sound pack

  1. Kwinto

    Meme Battles cancerous sound pack v1.1

    Another amazing replacement from the best discord server related to mb2 [citation needed] Features: -Force speed -Quake hit sound effect -Proj rifle -Clone rifle -Wookiee rage -Wookiee rage loop -Weapon pickup -force sense -DOTF music ♂RIGHT VERSION ♂ -Menu music Mini showcase: DOWNLOAD...
  2. A

    Voice/Sound Balance

    Without consideration of new features and game balance, the presentation of this game is superb visually. The only thing that takes away from the game immediately thereafter is how the player can hear Aayla Secura's timid voice drown out iconic lines by main characters like Han Solo when he...
  3. k4far

    How to make a sound pack and contribute to MB2 or an independent modification.

    What is a sound pack? Sound pack is a set of files usually in .mp3 or .wav (I go with first) format that trigger when your character interacts (you are using taunts, jumping). When a new model becomes available it requires assembling a brand new set of sounds for it. Sounds have to be clear...
  4. k4far

    Char Sounds Thread, PREPARE/FIND sounds for Your modification.

    Sounds require: ▪ mono channel (not stereo channels). ▪ sampling rate - 44100 Hz (the standard). ▪ bitrate 320 kbps (less artifacts & more detail). There are things to watch for while preparing the sounds to be put in the game, background noises can really make the sound unpleasant for...