Moviebattles II V1.8.2 Released


V1.8.2 Update

  • Change: Anti-TK System
    • Mechanic that prevents damage during the round in special team killing circumstances now applies some TK points based on the damage they would have dealt.
    • Dealing damage at the start of the round will double the TK points that are received.
    • Fire grenade fire fields stop causing TK points after a certain amount of time.
    • Assisting in team killing someone within 5 seconds of their death grants you an equal amount of TK points to as if you had killed them yourself.
  • Change: Adjusted some effect usage for humanoid and SBD animations to reduce total usage.
  • Change: Rolling with Speed active now requires the "use" key being held.
  • Change: Reaching certain velocity thresholds while running will no longer always make you roll when you try to crouch.
  • Change: Fire Grenade initial splash damage reduced from 33 to 15.
  • Change: Projectile Rifle reload time reduced from 3000ms to 2500ms
  • Change: Dexterity
    • Back rolls now cost 20 stamina.
    • Back flips stamina cost increased from 10 to 15.
  • Change: Westar Pistols
    • Shot damage cap for dual pistols lowered from 96 to 84 (they now have the same ratio of damage increase as other pistols).
  • Change: Blaster Pistols
    • Passive ammo regen removed.
    • Ammo per level increased from 120/240/360 to 180/300/420
    • Level 3:
      • Projectile hitbox increase (compared to non-Pistol 3) reduced from 2.5x to 1.5x. FX adjusted accordingly.
      • Charge shot damage cap lowered from 75 to 60 (they now have the same ratio of damage increase as other pistols).
      • FP drains increased:
        • Not Blocking: Increased from 11-17 to 12-18
        • Blocking: Increased from 8-12 to 9-13
  • Change: Sonic Grenades
    • Now prevents jumping and reduces movement speed by 10% for the duration of the stun.
    • Pain animation slowed by 50%.
  • Fix: Dodge no longer dodges within 160 distance, as intended.
  • Fix: Alt frag grenade will no longer knockdown on direct impact when it shouldn't be doing so.
  • Fix: Adjustments to Wookiee Barge that should prevent knockdown happening in outlier cases where it shouldn't be triggering.

  • New: Added New Republic Sharpshooter (female) to Rebel Soldier.
  • New: Added Talz species to Rebel Soldier.
  • New: Added Gotal species to Elite Trooper.
  • New: Added Rodian "Jaden" Male to Jedi.
  • New / Change: Replaced Boba Fett with new model by Mat Gaunt, and added variants based on The Mandalorian series.
  • Change: Rebel Guerilla now has a more movie authentic skin.
  • Change: Female Guerilla now has the proper jacket instead of wearing Jan's.
  • Change: Quarren Commando got upgraded to a high quality, non-ported head mesh.
  • Change: Poncho Trooper previously being an ET Zabrak Male is now moved to Soldier and is a Human Male.
  • Change: Female Jaden now has a more battle themed leggings.
  • Change: Gold Sithtrooper is sold in exchange for Gold "Pyre" First Order Stormtrooper as the former has nothing to do with Star Wars lore.
  • Change: Moved Squad Leader Shoretrooper to Commanders.
  • Change: Advozse Bounty Hunter now got his own suit instead of wearing Racto's.
  • Change: Reverted Chiss Female Imperial to her previous hair-style.
  • Change: Reverted civilian looking girl soundset from "HELP" to previous voicelines.
  • Change: Female Pilots now have new soundsets from Battlefront II (2005).
  • Change: Rebel Commando forest/hoth variants now have voicelines from Battlefront (2004). Desert variant from TFU.
  • Change: Integrated Battlefront (2004) lines for some Stormtrooper related skins to make them generally more interesting.
  • Change: Spiced up Wookiee soundsets with another pack of lines separate from Chewbacca's for some of the skins.
  • Change: Tweaked HK units and Commander Sith Trooper voicelines where they were way too long.
  • Fix: Lighting corrections, mesh adjustments and additional facial expression movement on Alien Commando/BH skins.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Human Mercenary around the neck since it was transparent in most animations - was a base JA issue.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Boc Aseca's lekkus - not clipping through the torso anymore.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Exar Kun and Freedon Nadd around the neck. Minor mesh tweaks and merged glm-s.
  • Fix: Minor rigging tweaks on Exile, Uthar Wynn, Darth Zannah, Darth Krayt and Rebel Guerilla.
  • Fix: Old Republic Soldier's helmet now has the proper size.
  • Fix: Lighting corrections on Female Tusken.
  • Fix: Mesh adjustments on Male Tusken.
  • Fix: Lowered resolution on Clone Commando Gregor's UV files since they were unnecessarily large.
  • Remove: Disabled face mask "hats".

  • Change: Menu input fields (ITEM_TYPE_EDITFIELD) that adjust number cvars now respect min and max values, similar to sliders.
  • Change: Menu sliders adjusting float cvars now round to 3 digits.

  • Change: mb2_lunarbase
    • Solidified many of the major corners to prevent blasters passing through.
    • Changed the TIE Bomber in the main hangar to a TIE Fighter.
    • Modified boxes at the imperial side of tunnel to disallow Droidekas camping on top.
    • Adjusted pipes in cargo room so that you cannot get stuck any more.
    • Minor change to the elevator in main hangar & fixed its starting position.
  • Change: mb2_undeadstar
    • Somehow the map returned, updated to match regular Deathstar's layout.
    • Portal route entry moved to back of detention block and teleports to lower level near tie fighter hangar.
    • Ship parts now require a short hack to pickup, and self-destruct and Falcon hacks are slightly shorter.
  • Fix: mb2_dxun
    • Fixed light grid and some other visual issues.
    • A few clipping improvements.
  • New: mb2_cmp_narshaddaa
    • Nar Shaddaa map based on KOTOR 2's level. Created by community member Bob Billy.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name.