Make Note Of This Troll

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Hey everybody, i just wanted to give people a heads up, i believe some of je'daii already know of him, and so do some of cult ragnos, but this one particular player called Killuminati (sometimes goes by [killuminati] Makaveli) is a toxic troll who always plays on duel servers, and does the same things: he'll sit and lame, build up K/D and dog people, then proceed to personally attack and harass people on the server, even when you continue duelling him to humble him and even after killing him many of times, hes still an ass and continues to dog you or anyone else and typically keeps playing till he's cleared an entire server from just harassing people. if you see him, ignore him, or kick him, he is not worth the time, he feeds of any attention. you'll know him when you see him, he always plays ROTJ luke with a yellow-green coloured 2nd sister lightsaber.

(i didnt say anything sooner about him as i thought nothing of it and thought it was coincidence that i saw his every so often from playing here and there, but i soon noticed recently after playing consistently with my friend hes on duel servers doing the same thing)

this is all, have a nice day! :)