a good way to make enemy gunners think twice when shooting at you. Another way is to abuse a newbie player shooting into you while you deflect those shots into more experienced gunners who get frustrated. You can also trick ppl a lot especially snipers by making backward rolls or forward rolls but during those rolls you can activate deflect. The sniper may think you are not aware of them but that is when it is the easiest to get a free kill or high dmg with the deflected shot. And that is just with lvl1 deflect. lvl3 deflect is when you really can bully experienced players by abusing the new players. It is also highly effective in 1v1 or even 1v2 fights.


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Most of the time if I do a Mblock in the air in front of gunners, EVEN when I have deflect level 0, the better players just stop shooting me and start shooting someone else, there is very little one can do to fight deflect if they don't have nades with them.
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Jump 3
Sense 3
Defense 3
FB 3
Deflect 2

I use my saber for pretty much everything, along side having S3 active for a majority of the round so I always have the drop on gunners or know when I'm playing flanked, which usually makes fights end in an instant. If they do drag on then I can usually just outwit the gunner with footwork and a slice lol.
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Jump 3
Sense 1
Yellow/Blue (I use blue for 1vX Sith)
Defense 2
Speed 1
Force Block 2

I believe you do not need Sense 3 other than meming with Force Whore dodging sniper shots which sometimes does not work. I combo yellow and blue together, Yellow for killing gunners. And If a couple sith come by I tear through them using blue merely for the Attack Speed which is very effective for interrupts and Extra BP.

Sith is pretty much the same except speed and I sometimes combo a little lightning in.
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I run Jump 2 or 3, depending on if I feel like using the use jump with jump 3 to get the better jump angle that accompanies jump 2 for attacking gunners/dueling.
Almost always run speed 1, as others have said it's the best use of 2 points in the game and I agree.
I run sense 3, as I'm mainly a support jedi and I've grown accustomed to the extra information it provides. I also love saber throwing, and it's become a core part of my playstyle to be able to kill people with it when I see they're roughly 30 HP or lower.
Also use almost exclusively push 3, no pull. I think it's essential for supporting, since it allows you to knock over a group of enemies from a further distance as opposed to just one enemy from a short distance.
Rest of my build is pretty common, with yellow/saber defense 3/force block 2. I haven't used deflect enough to be good with it, but I definitely think it's a strong tool if you put the time in to mastering it.
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