1. SMmania123

    Movie Battles 2 - Episode 1.1 "Great minds think alike" ft. Iron Knight Gaming

    New Video: Movie Battles 2 - Episode 1.1 "Great minds think alike" ft. Iron Knight Gaming My Channel SMmania123 Made this shorten version of Episode 1 with a small twist based on User Feedback, an even shorter Episode 2 will be coming out soon...
  2. oChalko

    First Person thoughts?

    Should it be more of a focus? Or is it fine the way it is? Gunplay would be a lot more fun if first person was improved on, and maybe even lightsaber battles in fp would be possible.
  3. C

    Astromech Droid Class Concept

    Hello there, I joined this forum to express a class that might genuinely be an interesting mechanic in the game. Astromech droids. Models including R2D2, different coloured R2's, Chopper and other possible models. How they will work: They will be a slower class, which will rely on the...
  4. Torlo50

    Alt. Frag Ideas/Changes

    As we all know, the Alt. Frag ability is quite powerful. Too powerful, since their really isn't a way to react fast enough to avoid it, and it basically gives a gunner a free hit on a jedi/sith. Sure, long enough throw, and you can push it, but no good gunner will throw a frag at long range as...
  5. k4far

    Stomping Down Lightning

    Hey, I am mainly playing Lightning on my Sith but never below level [3] and never without Push [3]. As you can guess I am not using it from single hand in a strategy to run at gunners then just get them stunned for a moment and swing. I prefer to catch them running and then take my time...
  6. Daanyill

    New Qui Gon Jin Model

    I would love if they added a qui gon jin model wearing his poncho like on tatooine, one of my favorite outfits, any of you agree?
  7. Vanin

    I need a Medic!

    I believe Commanders/Elite Troopers should have Access to some form of healing, for the class is grossly under utilized. It is just a bulky soldier. Plus it would give the "I need a Medic" Voice command a point other than to be a joke. What is your opinion on the matter? How will it effect gameplay?