Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released


V1.8 Update

  • New: Ignoring a client should now ignore their voice commands.
  • New: Most text drawing is now handled in mod code. Console and death messages are still drawn by the engine and are unaffected.
    • New: Orange and Gray text can now be seen in many places with JAMP client.
    • Fix: Improved aspect adjusted text rendering.
    • Fix: Removed jittering for friendly player names drawn as part of friendly player indicators.
  • Change: Allow forcing aspect ratio fix code on non-JAMP clients with cg_forceRatioFix 1.
  • Fix: Droideka chat bubbles now show up correctly.
  • Fix: Rare SBD crash on tutorial maps.
  • Fix: Exploit for faster normal FP regen than intended.
  • Fix: Should no longer be able to land delayed saber hits when using leg sweep.
  • Fix: Duals should no longer be able to clip into terrain with its forward + jump special move.
  • Fix: Mitigate slow classes moving backwards extremely slowly in certain cases.
  • Fix: Wookiee neck damage multiplier being 1.0x instead of 1.3x in some cases.
  • Change: NPC saberists no longer chain swings instantly.
  • New / Change: Dual Pistols:
    • Now have convergence aiming similar to Droideka.
    • Single pistol firing mode replaced with parallel firing.
    • Can toggle weapon modes while charging,
  • Change: Grenades:
    • Priming grenades now removes invulnerability shields.
    • Frag Grenade
      • Primary fire now knocks down enemies who are in flight.
      • Secondary fire now behaves similarly to Concussion grenades as described below:
        • Beeps once every second while primed. Explodes in hand if held for 3 seconds.
        • Direct hits will detonate for 40 base damage, knockdown, and turn jetpacks off.
        • Splash damage detonates for 32 base damage.
    • Pulse Grenade
      • Radius for thrown pulse grenades reduced from 350 to 250.
      • Radius for launched pulse grenades reduced from 233 to 200.
      • Now also knocks down enemies who are in flight in addition to currently turning the jetpack off.
    • Concussion Grenade
      • Now knocks down enemies who are in flight.
  • Change: Projectile Rifle
    • Base damage increased from 100 to 105.
    • For reference, this will now allow the following (not accounting for downwards RNG in some outlier cases):
      • Soldier: Dies to any shot.
      • Commander: Survives leg shots, dies to chest shots.
      • Clone Armor 2: Survives leg shots, dies to chest shots.
      • Clone Armor 3: Survives chest shots.
  • Change: General head shot multiplier reduced from 3.0x to 2.5x. Sniper shots remain at 3.0x.
  • Change: FP Drains - further refinements
    • WeaponBlocking (before)Blocking (after)Running (before)Running (after)
      EE3 Primary6-146-129-158-13
      Clone Rifle 1 & 2 (now split from 3)4-64-85-76-9
      T21 Primary17-2214-1823-3218-26
  • Change: Melee:
    • Timers for melee and saber-out special moves are now split for better adjustments.
    • Melee out air kick now requires the 'use' key to be held down to activate.
    • Melee move cooldown reductions:
      • Air kick: 2500ms to 1250ms
      • Jump kick: 5000ms to 3000ms
      • Legsweep: 5000ms to 3500ms
      • Uppercut: 2500ms to 1750ms
      • Saber Jumpkick 5000ms to 4000ms
      • Saber Legsweep 5000ms to 4500ms
  • Change: Super Battle Droid:
    • Pulse nade ammo drain reduced from entire clip to half.
    • Magnetic Plating:
      • Point cost reduced from 20 to 14.
    • Recharge Rate:
      • Level 1 point cost reduced from 5 to 4.
      • Level 2 point cost reduced from 10 to 5
  • Deka:
    • Change: Discharge
      • Now allows for ammo regeneration.
      • No longer disables shield blocking incoming fire
      • No longer slows the Deka.
      • Cooldown timer increased from 1000ms to 1750ms
      • Shield drain lowered from 200 to 150.
    • Change: Electrocution adjustments
      • Extra stun time of 500ms removed.
      • Negative ammo reintroduced. -15 instead of the prior -30.
      • Power Management allows for passively regenerating ammo while electrified.
  • Hero:
    • Quick Throw:
      • Fix: Quickthrow now only takes ammo if the grenade is thrown.
      • Change: Level 2 now throws previous alt frag functionality with same primed ratio as primary QT.
  • Wookiee:
    • Fix: Strength 3 Wookiee interactions with pulse work as intended.
    • Change; Time before Rage starts being reduced out of combat for Fury level 2 decreased from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Change: Damage taken from fire sources increased by 1 (fire grenade aoe is now 2-4 instead of 1-4, flamethrower is now 2 instead of 1).
  • ARC:
    • Change: Dexterity
      • Level 2 is now included by default.
      • Level 3 cost increased from 15 to 20
    • Change: M5
      • Sniper shots per clip increased from 6 to 8
      • Sniper base damage increased from 47 to 50
      • Reload time decreased from 1500ms to 1100ms
    • Change: Pistols
      • Bounce shots lose 2 damage per bounce after 2 bounces.
    • Fix: No longer loses stamina when doing non-dexterity jumps in some circumstances.
