1. Leo

    [STEAM LINK] Leons dueling guide

  2. RogueWookiee

    Star Wars Movie Battles II | Form III, Soresu Guide (VIDEO)

    Back again with another MB2 Saber guide video to help you fellow Saber Enthusiasts out :) Hope this is helpful for those learning. Put some decent effort into it and added a lil spice.
  3. SMmania123

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - Movie Battles 2 Complete Installation Guide

    <video link removed> The video I have been working on for a little while now is finally completed. I highly recommend using the timestamps on the YouTube video in the description. Use it to go to the pack section part, so you can use all the skin packs to work in tandem with one another. (You...
  4. Noob

    PK3 Compendium

    PK3 Compendium Here is a quick-start guide on creating your own PK3's for modding MB2 and everything you might need to know. If I'm missing something feel free to post below. Getting Started File Structure ModView / Building a Workflow Models Sounds Shaders Compressing and Finishing MB2 .pk3...
  5. Eazy E

    The Cult Dueling Guide 1.9

    "You wanna duel like Ragnos? Alright follow me..." - EazyE This guide will cover most (if not all) the mechanics, techniques, gimmicks and effective dueling playstyles for v1.7. To satisfy my need for RP everything is broken down into Saber Forms (1 through 7)...
  6. isuck

    Gaus/isuck's beginner guide (big brainer)

    hello, this is a guide how to play moviebattles2 so red bar = bp blue bar = fp swing = cost bp jump = cost bp and fp block = cost bp you need to maintain bp so pblock u noob aim here (see picture) and when u pb then u attack back in the opposite direction but attack right when its green circle...
  7. Molaes

    [SOLVED] Molaes's port forward [GUIDE]

    Hello, so there's my first guide, you can see there my second guide: [SOLVED] - Molaes's MBII server [GUIDE] Requirements: STAR WARS: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy --- Movie battles II moviebattles You cannot see your server on server list?, then you need to port forward your server. First...
  8. Lessen

    Calling all Melee gods

    Are you great at using Melee? Got some time on your hands to read a thing? Read the comprehensive Melee guide I just wrote on the Wiki and tell me of anything I left out! @Rosh+ pls Are you shit at using Melee? Got some time on your hands to read a thing? Read the comprehensive Melee guide I...
  9. Lessen

    Lessen's Gunguides

    Since I've written two long-as-hell posts so far about "how to be a good gunner", I figure I ought to compile them into an easier to find place. So here's my essays about gunner. [/SPOILER] ^ I should probably trim this one, I repeat myself a little, and the organizational structure's a...
  10. KaiErieh

    Hosting Server SMOD Guide

    Since this is nowhere to be found, I post a SMOD set-up guide. What you see in the cfg is: seta g_smodAdminPassword_1 "YourPasswordHere" // Main Smod - full access seta g_smodConfig_1 "65535" But what does the value mean? How do give certain admins certain roles? You need the following list...
  11. Shaggy

    Technical Issue How to play with double lightsaber or dual lightsaber? (Question)

    I've been playing for some days and I was trying the jedi/sith in some games, including open server or duel server. But i'm still new to this and i want to try the dual lightsaber or double lightsaber. Do i have to unlock it? Because when i go to my class configuration i can only change the hint...
  12. foggy

    GUIDE how to write "I quit forever" posts

    MY ASS GOT BURNED AND NOW I CAN ONLY SHIT THROUGH MY KEYBOAD (I am leaving. Forever.) 1) Describe how you hate game's community of trolls and kids: I can't take it anymore. I CAN'T TAKE THIS cancerous community. Toxicity level is insane, i play LoL just to relax in a friendly atmosphere...
  13. Ford

    dguide 1.0

    I get bored waiting after I die, so I gradually wrote this guide to keep myself busy. Ford’s Guide to Deka Version 1.0 Objective: I think Deka is the strongest most overpowered class in MB2, therefore it is only logical that if you want to win on Imperial you would play it. This guide is for...
  14. SK5

    [Guide] Saber forms in MBII

    This is mainly for 1.4-1.4.2, it can be adapted to 1.4.3 too. This is an optional yellow guide (some forms fit some styles better than yellow), you don't have to apply this to your MB2 yellow playstyle if you don't want too. Introducton to what saberforms are: What are the star wars...
  15. Cow

    Hosting Server: Linux

    This tutorial is based/copied from @LoU 's tutorial over at JKhub, so all credits go to him. TUTORIAL IS BASED ON UBUNTU 14.04.3 Assumptions are made that: You know how to connect to your linux server (SSH and SFTP). You are using a non-root user with sudo. You know basic linux commands. If...
  16. isair

    [Guide] Mac Installation

    Hey, everyone! First-time poster, long-time player here. Thought I should share here the steps I used to get MB2 working on my Mac. 1. Install Jedi Academy. The rest of this guide assumes you've installed it via Steam to simplify the rest of the process. 2. Download the latest MB2 launcher for...
  17. Rival

    [SOLVED] LAN Mode?

    Hello MB2 community, I'm new to the MB2 mod but would like to host a LAN server to play with some of my buddies. Any tips on getting it to run? Right now we just play 1.6 and Battlefront 2 which is getting rather stale. Thanks for any help!
  18. SeV

    [Guide] The Dueling Compendium

    The aim of this guide The path one must take to master dueling is simple but not easy. Mastery requires that you obtain an understanding of the various mechanics relevant to dueling, aswell as the interplay between them. It also requires constant practice and polishing of technique and finally...
  19. Hexodious

    My First Day in MBII

    This is an introduction for new players, hopefully it will help you understand the basics upon entering your first game. Before you read it all, go and watch video of Movie Battles II Introduction made by Vongs Yuzzan on Youtube - Initial Setup Once you have the game up and running the first...