Astromech Droid Class Concept

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Hello there, I joined this forum to express a class that might genuinely be an interesting mechanic in the game.
Astromech droids. Models including R2D2, different coloured R2's, Chopper and other possible models.

How they will work:
They will be a slower class, which will rely on the protection of teammates to not be demolished. It will be a high risk, high reward sort of class.

Shock - This ability will work very similarly to force lightning, but will have less range.
Flight - Astromech droid will have the ability to fly, similar to Mandos.
Slicer - This allows them to open doors and capture objectives faster than normal classes.

The concept of this class is high risk high reward by working with your teammates. If your teammates help defend you, you can help them capture objectives faster, giving them a higher chance of winning the round.
And with there already being an R2D2 model already in the base game, it wouldn't be necessary to put in the extra effort of creating all of the models from scratch.

I thought the concept of high risk, high reward was an interesting concept, and with the dark side having many droids themselves, it wouldn't hurt to give the light side a droid of their own. Please let me know what you think of my idea, and if you have your own ideas and improvements please let me know!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.


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I think it'd definitely be a unique addition. I'd give it a lot of kit related to support.

A few things I could imagine it having:

No hit locations
All damage received at 0.75x multiplier.

Knockdown Immunity
By default they can't be knocked down. Thus rebels have two classes that can't be stopped with CC.

Portable Sentry Turret
Essentially the BaseJKA turret. A new turret can be deployed after a brief cooldown that activates onces the previous turret is destroyed. Turret can be remote detonated.

Shield Projector
Allows you to cast a timed protective shield on yourself or a teammate nearby. Long cooldown between uses. Upgrade decides how much shield it grants.

Allows you to regenerate back to full health (100 HP) after a brief time period.

Signal jammer
After channeling for a while (grip-style stunlock), an enemy droid (SBD/Deka) is unable to move and shoot for up to 3s. Requires the R2 to also be stationary to achieve maximum duration. If leveled up to maximum, R2 can control aiming and primary fire of the target.

Advanced Radar
Allows R2 to briefly see enemy locations on radar. Max outed, it allows R2 to broadcast enemy locations on teammate radars for 3 seconds.
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It's definitely and interesting concept, though I think it would mainly be used to dick around. I see an entire team going astromech to fuck around for a round or two.


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So we have specs for a lot of class concepts that we have discussed over the years. One of them is Astromech, and it is something that has even come up on the forums after we made the original spec internally.

However, I think in comparison, that the two specs listed here are incredibly basic and boring compared to the internal spec that we created. They just seem to be taking ideas from things we already have, and shoving them onto a class rather than making something new.

I don't want to go too much into the details of the spec because I want it to be a surprise as well as not promise/guarantee anything but I'll give a quick basic idea. Part of the spec does match this, in that it is a high risk high reward class with a single hit location. Kind of more a guerrilla fighting support class. It has a new weapon type (beam weapon), and things like elemental combos to be used as crowd control, but can also be used for damage as well.

I personally think it is one of the more fleshed out class ideas we have, that are unique and doesn't just take existing things to try and make a class. And I hope that it is one of the ones we focus on next now that the new class system is in.