  • Jedi/Sith:
    • Change: Saber v saber legsweep no longer staggers vs blocking saberists who are stationary.
  • Mandalorian:
    • Rocket:
      • Change: Base launch time increased from 800ms to 1000ms.
      • Change: Firing jetpack rocket while jetpack is on cooldown will cause the rocket to take 1.5x longer to fire.
      • New: During the wind-up animation, taking damage excluding saber swings, environmental effects, and darts or their effects now does the following:
        • Starts a 1.5s timer for accumulating damage
        • Taking 55 damage (pre armor mitigation) during this window will stagger the Mandalorian and cancel launching the rocket without consuming the ammo. After the stagger is over, there is a 0.5s cooldown for being able to start launching the rocket again.
        • Every 500ms after not accumulating damage, already accumulated damage decays by 15 (can't go below 0).
    • Change: Leaving scope now disables wrist laser from being able to be fired for a brief moment.
    • Change: Westars
      • Fix: Left handed charge shots now scale properly instead of gaining extra damage unintentionally.
      • Charged shot base damage lowered from 53 to 48 (total of 106 reduced to 96)
    • Change: EE3
      • Bloom mechanic:
        • Spread rate lowered.
        • Lower overall cap so you can hit the broadside of a barn after 5 shots.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Change: Disruptor now starts bleeding ammo once every second after being charged fully for 5 seconds. Will automatically fire when it can no longer drain ammo.
  • Elite Trooper
    • Change: A280 burst shot count reduced from 5 to 4
    • Change: A280 clip size reduced from 75 to 60 (reduces bursts allowed from 4 to 3).
  • Change: Stage one of weapon slot restructure has begun, starting with grenades. Grenades no longer share WP_TRIP_MINE / WP_THERMAL slots and instead have their own individual weapon name. Important for FA makers to take note:
  • Change: E-Web accuracy improved.
  • New: Trip Mine (from base JA) now available
    • Frag Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_SOLDIER_TDS / MB_ATT_FRAGS
      • weapon WP_THERMAL -> weapon WP_FRAG_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_ThermalFlags -> weaponflags WP_FragNadeFlags
      Thermals Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set:
      • MB_ATT_THERMALS weapon WP_THERMAL + bounty hunter class -> weapon WP_REAL_TD
      • weapon WP_THERMAL + CFL_REALTD classflag -> weapon WP_REAL_TD
      • weaponflags WP_ThermalFlags -> weaponflags WP_RealTDFlags
      Pulse Grenade + Pulse Grenade Adjacent:
      • Pulse Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_PULSE_GRENADES
      • weapon WP_TRIP_MINE -> weapon WP_PULSE_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags -> weaponflags WP_PulseNadeFlags
      Trip Mine (NEW) Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_TRIP_MINES
      • weapon ??? -> weapon WP_TRIP_MINE
      • weaponflags ??? -> weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags
      Fire Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_FIRE_GRENADES
      • weapon WP_TRIP_MINE + attribute MB_ATT_FIRE_GRENADES -> weapon WP_FIRE_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags -> weaponflags WP_FireNadeFlags
      Sonic Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_SONIC_DETONATOR
      • weapon WP_TRIP_MINE + attribute MB_ATT_SONIC_DETONATOR -> weapon WP_SONIC_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags -> weaponflags WP_SonicNadeFlags
      Concussion Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_MICRO_GRENADES
      • weapon WP_TRIP_MINE + attribute MB_ATT_MICRO_GRENADES -> weapon WP_CONC_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags -> weaponflags WP_ConcNadeFlags
      Cryoban Grenade Attributes used in open / for ammo amounts if no custom ammo set: MB_ATT_CRYOBAN_GRENADES
      • weapon WP_TRIP_MINE + attribute MB_ATT_CRYOBAN_GRENADES -> weapon WP_CRYO_NADE
      • weaponflags WP_TripMineFlags -> weaponflags WP_CryoNadeFlags
  • New: Super Open Mode FA
    • Created by @WorldsLargestiPod, this cult classic 'mega FA' has made a return.
      • Each team has access to about 40 classes modeled after enhanced versions of the better known open mode classes. (Soldier, Hero, Bounty hunter, etc.)
      • The classes are designed to be as powerful as possible without failing to preserve balance and class variety/diversity
      • Maps available: SOM_Dotf, SOM_Corellia, SOM_SnowFacility
      • Alternatively, rcon admins can always switch to the SOM FA any time by using rcon g_siegeteam1 SOM_Heroes / rcon g_sieteageam2 SOM_Villains / rcon (or smod) mbmode 4 {map of your choosing here}
  • Change/Fix: Added PB2_Citadel as map option, also removed numerous PB2 maps (pb2_halo, pb2_halo_bc, pb2_hangarC, pb2_hotfo, pb2_korriban, pb2_prison, pb2_republiccruiser, pb2_rescue, pb2_starkiller, pb2_tanker, pb2_theedstreets, and pb2_tradefed) - admins should remove/add these maps from their RTV maps.txts
  • Fix: Certain PB2 maps having bad vehicle spawns.
