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Your Top 5 MB2 Maps?

  • Alderaan

  • Battle over Coruscant

  • Cloud City

  • Comm Tower

  • Coreilla

  • Coruscant Chase

  • Death Star Esc

  • Duel of the Fates

  • Theed

  • Echobase

  • Rep Assault Cruiser

  • Star Destroyer

  • Jabba's Place

  • Jakku

  • Jedi Temple

  • Kamino

  • Korriban

  • Lunarbase

  • Mustafar

  • Smuggler

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B16 - Alpha's Republic Escape if I'm remembering name correctly, was played 24/7 on Stormi's server
The map itself was made by =tom= (I think) the FA was a 3rd party release... Wait, you mean the one with the Hazard Trooper and the Feign Death thing right?