1. Faux

    Thread locking

    Did the devs really need to lock this thread just because community members disagree with them? How do they have the gall to call a community "sensitive" yet shut down any discussion that criticizes them or paints them in a negative light? I really don't understand how any reaction other than...
  2. foggy

    MapReview Blacony Dotf xD

    Let's play a game! spot a missing texture or a shader!
  3. Parker101200

    Classic Dotf!

    Hey everyone! AOD has made a server dedicated to classic DOTF. You can only join if you have the classic map downloaded. Download it here: Dropbox - mb2_dotf_classic.pk3 Once downloaded, navigate to your MB2 folder and put the file there. Enjoy!
  4. pelmeņu lauks

    Make classic dotf playable again

    Please. This game needs a CPR. or a shot of morphine...
  5. Force Panda

    Old DOTF map for open mode

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to get the old Duel of the fates map for open mode back into the game? The one where it was more focused on the bridge area where the laser beams are, where qui gon gets killed. I found it more fun. Thanks, Force/Panda/Jester.
  6. k4far

    Do you even Dotf?

    I wanna puke. I am completely losing the urge to play whenever I see it. (In 3 hours from now it will be more DOTF servers to choose from hurray!) Do You know we also have: lunarbase, smuggler, echobase (yey echobase), kamino, boc (would do) sdestroyer And that is not the only problem...
  7. k4far

    Why there are no ships on Dotf...?

    Hangar could use more tactical spots other than just corners, and camping the elevator - hoping to kick out someone got boring already. How about shooting down that ship to crush the person walking under, or shooting from it. Last update to Dotf was really nice. Still, Map is soo overplayed -...
  8. Identic

    Technical Issue Setting up rotation (Done)

    Done, its ok. Best regards
  9. Identic

    Technical Issue Server crash

    Hi! I need just one fix for my server, it's crashing after some hours ran on mb2_dotf map as i see. How can i fix it? Asylum Warzone, linux, dotf only. uploaded whole MBII folder with the files (v1.3.2.1) I think i'll set up to RTV for less dotf, then maybe less server crash? The server is...
  10. AdrieN

    Battle of the Heroes soundtrack on mb2_dotf

    A simple sound modification which replaces Duel of the Fates soundtrack on map mb2_dotf with Battle of the Heroes soundtrack from Anakin's and Obi-Wan's duel at Mustafar. DOWNLOAD LINK