Yet again Legends has overgone a huge overhaul, this time focused more on the gunner classes as well as adding a lot of new variety to the mode.
  • Fix: Weapon models not showing (or being broken) in first person mode.
  • Fix: Flipkick no longer knocks down users with Strength.
  • Change: Rearranged class icon layout.
  • New: Jet Clone Trooper - Reinforcement Flight Trooper
  • New: Rune Haako replaced with Techno Union Engineer (ammo supply class)
  • New: Atton - force sensitive gunner (ammo support)
  • New: Dash Rendar - Jetpack Sniper
  • Change: Leia has sight level 1, is invisible to force sight
    Change: Clone's health reduced, speed increased, given gunbash, stamina 3 and DC-15S.
    Change: C3PO removed from roster
    Change: Naboo Soldier given high rof Pistol (does 50% less damage)
    Change: Cassian's skin to Parka variant, reload speed increased by 25%
    Change: Baze Malbus' weapon changed to T-21 variant (with no primary fire)
    Change: Chirrut given Deflect 1, faster speed, more BP, Attack Strike speed and 20% more damage output.
    Change: Jyn given Dodge 3
    Change: Mandalore given a different vibrosword, less damage reduction and longer reload time.
    Change: Finn given higher AP, Gunbash, Level 3 blaster and Dexterity
    Change: Lando now gives out Ammo, has a Vibro Axe
    Change: Tarrful given a large Ryyk blade with red style that causes knockdown on nearby ground/wall hits.
    Change: Leia now has permanent sense 1, is properly hidden from Sense also
    Change: Boss armor and health increased (regens), given higher rate of fire and damage output and new weapons (more canon to game)
    Change: Qui-Gon and Mace no longer have Force Energize
    Change: Luke no longer has Heal, Absorb and Cloak, given Deflect 1, Saber Defense 1 with low BP
    Change: Visas no longer has team Heal, instead has Defense 2/Grip 2
    Change: Nien Numb given faster speed, damage reduction
    Change: Jar Jar has only 5 nades
    Change: Jan given higher rate of fire/more damage for shotgun and a new blob/rocket variant (PLX-2M).
    Change: Lobot given Trip Mine, Pulse, Frag and Conc (one of each), Wrench, Dodge 3, Dual Pistols, higher rate of fire, 10% strong damage output and a portable sentry gun.
    Change: Padme's ammo cut in half
    Change: Rebel soldier and trooper given level 3 of their blaster type.
    Change: Chewbacca given Rocket Launcher
    Change: Cody given more Ion blobs, faster rate of fire
    Change: Anakin now has Pull 2 and Grip 3
    Change: Bastilla given lower force regen and no BP drains on jumping
    Change: Kyle given Pistol 3 (slower projectile speed), Deflect 2 and Jump 3
    Change: Yoda given Jump 3, MT 3, Defense 2, lowered force pool and faster counter strikes/swings.
    Change: Din Djarin adjusted slightly in armor, defense, speed and saber abilities
    Change: HK-47 Changed class to from Wookiee to Mandalorian, increased damage output/rate of fire,
    Change: Bothan Spy given Trip Mine
    Change: Yoda's force pool lowered, given Defense 2
  • New: Zam Wessel - sniper class (can shoot two proj shots on one clip)
  • New: Flame Trooper - Flamethrower / nade class
  • New: Mara Jade - Dexterous and versatile pistol/saber/force class.
  • New: Darktrooper Phase 3 - tanky suppressive fire class with slow movement
  • New: Imperial Jumptrooper - Clone rifle level 2 (skinned as imperial repeater), ion blobs + shotgun
  • New: Praetorian Guard - Versatile melee / Shock Trooper
  • New: Jabba the Hutt - tanky melee class
  • Change: Nihilus' deadly sight lowered down to level 1, given Saber defense 2, lowered force pool
    Change: Deathtrooper's health and armor decreased, rate of fire and stamina increased, given concussion grenade.
    Change: Purge Trooper's speed increased, weapon modified and given 2 concussion grenades with double damage.
    Change: Burg's rate of fire increased 10%
    Change: Durge no longer has cortosis level 2, instead has a bit more HP
    Change: Phasma's health increased
    Change: Krennic given seeker drone.
    Change: Nute Gunray's rate of fire increased 10%
    Change: removed Ubese from roster.
    Change: Gamorrean blaster upgraded to level 3
    Change: General Veers' class changed to Bounty Hunter (for BH kick), Increased damage modifier and given shotgun
    Change: SBD increased movement, rate of fire and health slightly.
    Change: Boba Fett given two wrist rockets (high damage, explosive, cause knockdown and knockback). two sonic detonators and rifle model changed to EE-3
    Change: Jango Fett has 15% faster rate of fire
    Change: Battle Droid's rifle upgraded to level 2
    Change: BX Commando droid speed and armor regen increased, 2x AP multiplier, upgraded blaster (A280-like) and given dash
    Change: Hondo given hitscan shotgun, M5 repalced with E-5 rifle.
    Change: Reelo's class changed from Mandalorian to Wookiee. Given Trip Mine, given rocket launcher, speed decreased 5%, and given strength 1
    Change: Nute no longer gives out ammo (Veers, Krennic, Techno Union on Imps, Atton, Jyn and Lando on rebs)
    Change: IG-88 now has fast hacking, a rifle, lower health, faster speed and advanced radar in recharge mode
