1. TechnoGhosty

    Make Note Of This Troll

    Hey everybody, i just wanted to give people a heads up, i believe some of je'daii already know of him, and so do some of cult ragnos, but this one particular player called Killuminati (sometimes goes by [killuminati] Makaveli) is a toxic troll who always plays on duel servers, and does the same...
  2. Z0mByZ


    hello there! Gonna make this one short. So I've been playing for 2-3 weeks now and having a blast on (TR) deathstar 24/7 and Perdition You will find me on the battlefield as Bastila Scheschuan and you guessed it, I'm always picking Bastila Chan Ran across a friendly fella runnin by the name of...
  3. A Potato

    TOP 8 MB2 Trollers In EU In Duel

    Remember That this is mine top 8 mb2 trollers list so dont hate or something. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.[LEL] Cum And Die 2.[LEL] Cum And Die 3.[LEL] Cum And Die 4. Gebe 5. Potato 6.Champagne Fox 7.Destroyer 8.Nigglet...
  4. A Potato

    Who is the most troll character? Vote now!

    who is the most troll character old obi wan or Palpy?