Moviebattles II V1.8.2 Released


V1.8.2 Update

  • Change: Anti-TK System
    • Mechanic that prevents damage during the round in special team killing circumstances now applies some TK points based on the damage they would have dealt.
    • Dealing damage at the start of the round will double the TK points that are received.
    • Fire grenade fire fields stop causing TK points after a certain amount of time.
    • Assisting in team killing someone within 5 seconds of their death grants you an equal amount of TK points to as if you had killed them yourself.
  • Change: Adjusted some effect usage for humanoid and SBD animations to reduce total usage.
  • Change: Rolling with Speed active now requires the "use" key being held.
  • Change: Reaching certain velocity thresholds while running will no longer always make you roll when you try to crouch.
  • Change: Fire Grenade initial splash damage reduced from 33 to 15.
  • Change: Projectile Rifle reload time reduced from 3000ms to 2500ms
  • Change: Dexterity
    • Back rolls now cost 20 stamina.
    • Back flips stamina cost increased from 10 to 15.
  • Change: Westar Pistols
    • Shot damage cap for dual pistols lowered from 96 to 84 (they now have the same ratio of damage increase as other pistols).
  • Change: Blaster Pistols
    • Passive ammo regen removed.
    • Ammo per level increased from 120/240/360 to 180/300/420
    • Level 3:
      • Projectile hitbox increase (compared to non-Pistol 3) reduced from 2.5x to 1.5x. FX adjusted accordingly.
      • Charge shot damage cap lowered from 75 to 60 (they now have the same ratio of damage increase as other pistols).
      • FP drains increased:
        • Not Blocking: Increased from 11-17 to 12-18
        • Blocking: Increased from 8-12 to 9-13
  • Change: Sonic Grenades
    • Now prevents jumping and reduces movement speed by 10% for the duration of the stun.
    • Pain animation slowed by 50%.
  • Fix: Dodge no longer dodges within 160 distance, as intended.
  • Fix: Alt frag grenade will no longer knockdown on direct impact when it shouldn't be doing so.
  • Fix: Adjustments to Wookiee Barge that should prevent knockdown happening in outlier cases where it shouldn't be triggering.

  • New: Added New Republic Sharpshooter (female) to Rebel Soldier.
  • New: Added Talz species to Rebel Soldier.
  • New: Added Gotal species to Elite Trooper.
  • New: Added Rodian "Jaden" Male to Jedi.
  • New / Change: Replaced Boba Fett with new model by Mat Gaunt, and added variants based on The Mandalorian series.
  • Change: Rebel Guerilla now has a more movie authentic skin.
  • Change: Female Guerilla now has the proper jacket instead of wearing Jan's.
  • Change: Quarren Commando got upgraded to a high quality, non-ported head mesh.
  • Change: Poncho Trooper previously being an ET Zabrak Male is now moved to Soldier and is a Human Male.
  • Change: Female Jaden now has a more battle themed leggings.
  • Change: Gold Sithtrooper is sold in exchange for Gold "Pyre" First Order Stormtrooper as the former has nothing to do with Star Wars lore.
  • Change: Moved Squad Leader Shoretrooper to Commanders.
  • Change: Advozse Bounty Hunter now got his own suit instead of wearing Racto's.
  • Change: Reverted Chiss Female Imperial to her previous hair-style.
  • Change: Reverted civilian looking girl soundset from "HELP" to previous voicelines.
  • Change: Female Pilots now have new soundsets from Battlefront II (2005).
  • Change: Rebel Commando forest/hoth variants now have voicelines from Battlefront (2004). Desert variant from TFU.
  • Change: Integrated Battlefront (2004) lines for some Stormtrooper related skins to make them generally more interesting.
  • Change: Spiced up Wookiee soundsets with another pack of lines separate from Chewbacca's for some of the skins.
  • Change: Tweaked HK units and Commander Sith Trooper voicelines where they were way too long.
  • Fix: Lighting corrections, mesh adjustments and additional facial expression movement on Alien Commando/BH skins.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Human Mercenary around the neck since it was transparent in most animations - was a base JA issue.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Boc Aseca's lekkus - not clipping through the torso anymore.
  • Fix: Properly rigged Exar Kun and Freedon Nadd around the neck. Minor mesh tweaks and merged glm-s.
  • Fix: Minor rigging tweaks on Exile, Uthar Wynn, Darth Zannah, Darth Krayt and Rebel Guerilla.
  • Fix: Old Republic Soldier's helmet now has the proper size.
  • Fix: Lighting corrections on Female Tusken.
  • Fix: Mesh adjustments on Male Tusken.
  • Fix: Lowered resolution on Clone Commando Gregor's UV files since they were unnecessarily large.
  • Remove: Disabled face mask "hats".

  • Change: Menu input fields (ITEM_TYPE_EDITFIELD) that adjust number cvars now respect min and max values, similar to sliders.
  • Change: Menu sliders adjusting float cvars now round to 3 digits.

  • Change: mb2_lunarbase
    • Solidified many of the major corners to prevent blasters passing through.
    • Changed the TIE Bomber in the main hangar to a TIE Fighter.
    • Modified boxes at the imperial side of tunnel to disallow Droidekas camping on top.
    • Adjusted pipes in cargo room so that you cannot get stuck any more.
    • Minor change to the elevator in main hangar & fixed its starting position.
  • Change: mb2_undeadstar
    • Somehow the map returned, updated to match regular Deathstar's layout.
    • Portal route entry moved to back of detention block and teleports to lower level near tie fighter hangar.
    • Ship parts now require a short hack to pickup, and self-destruct and Falcon hacks are slightly shorter.
  • Fix: mb2_dxun
    • Fixed light grid and some other visual issues.
    • A few clipping improvements.
  • New: mb2_cmp_narshaddaa
    • Nar Shaddaa map based on KOTOR 2's level. Created by community member Bob Billy.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name.
Whoa, this update is stacked! The adjustments to the anti-TK system and gameplay mechanics seem thoughtful. Also, the model additions and changes add a nice touch of variety. I need to try out the new features!
Did you like the new anti-TK system and did you find the new gameplay mechanics satisfying? We always welcome new human players such as yourself into our friendly community. We are looking forward to more feedback from you, yammersmith23