1. quail

    First edit, need I say more?

    Just a little video I put together for fun. Lmk what you think :)
  2. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: End of the CIS - Teaser

    This isnt my work ^_^
  3. Blazer

    Highlights Video #2

    Hey guys, just plugging my video for you guys to see. If you can give me some feedback that would be appreciated. I don't know if it's too boring, too short, or too cut up. Thanks.
  4. Blazer

    Hey all, I made a funny moments video on MB2.

    Thanks for giving me your time, I just wanted to throw my video in here in case you were interested. If you guys could give me some constructive criticism it would be appreciated.
  5. pelmeņu lauks

    Movie Battles II: Year One Retrospective

    Well hello, guys! I've been playing this game for more than a year now. So I've made a personal retrospective video focused on dueling and players that have taken me along in this crazy ride that is Movie Battles II. I hope you like it. Please be warned, some of the references may be too...
  6. Liniyka_xddd

    Lini's meme montages

    Hello my dear MB2 community, it's me, Lini. Yesterday I discovered that my GPU drivers also automatically record in-game MB2 footage, so I went ahead and saved a few interesting moments. After thinking about how to use them, I decided to try and make a montage. I've never done any video editing...
  7. EZ64cool

    A tip for all montage and picture creators out there.

    A lot of the time when I see new content come out on youtube or any of the forums there seems to be a lack of FoV (field of view) changing. FoV is an amazing tool for camera work as it allows you to either focus on a single fight/character or it allows to you envelope a huge scene into one shot...
  8. Sammy

    [VIDEO] Obi Wan vs. Darth Vader

    Little video I made with some friends. Enjoy! Feedback is requested to improve my quality! Credit: SammyBeaux (Camera & Editing) Aaron (Obi Wan) Garth (Vader) Theme: Agni Kai (The Last Airbender)
  9. W!zard

    [Videos] MBII Funny Moments Montages

    Hi there, to raise awareness of this game on YouTube I decided to start this Funny Moments series! Hope you enjoy, although the gameplay and editing isnt the greatest, it took some time for me to create :p (i would appreactiate feedback, still new to this kind of editing, thanks!) Newest one...
  10. Smee

    [Video] Sith vs a wook and two jedi

  11. PhantomPhoenix

    Just a vid from me

    I made an video! ahha! now i'm an MB2 youtuber!
  12. Fletcher Time

    Noob Event Video

    Hi all! As most of you know, I attempted to host a Noob Training Event on my server last weekend. The turn out wasn't great, but a lot of the people that did show up actually had a lot of fun! While the event was happening I did manage to get some footage and I put together a little video of the...
  13. Fletcher Time

    Constructive Criticism On My Video

    Hi all! I just released my first video related to MBII. I would love it if you could give me some tips and criticism on it! (Please avoid the following topics as I am aware of them :) ) Please refrain from these topics: FPS counter. Audio (I lent my mic out to a friend.) Lag meter. Any internet...
  14. Damn Polak

    Polak's short vids

    Here's a short vid I couldn't resist making after I heard some songs... [ CAUTION ] I forgot to apply fade in effect for the audio, so for your own safety start with lowered sound volume and increase gradually. sorry about the quality, my video suite sucks and i'm still experimenting with...
  15. Damn Polak

    About making videos in JAmme

    I decided to start a thread about making movies with jamme (and everything connected to this), because there are some things unexplained in tutorials feel free to answer any of the questions and ask new ones 1. is there a difference in file size between /record avi, /record tga, /record jpg...
  16. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Darth Sidious vs Master Yoda - Darth Sidious vs Master Yoda It's been 2 months since I have uploaded a Star Wars duel reenactment. This one features dialogues from the movie, no black bars and 60 FPS. Enjoy!
  17. jewbacca

    [Video] MBII Duels: Jewbacca VS Dymbesh

    Here goes my attempt to create duel gameplay video. Hope you like it. P.S. Thanks for help, Dymbesh. Really appreciate that.
  18. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#02] - Movie Battles II - Montage [#02] Hello everybody! I bring to You a new, longer, in less FPS episode of my Movie Battles 2 Montage! Enjoy! Write down in replies if you have made it to be in the video! :D I'm so late.. welp. But it's better to do something late than...