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  1. erichirari

    Dump your mb2 memes here

    Can be anything. From screenshots (doesn't even have to be ingame ss), videos, copypastas. So long as it's mb2 related it's all good.
  2. erichirari

    ITT: Post your top 5 mb2 trolls

    I'll start. 1. Sheaconn 2. Rave Blitz (guy manages to get the devs to act up) 3. Fallen Legend (no words) 4. Yam the prussian (former ginger) 5. Evian 150. Mosley guy
  3. C

    Astromech Droid Class Concept

    Hello there, I joined this forum to express a class that might genuinely be an interesting mechanic in the game. Astromech droids. Models including R2D2, different coloured R2's, Chopper and other possible models. How they will work: They will be a slower class, which will rely on the...
  4. itsmambaboi

    Jedi Fallen Order Movie Battles Mod?

    Ok so i know that its possible to make single player games in to multiplayer game examples of this could be the Just Cause series with its multiplayer implicated mod for its games now although the game Starwars Jedi Fallen Order is still brand new but people have already found ways to modify...
  5. DamianHowardHD

    Lightsaber blade console info **Dynamic Glow**

    Ok, This mainly goes out to any coders and developers of the development crew who worked/works on the lightsabers, in MB2. Myself and Tompa9 are working on remastering the "Movie Duels II" (MD2) mod, that was released back in 2009 and one of the main changes this remastered edition will...
  6. NightShadowR

    NightShadowX1's Replacement Pack [GalaxiesPathPack]

    THIS Mod Replacement Pack Has Been replaced by the new link Listed HERE: LINK I present to you my [WIP]: Galaxies Path (Replacement) Pack Established on 12/25/16 [Character Roster] X1 Galactic Civil War Era [Sith] (in lore isn't sith yet but i"ll bend the rules) X2 New Republic...
  7. TheGamingDeadTV

    [Video] MBII Memes Episode II: Attack of the Memes

    Here's a lil something I've been cooking up for the past few days. It's my second "edited" video so it's a polished turd. Inspired by Sylvar- Sylvar Gargos- Gargosfragvideos Vongs- Vongs Yuzzan Inspiration only gets you so far though. Oh and if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please...
  8. A Potato

    Who is the most troll character? Vote now!

    who is the most troll character old obi wan or Palpy?
  9. D

    MBII Content Permissions for FM3RE - Hello MBII Community

    Hello MBII Community, my name is Blackwyrm^Heart and I am the site manager for phrgempire.com My clan (now VHRG) is known for its ForceMod III modules, most recently ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE). This thread's purpose is not to self-promote FM3RE however, rather, I want to...
  10. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#02]

    https://youtu.be/pHfSacOiJKQ - Movie Battles II - Montage [#02] Hello everybody! I bring to You a new, longer, in less FPS episode of my Movie Battles 2 Montage! Enjoy! Write down in replies if you have made it to be in the video! :D I'm so late.. welp. But it's better to do something late than...