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Launcher Setup steam MP cod prompt like box with yellow text.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dark sky 93, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Dark sky 93

    Dark sky 93

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    Just figured out how to launch movie battles but I'm on the steam version. Of JKa, it says I need to make some changes... Specifically.
    "Steam version of Jedi academy has been detected, in order to start movie battles through launcher we will need to rename some files inside steams game data folder, launcher will reverse Amy changes upon exit, if you agree please click YES if not then click NO and then launch moviebattles through steam. Once you've made your choice you can always change it in settings.store.settings." what do I replace in the game data or how do I find the steam option. Please help I've been at this shit for almost 15 hours.
  2. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    Just click Yes and then click Play =\
  3. Noob

    Noob Nerd Donator

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    IF you dont like it messing with your files, just do what I do to launch.
    1. Have MB2 Installed
    2. Have Launcher open with jamp engine selected.
    3. In Steam Launch options for Academy type +set fs_game "MBII"
    4. Now everytime you want to start MBII, open launcher, then on steam hit play on academy and launch multiplayer

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