help me obi wan

  1. Napoleon_Brody

    Technical Issue Internet Trouble

    Hello, I’m having issues joining certain servers. I’m new to the forum and I just joined it to get assistance solving this issue. If I make any discrepancies please forgive me. Some servers I join and everything loads in fine, but now most active servers I attempt to join get stuck at the...
  2. SchizoStyle

    Can someone help me with the final parts of my mod?

    I need help to finally finish my bloodpatch for MBII. There are some files in the .pk3 which are not ported right and I have no clue how to find the effects I want to replace with effects I got from bloodpatches already existing for BaseJA. You can find the .pk3´s I kinda ported and the main...
  3. Darth Sand

    Questions on Making and Testing a Map in MBII

    Hi all, I joined this community as a sporadic player a few months ago, but I'm finding myself captivated by the idea of mapmaking. I'm trying to learn the basics for how this works, including how to port a test map I've created into MBII. The first problem seems to be that almost any tutorial...
  4. D

    Launcher Setup steam MP cod prompt like box with yellow text.

    Just figured out how to launch movie battles but I'm on the steam version. Of JKa, it says I need to make some changes... Specifically. "Steam version of Jedi academy has been detected, in order to start movie battles through launcher we will need to rename some files inside steams game data...
  5. D

    Please help someone I've been trying to do this shit for 12 hours and I'm pulling my hair out

    I have a windows 10 HP PC I recently downloaded Jedi academy. I got the right bit count and everything but when I go to jamp.cfg and look to type +set gs_game"MBII" the option bar between settings and general under properties just isn't there it doesn't exist. I've tried autoexec.cfg to make it...
  6. 2sk00pz

    Launcher update not working.

    So I installed the update, then it worked perfectly fine. I close out of the launcher, open it back up a day later, and I have to reinstall the update. I did and worked perfectly. Then, out of the blue, it stopped working. So I uninstalled it (I deleted all the folders, and such). I go to the...
  7. bubbi

    Launching error

    So I've been playing for about a month now and suddenly some reason whenever I launch the game (through multiplayer) it opens up the normal Jedi knight academy game and whenever I join a server all the text is fucked and there are other various errors. Basically it's not launching movie battles...
  8. jayk3lly

    Technical Issue MBII Issues

    So basically i bought the steam version of academy, and when i turn it from "JAMP" to "MBII Client" plz help ive reinstalled it but same thing happens
  9. Phoenix

    Looking for Zakuul Knight soundpack

    So I currently have a Zakuul Knight model that is ready to be released for you all, however finding sounds (mainly taunts) seems to be really challenging. I've tried getting some of the voice lines from SWTOR, however when I taunt and whatnot in game, nothing plays. If anyone happens to for some...