Voice Chat command list for console use

This is a list of all voice chat console commands.
For starters:
What is this useful for? If you really like a specific phrase, you can bind it to a key using the followning command:
"bind (key) voice_cmd XXX"​
Simply replace "XXX" with one of the lines below.

1. Attack/Defend
1. Attack Primary
"att_primary" - Random
"att_primary1" - Assault the primary objective​
"att_primary2" - Go for the primary objective​

2. Attack Secondary
"att_second" - Random
"att_second1" - Attack the secondary objective​
"att_second2" - Go for the secondary objective​

3. Attack Position
"att_attack" - Random
"att_attack1" - Advance on their troops​
"att_attack2" - Eliminate them​
"att_attack3" - Attack the Enemie​
"att_attack4" - Advance​

4. Defend Primary
"def_primary" - Random
"def_primary1" - Defend the primary objective​

5. Defend Secondary
"def_second" - Defend the secondary Objective​

6. Defend Position
"def_position" - Random
"def_position1" - Defend this position​
"def_position2" - Hold this area​
"def_position3" - Hold this place​

2. Request
1. Request Assistance
"req_assist" - Random
"req_assist1" - Help me​
"req_assist2" - I need assistance​
"req_assist3" - I need backup​

2. Request Medic
"req_medic" - Random
"req_medic1" - I need a medic​
"req_medic2" - I need a medak​
"req_medic3" - MEDAAAK​

3. Request Supressing Fire
"req_sup" - Random
"req_sup1" - Surpressive fire! (Longest)​
"req_sup2" - Surpressive fire!​
"req_sup3" - Surpressive fire! (Shortest)​

4. Request Heavy Weapons
"req_hvy" - Random
"req_hvy1" - We need heavy weapons​
"req_hvy2" - Blow 'em up​
"req_hvy3" - We need explosives​

5. Request Ammunition
"req_ammo" - Random
"req_ammo1" - GIVE ME SOME AMMO!​
"req_ammo2" - Give me some ammo​
"req_ammo3" - Somebody get me some ammo over here​

6. Request Take
"req_take" - Random
"req_take1" - I'll take that​
"req_take2" - I will take it​
"req_take3" - Let me take that​

7. Request Move
"req_move" - Random
"req_move1" - Get out of the way​
"req_move2" - Get out of my way​
"req_move3" - Stand aside​

3. Reply
1. Reply Yes
"reply_yes" - Random
"reply_yes1" - Affirmative​
"reply_yes2" - Roger​
"reply_yes3" - Yes​

2. Reply No
"reply_no" - Random
"reply_no1" - Negative​
"reply_no2" - That's not a good idea​
"reply_no3" - No​

3. Reply Coming
"reply_coming" - Random
"reply_coming1" - Be right there​
"reply_coming2" - Moving​
"reply_coming3" - ON MY WAY!​

4. Reply Offense
"reply_go" - I'm going on offense!​

5. Reply Stay
"reply_stay" - Random
"reply_stay1" - Hold up​
"reply_stay2" - STOP!​
"reply_stay3" - Wait​

6. Reply Defend
"reply_def" - I'm going on defense​

7. Reply Thanks
"reply_thanks" - Random
"reply_thanks1" - Thanks​
"reply_thanks2" - Appreciated​
"reply_thanks3" - Thank you​

8. Reply Sorry
"reply_sorry" - Random
"reply_sorry1" - Sorry​
"reply_sorry2" - Oops​
"reply_sorry3" - My mistake​

9. Reply Compliment
"reply_comp" - Random
"reply_comp1" - Nice​
"reply_comp2" - Nicely done​
"reply_comp3" - Good job​

4. Spot
1. Spot Defenders
"spot_defenses" - Random
"spot_defenses1" - Heavy defenses!​
"spot_defenses2" - Heavy defenses (whisper)​

2. Spot Troops
"spot_troops" - Random
"spot_troops1" - InCOMING enemie forces​
"spot_troops2" - INcoming enemie forces​
"spot_troops3" - Troops coming this way​

3. Spot Sniper
"spot_sniper" - Random
"spot_sniper1" - Sniper (whisper)​
"spot_sniper2" - SNIPEEEER​
"spot_sniper3" - SNIPER​

4. Spot Clear
"spot_clear" - Random
"spot_clear1" - All clear here​
"spot_clear2" - Area clear​
"spot_clear3" - There's no one here​

5. Spot Flank
"spot_flank" - Random
"spot_flank1" - WE'RE BEING FLANKED!​
"spot_flank2" - We're being ambushed!​
"spot_flank3" - We're being flanked​

6. Spot Grenade
"spot_gren" - Random
"spot_gren1" - Grenade (hasty whisper)​
"spot_gren2" - Grenade!​
"spot_gren3" - GRENAAAADE!​

7. Spot Trap
"spot_trap" - It's a trap!​

8. Spot Weapon
"spot_weap" - Random
"spot_weap1" - WEAPON HERE!​
"spot_weap2" - Weapon over here​
"spot_weap3" - We got a weapon​

9. Spot Mind Trick
"spot_mt" - Random
"spot_mt1" - Mind trick! (urgent)​
"spot_mt2" - Mind trick (calmer)​

5. Tactics
1. Tactics Cover
"tac_cover" - Random
"tac_cover1" - Cover me!​
"tac_cover2" - I need cover!​

2. Tactics Follow
"tac_follow" - Random
"tac_follow1" - Come with me​
"tac_follow2" - COME WITH ME!​
"tac_follow3" - Follow me​