    Change: Tusken Raider's rifle damage and clip increased, given some saber defense
    Change: Cultist's renamed to Kothos Twins, class number limit changed to two.
    Change: Durge no longer staggers saberists who land hits on him.
    Change: Desann has Grip, Pull and Deflect level 2 + faster strike speed
    Change: Decreased Sidious' force pool, has 20% faster fp regen
    Change: Vader given Deflect 3, Pull 3, slower speed and 20% overall ap/bp/as/cs saber buff
    Change: Boss, Maul and Ahsoka's speed slightly nerfed
    Change: Infiltrator / Shadowtrooper's melee damage reduced, armor lessened
    Change: Grievous and K2SO's health lowered
    Change: K2SO's speed slightly lowered
    Change: Cad bane's speed, pistol damage and armor increased, now has quick throw + nades
    Change: Veers now drops ammo and regen ally armor
    Change: Imperial Shadowtrooper given Trip Mine
  • New: Added a new moderation menu to the escape menu. This allows you to ignore/unignore players without a console command, or as a smod admin, perform actions to help moderate a server.
    • Added FEEDER_SMOD_MAPS, FEEDER_SMOD_SIEGETEAM for the moderation menu.
    • Added ui scripts: smcheckadmin, whisper, unignore, ignore, sendtell, smlogin, smlogout, smsendsmsay, smsendsay, smkick, smban, smtempban, smremovetemp, smremove, smadd, smmute, smunmute, smsettk, smforceteamblue, smforceteamred, smforceteamspec, smteam1, smteam2, smmap, smgt
  • New: Many HUD elements have been updated to fit the newer UI style. Examples include the Timer, Radar, Capture Bar, Lagometer, Teamkill, Voice Chat menus.
  • New: Added new HUD Layout settings. Allowing you to switch HUD variants.
  • New: Many HUD elements are now customizable in the .menu files, allowing you much more freedom over their styling, positioning. More HUD elements will be made customizable later. The new ones supported are as follows:
    • Framerate Indicator
    • Radar
    • Timer - Also added a color blind indicator for the time winning team
    • Team Scores
    • Capture Progress Bar - Also added a small capture direction graphic.
    • Subtitles
    • Misc text items
    • Lagometer
    • Use Icon
    • Chatbox
    • Teamkill
    • Voice Chat
    • Scoreboard
  • New: Team Overlay
    • There are now 6 variants of the team overlay, and it appears on the left hand side.
      • The first two only show a player icon that changes color based on health, but the second variant allows showing of 16 allies vs 8 on the first.
      • The third adds a set of bars that show Health, Armor, Ammo, and Force
      • The fourth adds the same as the above, but with raw number values.
      • The fifth adds the same as the third, but with name and location added.
      • The Sixth adds the same as the fifth but with raw numbers instead of bars.
    • The overlay will continue to be improved. There wasn't enough time before release to make it fully customizable via the .menu files.
  • Change: Info Panels in point selection menus have been partially updated to be directly linked to the values from code. This will help ensure things stay in sync as balance updates. However, you will still notice many values labeled "UNKNOWN" as those have not been fully hooked up. We will be expanding what is hooked up as we continue our backend code cleanup processes.
  • Change: Minor rewording on a couple settings to be more clear.
  • Change: Widescreen UI settings, Team Overlay settings are now in UI -> UI Options 2.
  • Change: Updated several bits of the library with the help of Duckshark.
  • Change: Updated some loading screen tips.
  • New: Added New Republic Trooper to Soldiers, based on a mixture of MOTS and Jedi Outcast Rebel appearances.
  • New: Added Female Pilots (Rebel Alliance/Resistance) to Soldiers.
  • New: Added Chagrian merchant to Soldiers.
  • New: Added Tholothian smuggler to Soldiers.
  • New: Added Human Female mercenary to Soldiers.
  • New: Added Human Female mechanic to Soldiers.
  • New: Added Elder Prisoner (JA) to Soldiers.
  • New: Added helmeted Old Republic Soldier.
  • New: Expanded Quarren Commando with Aqualish, Bith, Duros, Nikto, Sullustan, Twi'lek and Zabrak species variants.
  • New: Added Female Guerilla Rebels (3x).
  • New: Added RGB Rodian Male and RGB Twi'lek Female Hoth Troopers.
  • New: Added Bespin Lando and General Lando variants to Heroes.
  • New: Added Vestless Jan Ors to Heroes.
  • New: Added Mara Jade ponytail variant to Heroes.
  • New: Added Morgan Katarn to Heroes.
  • New: Added Atton Rand to Heroes.
  • New: Added Captain Fordo (Phase 2) from Clone Wars 2003 to ARC Troopers.
  • New: Added Phase 2 Poncho Clone with RGB support to Clone Troopers.
  • New: Added Cobalt Hero, Lament Seeker and 87th Sentinel Corps to ARC Troopers.
  • New: Added Mace Windu from Clone Wars 2003 to Jedi.
  • New: Added RGB Ongree variant to Jedi.
  • New: Added A'Sharad Hett to Jedi.
  • New: Added Jaden Korr (Human Male and Twi'lek Female) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces 2) from Full Authentic to Jedi.
