voice chat

  1. Bully

    Female voice audio v1

    DOWNLOAD V1 (Latest) Or download older versions here Description This mod adds audio to female voice commands Usage Place the PK3 into "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII" Credits Sounds by: Raven Software Mod by: |+| Bully Changelog
  2. k4far

    Voice Chat A New Meaning

    Hello, trolls and average tryhards such as myself. I am here today to make your day I do not have anything on Clinton sadly but I have something that will improve the competitive aspect of Movie Battles and tame down people uninterested in actually playing. Curious? Wonderful! Tide changing...
  3. k4far

    Looking for people eager to lend their voices.

    I really like the idea of a separate voice chats for both sides. Imperials would get a Droid Announcer. Rebels would keep the old same one or … if @Mcbober (He is the guy who "I need a medak" voiced our voice chat sounds so if we could get him to to do it again, then new stuff can come too...