1. Chris P. Bacon

    Commands, commands, commands... Where are they.

    Is there an extensive list of commands anywhere? I came up empty handed when searching via Google or seaching this forum or the Wiki. I reverse engineered all the voice chat commands already and I know how to retrieve the commands for basic key binds like moving around, weapon selection, etc (by...
  2. Chris P. Bacon

    Voice Chat command list for console use

    This is a list of all voice chat console commands. For starters: What is this useful for? If you really like a specific phrase, you can bind it to a key using the followning command: "bind (key) voice_cmd XXX" Simply replace "XXX" with one of the lines below. 1. Attack/Defend 1. Attack Primary...
  3. KaiErieh

    Hosting Server SMOD Guide

    Since this is nowhere to be found, I post a SMOD set-up guide. What you see in the cfg is: seta g_smodAdminPassword_1 "YourPasswordHere" // Main Smod - full access seta g_smodConfig_1 "65535" But what does the value mean? How do give certain admins certain roles? You need the following list...