    • Change: Updated head texture to reduce neck stretching, make eye sockets brighter and fix seam in the back of the neck.
  • New: Added AT-DP Pilot from Rebels TV show to Imperial Soldiers.
  • New: Added Female Imperial Officers (3x) to Commanders.
  • New: Added Gold Sith Trooper to Commanders.
  • New: Added Din Djarin to Mandalorian.
  • New: Added Tusken Raider Female to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Gran from Dark Forces 2 to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Lannik Racto (JA) to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added RGB Chiss Bartender (JO) to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added RGB Rodian (JO/JA) to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added HK-50 and HK-51 to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Mandalore The Preserver to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Expanded Devaronian Mercenary with Kaleesh species variant.
  • New: Added Sariss from Dark Forces 2 to Sith.
    • Change: Upgraded Sariss' model (from Full Authentic) with the added Open Mode skin (by DarthPhae) and attached cape/hood to it.
  • New: Added Boc Aseca from Dark Forces 2 to Sith.
  • New: Added Kyle Katarn (Mysteries of the Sith - Corrupted) to Sith.
  • New: Added Female Ragnos Cultist to Sith.
  • New: Added Dark Side Exile "Space Jesus" variant to Sith.
  • New: Added Unmasked Sith Assassin to Sith.
  • New: Added Uthar Wynn to Sith.
  • New: Added Yuthura Ban to Sith.
  • New: Added Jorak Uln to Sith.
  • New: Added Freedon Nadd to Sith.
  • New: Added Exar Kun to Sith.
  • New: Added Sith Pureblood to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Bane (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Zannah (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Tenebrous to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Krayt (Legacy comics) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Tiras to Sith.
  • New: Added Unmasked Sith Stalker to Sith.
  • Change: Re-adjusted a slightly minified backpack to Rebel Guerilla. Fixed lighting issues on the whole model, optimized mesh.
  • Change: Non-helmeted Old Republic Soldier now uses the face from the H.B. Pack.
  • Change: Moved Naboo Palace Guard from Elite Troopers to Soldiers.
  • Change: Moved Prisoner from Elite Troopers to Soldiers.
  • Change: Moved Human Male mercenary from Elite Troopers to Soldiers.
  • Change: Added RGB support for Rebel Alliance Soldier afro variant.
  • Change: Updated Daala mesh to the new female imperial officer model.
  • Change: Updated Tusken Raider from JK2 skeleton to JA skeleton. Now also has finger movement.
  • Change: Upgraded Fives (both appearances) to now be on the new clone model.
  • Change: Tweaked Mace Windu's hips from two flaps to none to be exactly authentic.
  • Change: Perfected Coleman Trebor's chest where the torso and neck weren't fitting tight enough together and were creating a leak. Slightly reduced draw calls.
  • Change: Adjusted Luke Skywalker (Bespin) with fixed lighting so he no longer has "inverted" lighting, where lighting from the front would instead light him on the back, and vice versa.
  • Change: Adjusted Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) with smoother lighting (less shadowy).
  • Change: Luke Skywalker (The Mandalorian) now shares the same model as ROTJ Luke instead of using the model from Movie Duels.
  • Change: Palpatine now has +1 separate face mesh for hoodless, damaged variant in favor of authenticity.
  • Change: Kyle Katarn now has a separate face mesh without mustache shaping above the upper lip, used for his MOTS skin. Updated all FA skins to be compatible with this change.
  • Change: Mara Jade has received similar lighting adjustments as Bespin Luke. Minor optimizations to draw calls made.
  • Change: Ongree has received similar lighting adjustments as Bespin Luke. Updated soundset to remove duplicate lines.
  • Change: Soundsets for many characters (mostly Imperial Soldiers/Commanders) have been updated, detailed changelog below:
    • Jedi:
      Anakin Skywalker (Ep.2-3): Reorganized soundsets and removed duplicate lines.
      Bastila Shan: Has more iconic lines and updated action/pain noises.
      Echuu: Added flourish lines.
      Kreia: Has more iconic lines and updated action/pain noises. Lowered overall volume.
      Obi-Wan Kenobi: Reorganized soundsets and removed duplicate lines. Added some ROTS videogame lines to Ep2 Obi-Wan so that less taunts are shared between Ep1 and Ep2 Obi-Wans.
      Qui-Gon: Has additional lines from other Liam Neeson films that fit Qui-Gon.
      Quinlan Vos: Swapped to Filoni's Clone Wars soundset while keeping the glorious singing lines.
      Rosh Penin: Merged soundset with vanilla JKA Rosh's soundset, as the MB2 soundset was effectively the same with a few line additions.
      Luke Skywalker: Lowered volume of a few voicelines as they were unnecessarily loud and were clipping.
      Mara Jade: Upgraded overall quality of all voicelines and action sounds.
      Visas Marr: Normalized volume, added +2 voice lines.
      Mace Windu: Normalized volume, upgraded quality.