3. Tactics Fall Back
"tac_fallback" - Random
"tac_fallback1" - GET OUTA HERE!​
"tac_fallback2" - Fall back​
"tac_fallback3" - RETREAT!​

4. Tactics Stay Together
"tac_together" - Random
"tac_together1" - STAY TOGETHER!​
"tac_together2" - Stay together (whisper)​
"tac_together3" - Form up!​

5. Tactics Split Up
"tac_split" - Random
"tac_split1" - BREAK FORMATION!​
"tac_split2" - Break formation​
"tac_split3" - Split up​

6. Tactics Flank
"tac_flank" - Random
"tac_flank1" - Flank them​
"tac_flank2" - FLANK THEM!​
"tac_flank3" - Surround them​

7. Tactics Caution
"tac_caution" - Random
"tac_caution1" - Watch out!​
"tac_caution2" - Keep your eyes peeled​
"tac_caution3" - Be careful​

8. Tactics Relocate
"tac_relocate" - Random
"tac_relocate1" - GO GO GO!​
"tac_relocate2" - Movement​
"tac_relocate3" - Get a move on​

9. Tactics Hold Ground
"tac_hold" - Random
"tac_hold1" - We must stand and fight!​
"tac_hold2" - Don't run​
"tac_hold3" - No turning back!​
"tac_hold4" - Fight to the end​
"tac_hold5" - This is where we hold them​

6. Rebels
1. ARC Trooper
"cls_arc" - Random
"cls_arc1" - ARC Trooper​
"cls_arc2" - They've got an advanced recon commando​

2. Clone Trooper
"cls_clone" - Random
"cls_clone1" - Clone​
"cls_clone2" - Clone Trooper​

3. Hero
"cls_hero" - Random
"cls_hero1" - Be careful! They got a hero​
"cls_hero2" - Hero​

4. Jedi
"cls_jedi" - Random
"cls_jedi1" - JEDI!​
"cls_jedi2" - Jedi​

5. Soldier
"cls_sold" - Infantry spotted​

6. Wookie
"cls_wook" - Random
"cls_wook1" - They got a furball​
"cls_wook2" - WOOKIEE!​

7. Imperials
1. Bounty Hunter
"cls_bh" - Random
"cls_bh1" - BOUNTY HUNTER​
"cls_bh2" - They got a Bounty Hunter​

2. Destroyer Droid
"cls_deka" - Random
"cls_deka1" - DESTROYER DROID​
"cls_deka2" - Destroyer Droid​

3. Mandalorian
"cls_mando" - Random
"cls_mando1" - MANDALORIAN​
"cls_mando2" - Mandalorian​

4. Super Battle Droid
"cls_sbd" - Random
"cls_sbd1" - SBD​
"cls_sbd2" - Super Battle Droid​

5. Sith
"cls_sith" - Sith​

6. Soldier
"cls_sold" - Infantry spotted​

8. Bonus
1. Bonus Charge

2. Bonus Too Many
"bns_tmy" - Random
"bns_tmy1" - There's too many of them (raspy voice)​
"bns_tmy2" - There's too many of them (less raspy...)​

3. Bonus Time
"bns_time" - Random
"bns_time1" - We're running out of time​
"bns_time2" - We don't have all day​
"bns_time3" - Time's almost up. Get a move on​

4. Bonus Frustration
"bns_frustration" - Random
"bns_frustration1" - You've got to be kidding me​
"bns_frustration2" - Ohhh come on​
"bns_frustration3" - Ohh son of a wookiee​

5. Bonus Wow
"bns_wow" - Random
"bns_wow1" - Wow​
"bns_wow2" - Amazing​
"bns_wow3" - Incredible​
"bns_wow4" - That's so wizzard​

6. Bonus Air Support
"bns_spotair" - They've got air support​

7. Bonus Deflect
"bns_deflect" - Random
"bns_deflect1" - Deflect (short)​
"bns_deflect2" - DEE-flect​
"bns_deflect3" - Deflect (urgent; short)​
Time to spam! I've been wondering how to do this for ages.
I reverse engineered this. All I knew was "bns_chrg" from the old days and then I found out, that "bns_wow" works aswell. Then I went into the files of the game, opened one .pk3 file after the other with a hex editor, ctrl+F searched for "bns_chrg" and when I found the right .pk3 file, I opened it with 7zip and the rest is 3 hours of writing and cataloging each specific phrase. It's late, I have to work tomorrow, god help me, I wasn't expecting this to take 3 hours, fuck my life. Thanks for reading lol.

fun fact: there is an unused voice chat: "voice_cmd spot_poison". Typing it in the console will do nothing tho :C


Level Designer
Movie Battles II Team
I reverse engineered this.

There are other bits of information like this on the wiki as well, if you didn't know it existed.


uM Breakfloor-er
Internal Beta Team
If you don't map your entire numpad to specific voice lines what are you even doing?
Real men memorize the list and use numpad like a soundboard instead of binding the whole keyboard to specific voicelines
I do have it memorized. I just like spamming "wow" and "nice" specifically without saying "amazing", "that's so wizzard" or "nicely done" etc

There are other bits of information like this on the wiki as well, if you didn't know it existed.
I didn't know about the wikis existence. Besides that, I think my list looks better lol.
But thanks for bringing the wiki to my attention.