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    Hey...uh It's been a while.

    Numba1Stunna, oh my god, fucking vets here.
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    Rogue One 1st teaser trailer !!

    Trying to beat this over the haters head all the time, when such whiny argument is being said. I mean, even the movie shows, why Rey is capable of probing one's mind with the Force: Kylo showed her himself. Why wouldn't you assume, that you can control another minds, even lesser as...
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    Fixing wookiee

    I don't think any of the Gargos' ideas in OP are buffs. They are tweaks. From his description, I find them to be broken and they need to be fixed.
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    How do i get special weapons?

    It's pretty badass. Use secondary firepower to keep the minigun rotating, that way it shoots right away, when using primary fire.
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    How do i get special weapons?

    That has to be the pulse rocket - I think it works even the way you can make it explode earlier? I honestly use only normal ones, and they may explode, if they are shot midair iirc. Somebody can correct me on this post.
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    How do i get special weapons?

    Minigun is acquired by getting level 3 clone rifle without any of the blobs (concusion, ion). As for the homing rocket I am not sure what you refer to by that. ARC trooper has rocket launcher either with normal rockets, or combining with pulse grenades, pulse rockets and those rockets need to be...
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    Just something to get you pumped

    What about Matt, a Radar Technician | Movie Battles II Community ?
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    Push 3 Balance

    Can't keep up with everything here, because there is also too much crap unrelated to topic, but yeah, sorry, my bad. :) Anyway, I am closing this for myself, heard many good arguments from both sides - if Push gets changed, I don't mind. I offered counter arguments from my point of view and my...
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    Push 3 Balance

    No, I did not, because I did not quote anything concerning word "invaluable". Anyway, I wouldn't call Clones overpowered as Puppytine, but clones are by far my most favourite gunner class on Reb team.
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    Push 3 Balance

    I am completely dumbfounded you think otherwise, even I rape saberists with clone and I am a very average player. CR2, Blob 3, Reinf, Ammo 2, Armor 2, Pistol 2 and you are in for a big fuck up. Stop insulting Jedi/Sith players. If you hate the class, change the game. You know I couldn't...
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    And now, give me Matt, a radar technician! *waves hand, Qui-Gon's style*

    And now, give me Matt, a radar technician! *waves hand, Qui-Gon's style*
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    Kylo Ren replacement

    Thanks Ben, will try this one.
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    Push 3 Balance

    Wrong, which I already stated why.
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    need help

    If it is Duels, keep tabs on this thread: How to duel - MONDAY 17TH 19:00 GMT | Movie Battles II Community With basics from agentoo8, you can build on and on those foundations. EU Duel Server has a lot of guys, who like to teach newcomers. I can't talk about the US side, but I have seen guys...
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    Push 3 Balance

    I know this. I just hope it wouldn't be a hell lot of a work for nothing. Jedi/Sith is a complex class. You also need to take into account Repulse ability, Super Push ability. Grip with Push 3 "fly you fool" ability. Lightning with Push 3 "lie still, when I fry you" ability.