      Clone/ARC Troopers:
      Clone Marine: Swapped soundset from Boss to Clone 1.
      Poncho Clone: Added additional taunt "One Shot, One Kill!".
      Commander Keller: Swapped soundset from JK2 Stormtrooper Officer to RC Advisor.
      Sev: Added additional taunt: "rule no. 17, always make sure they're dead"

      Imperial Soldiers:
      Stormtrooper (Mimban): Uses Stormtrooper Voice 3 from JK2.
      Shoretrooper: Uses Stormtrooper Officer Voice 2 from JK2.
      TIE Pilot: Uses Imperial Worker Voice 1 from JK2.
      Imperial Army Trooper: Uses Imperial Officer Voice 2 from JK2.
      Imperial Gunner: Uses Imperial Worker Voice 3 from JK2.
      Stormtrooper (Shadow): Uses Stormtrooper Voice 2 from JK2.
      Stormtrooper (Shock): Uses Stormtrooper Voice from Dark Forces 2.
      Stormtrooper (Commander, TFU): Uses Stormtrooper Voice variant from TFU.

      Imperial Commanders:
      Imperial Commando: Uses soundset from Dark Forces 2.
      Imperial Officer (Brown): Uses Imperial Officer Voice 1 from JK2.
      Imperial Officer (Default and Black): Updated soundsets Voice 1-2 from JKA.
      Imperial Flametrooper: Uses Stormtrooper Officer Voice 1 from JK2.
      Scout Trooper: Extended lines with Swamp Trooper Voice 1 lines from JK2.
      Scout Trooper (Camo): Uses Swamp Trooper Voice 2 from JK2.
      Admiral Daala: Ceased duplicated lines with Tavion, replaced them with new ones.
      Neocrusader Mando: Upgraded quality of sound files.

      Rebel Soldiers:
      Rebel Alliance (Black) Soldier: Uses soundset Rebel Soldier Voice 2 from JK2.
      Human Male Mercenary: Uses a "paragonized" version of soundset Saboteur Voice 2 from JA.

      Rebel Elite Troopers:
      Rebel Guerilla (Default): Uses soundset from Classic Battlefront 2.
      Rebel Commando (Default) and (Hoth): Use soundset Bespin Cop Voice 2 from JK2.
      Rebel Commando (Desert): Uses soundset Prisoner Voice 2 from JK2.
      Quarren Commando: Now has soundset from KOTOR II.

      Bounty Hunter:
      Ponda Baba: Extended voice lines from A New Hope.
      Zuckuss: Added taunt lines from KOTOR II.
      Devaronian Mercenary: Now has soundset from KOTOR II.
      Gamorrean: Upgraded quality of sound files partially from KOTOR II.
      Rax Joris: Extended with a few more voice lines from the base game.
      Added some more taunt lines to Gran, Rodian/Greedo, Trandoshan, Human Mercenary.

      Count Dooku: Added taunts and pain sounds from the ROTS videogame.
      Jerec: Has an additional laugh as a taunt.
      Dark Jedi: Now has soundset from KOTOR.
      Darth Malak: Has more iconic lines and less duplicate lines.
      Darth Traya: Has more iconic lines and updated action/pain noises. Lowered overall volume.
      Darth Sion: Has more iconic lines and uses his own action/pain noises instead of Desann's with a lower pitch. Lowered overall volume.
      Darth Nihilus: Has more ghostly lines, also made it easier to tell the difference between taunts and action sounds.
      Sith Master: Distorted voicelines to give more of a helmeted vibe to it.
      Darth Malgus: Ceased some duplications, added two more voicelines.
      Palpatine: Reorganized soundsets and removed duplicate lines, enhanced quality of some lines. Normalized volume.
      Tavion (JO): Added choke sounds.
      Tavion (JA): Has two more additional taunts from base game.
      Reborns (JO): Added combat lines.
      Darth Vader: Normalized volume and general quality update.
      Maul (Rebels): Upgraded quality of some voicelines and added two more taunts.

      Full Authentic:
      Magnaguard: Now has soundset from the ROTS Videogame.
      General Grievous: Now has soundset from the ROTS Videogame - also coughing effect adjusted to it.
  • Change: Merged Galak Fyarr and Grand Admiral Thrawn with the Imperial Officer model for optimization.
  • Change: Merged Saesee Tiin with Eeth Koth model for optimization.
  • Change: Merged Quarren Commando with Rebel Commando model for optimization.
  • Change: Merged Poncho Clone with the common clone model for optimization.
  • Change: Updated Jerec with smoother lighting, similar to ROTJ Luke.
  • Change: Updated Cin Drallig head mesh from old Qui-Gon model reskin to RotS video game port.
  • Change: Updated Shadowtrooper with a specular effect on their armor, and removed fake reflection effects from the helmet & visor.
  • Remove: Removed Jedi suited Zabrak Female from Elite Trooper due to now being a Soldier in pilot suit.
  • Remove: Removed pilot suited Poe Dameron to avoid confusion with newly added pilot Soldiers.
  • Change: mb2_corellia
    • Main hangar and tapcafe doors are now disabled for the first 15 seconds of the round to give attackers extra setup time.
    • The top of some door frames are now slippery to prevent camping on.
    • Added some light cover in the business center near the main hangar door.
  • Change: mb2_deathstar
    • The side corridor and control room lifts now crush players if blocked.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_mustafar
    • Updated music with normalized audio beginning at the 4:15 mark (avoids instrumentals sounding off), and extended the track to 5:15 to avoid repeating before the round restarts.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_theed
    • Added a central service route (opens on 30 second timer) to help prevent attackers being bottled in their spawn area.
    • Control room service route now locked from TFed side until gen complex or the service route is opened.
    • Control room door opening trigger now only works after gen complex or the control room service route is opened.
    • Visual fixes and some map optimization.
  • New: mb2_cmp_duel_calodan
    • Created by Biggs, inspired by The Mandalorian
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_dust2
    • Roof access has been clipped off to prevent Mando/Saberist meta
      • Note: de_dust2 variant does have roof access
    • Stairs and doors made more accesible for SBD
    • Locations now have clearer descriptions for team overlay
    • Optimizations made for FPS
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_FDepot
    • Overall brightness increased
    • Roofs no longer can be camped (slippery roofs)
    • Imperials can no longer do their own objective
    • Final objective hack time decreased
    • Added objective hint icons
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_assault
    • Added objective hint icons
  • Change / Fix: uM_bespin
    • Swoop Bikes can no longer reach the upper-level
    • Removed Wookiee and Grenade
    • Changes to the Cantina
    • Added a lift that connects the Cantina to the Gallery
    • Added a rooftop garden
    • Redesigned the building at the Cloud Car platform
  • Change / Fix: uM_bespin_tournament
    • Swoop Bikes can no longer reach the upper-level
    • Removed the Tauntaun
MBII Client
  • Change: Updated the bundled Windows version of the separately maintained MBII Client (mbii.x86.exe) based on OpenJK. The MBII Client is GPL licenced and has its source code available at MBII/OpenJK. If you're having any new issues after updating this thread may be able to help you.
    • Added option to aspect correct some UI elements including minimap by setting r_aspectCorrectRotatePic2 1.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name
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Internal Beta Team
That's the thing. Blaming maps for general gameplay issues is a great way to sound smart and/or shift blame, but it's so overbroad and nonspecific as to be useless. What is this "reference map" that all gameplay is being measured against? I've never seen it. When you dig into specifics it usually ends up being anecdotes about times someone ran up against a bad situation where they're at some innate disadvantage, and then they come up with a hypothetical where "they would have stood a chance" if something about the map changed (larger hallways or doors, more cover, another route, etc.).

I'm not saying that some maps do not have problems (would be a strange position to take given I've helped with updating many maps to address issues). My main point is that if you're blaming all maps for some gameplay issue, maybe it's the classes that are at fault and not the maps?
You're prob right on the overbroad/non-specific thing. Just trying to encourage discussion I guess?

But, on like na servers at least, most maps have imps at defense so I get why arcs would feel overnerfed if you played citadel or something and have to get past a buffed arc sniper. So ideally may be a reference map could be 2-3 maps? 1 where imps are defending, 1 where rebs are defending, and may be a neutral map like cloud city. May be that's how things are already done, I dunno.


the grinch
Movie Battles II Team
Good job replying to my argument criticizing "ALL MAPS ARE BAD" by citing old preliminary data for a single map. Very relevant. But alright, let's talk about dotf's death heatmap from


Main being where the majority of action happens isn't exactly a flaw. The thing that needs to happen (which myself and Mace have talked about many times) is shuffling around the left/right corridors so that outdoor area gets used more and Fed/T-Junc is less of a choke. But funnily enough the continuous bashing of Mace over this map kind of sapped any motivation he had to work on finishing that change, so ya know, you'll probably be stuck with it like this forever. Go community!
Main being where the majority of action happens isn't exactly a flaw. The thing that needs to happen (which myself and Mace have talked about many times) is shuffling around the left/right corridors so that outdoor area gets used more and Fed/T-Junc is less of a choke. But funnily enough the continuous bashing of Mace over this map kind of sapped any motivation he had to work on finishing that change, so ya know, you'll probably be stuck with it like this forever. Go community!
20-30 players being funneled into a single corridor is a pretty big flaw


the grinch
Movie Battles II Team
20-30 players being funneled into a single corridor is a pretty big flaw
It would be if that was what was actually happening, but it's clearly not, so not sure what your point is other than being contrarian. The current major issues are known and acknowledged. Main corridor is not one of them.


Movie Battles II Team
But funnily enough the continuous bashing of Mace over this map kind of sapped any motivation he had to work on finishing that change, so ya know

being able to tune stuff like that out shouldn't be as rare as it is. muh society


Level Designer
Movie Battles II Team
20-30 players being funneled into a single corridor is a pretty big flaw
The heatmap for classic DOTF is way worse. This heatmap proves what I did was a large improvement. Is it perfect? Fuck no, and I never said it was, and I even said I needed help to make it better. But did I get that? Fuck no. Is DOTF an easy map to work around because of Hangar, Gen, and Thrones general size? fuck no. I cant just make a "whatever the fuck I want" map like overwatch, valorant, csgo... because Star Wars has these fucking massive set pieces I have to replicate and place into the design in some way. If it wasn't star wars, the hangar would be much smaller, the gen room would not exist... and a lot more would have changed.

Did I also want to get raged at for completely changing main? Fuck no. So I kept it largely the same as well. There were decisions like that kept because 1) it was the most popular map for a fucking decade. 2) Because people had certain expectations of how certain sections of the map would play. 3) This wasn't an entire reset of the map from scratch.

This is an example of why I said earlier why I don't really want to go over old maps anymore, because I am tired of it.

being able to tune stuff like that out shouldn't be as rare as it is. muh society
I can tune stuff like that out, but only for a certain amount of time, and from a certain amount of people. When I'm not being paid, there isn't any other motivation for doing this other than trying to make people happy and myself happy. There is quite a bit of a difference when doing something as a job, vs doing it as a passion, and feeling like you failed to deliver and people keep reminding you of that failure even after I said I know it wasn't perfect, but wanted to continue improving it.

Stop listening to all the toxic tryhards and scrimmers and listen to the actual community. Balance does not equal fun. I have only played one match with this update and it makes me want to quit.
While I agree that its bad to listen to the try hards and scrimmers only... there is nothing in this patch that should make you want to quit within a single match. That is more a you problem then a patch problem sorry. If you have some specific feedback, we can take that into consideration, but this isn't at all helpful.


Community Manager
Internal Beta Team
Thanks to the dev team for still working on my favorite game :)

Love the new mando rocket stagger mechanic, glad that made it into the patch. I couldn't add to the convo y'all have been having about the timer.

I'm also super excited to hear that capture the flag/beta launcher should be out soon. Can't wait to host a server for CTF!


Internal Beta Team
Stop listening to all the toxic tryhards and scrimmers and listen to the actual community. Balance does not equal fun. I have only played one match with this update and it makes me want to quit.
Was wondering when someone would bust out the Britney Spears 'tOxIc TrYhArDs'. Nothing wrong with balancing around competent play, lol - fun and good play don't have to be separate from one another.
Stop listening to all the toxic tryhards and scrimmers and listen to the actual community. Balance does not equal fun. I have only played one match with this update and it makes me want to quit.
You are welcome to join SE as the leader for your wise words.